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Marcus Pierce . Lucifer Wiki . FANDOM powered by Wikia

Chloe and Pierce had dinner - Lucifer S03E18

Bored with being the Lord of Hell, the devil relocates to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub and forms a connection with a homicide detective. Season 1 Episodes Discussion Archive. Season 2 Episodes Discussion Archive. Season 3 Episodes Discussion Archive. Season 4 Episodes Discussion Archive.

He is an L.A.P.D. Lieutenant and the new boss of Chloe Decker, Dan Espinoza, and Ella Lopez. Later it Date of Death Lucifer gets jealous of Chloe's attention to Pierce but later realizes that she can have all sorts of relationships in her life. Lucifer Chloe Pierce Break Up Fresh off saying yes to Pierce's proposal, Chloe took some days off to plan the wedding, which . They were barely dating for like 4 episodes, she was still looking at Lucifer with heart eyes. They meet when Marcus Pierce was transferred to the Los Angeles Police Department. First Pierce was distant with Chloe all this was part of his plan to finally.

Pierce found out about Chloe making the devil vulnerable and hoped that she would make him vulnerable too. He had hoped that he would be able to finally die if he was killed in her presence.

Unfortunately, for him, it did not work. While admitting to the kidnapping, Pierce says he had nothing to do with Lucifer's wings returning and that it had interfered with his plans. Lucifer theorizes that God restored his wings to stop Pierce from defying him.

Marcus and Chloe

As a result, Lucifer offered to help Pierce achieve his greatest desire, to permanently die. Pierce also admits to the fact that the Sinnerman was his subordinate. However, he claims that the Sinnerman went rogue and that he does not know why the Sinnerman did what he did.

Thus, Pierce concludes, "I had to take him out. Once Chloe arrives, they begin their sexual rendezvous, which gets noticed by Ella in the next room. Pierce gets closer to Chloe but struggles to get her to take the next step in their relationship and get her to say that she loves him.

When he arrives back in his home, he notices that Maze has trespassed on his property and warns her of the legal repercussions for such a crime to which Maze responded that they would have to catch her first. Maze impatiently asks Pierce whether it is time to kill him to which he said that it wasn't as he still possessed the mark.

Maze then asked how Pierce would like to die and if he wanted a painful death, to which he declined as he had had plenty of painful deaths already. Maze then remarks that his death will result in suffering even if he isn't the one experiencing it.

Maze begins to tell Pierce how ruthless it would be to make Chloe fall in love with him and then vanish and the pain it would cause to her.

Chloe and pierce dating

When he later arrives at Chloe's apartment with some chocolate cake, he nearly has her tell him that she loves him before realizing how his death would impact Chloe and decides against manipulating Chloe any further in fear of hurting her and ends their relationship.

When Lucifer realized what Pierce had been doing and seen how much he had hurt Chloe, he broke into Pierce's home to confront him about it. During their altercation, Lucifer notices that Pierce's mark has vanished. He sets a trap to kill Lucifer before fleeing town as he knows Lucifer will never stop hunting him and he doesn't want to die anymore. With the help of a bunch of men, Pierce pulls Lucifer and Chloe into a trap, rendering Lucifer vulnerable and even threatening to kill Chloe if it means killing Lucifer.

Marcus Pierce

However, Chloe shoots Pierce and one of his men shoots Chloe in return. As Pierce's men fire on Lucifer, Lucifer shields himself and Chloe with his wings before flying to the roof with Chloe. After seeing that Chloe had a bulletproof vest that blocked the bullet and seeing her wake up, Lucifer returns to confront Pierce, easily dispatching his men with blows from his wings.

With Lucifer now invincible again, Pierce draws one of Maze's blades, the one thing that can kill Lucifer. After a fight, Lucifer overpowers Pierce and drives the blade into his heart.

Without his mark, Pierce is mortally wounded for the last time but is satisfied as he believes he will be going to Heaven as he regrets nothing that he has done.

Lucifer points out that Pierce regrets killing Charlotte Richards and he will torture himself over it for eternity in Hell.

As Lucifer tells Pierce that he can't outrun what he's done and what he truly is, Pierce notices Lucifer's devil face returning and tells Lucifer that Lucifer can't either.

Laughing, Pierce dies for the final time, leaving Cain truly dead. Season 1 Episodes Discussion Archive. Season 2 Episodes Discussion Archive.

Season 3 Episodes Discussion Archive. Season 4 Episodes Discussion Archive. Chloe and Pierce self. I hate it. It's driving me insane this entire season. Literally, driving me insane. She's so sloppily out of character around him, especially at the beginning of their "relationship. I really don't know, because he treated her like shit at the beginning of the season and somehow she was still fawning all over him.

And instead of making the audience root for Lucifer to show her the light about Pierce or even for Chloe to realize she deserves better, this. I usually appreciate that kind of drama, but goddamn it, Chloe and Pierce makes NO SENSE and I just want to get back to her development with Lucifer. I'm so. The episode starts with the distressing news that Chloe and Pierce are getting married in three weeks. Three weeks! But don't worry — they're.

This is the sloppiest, laziest attempt at a love triangle I've ever seen. I'm so sick of the ridiculous direction they take her character in every time Pierce is within ten feet. Like, seriously.

Lucifer 3x20 Chloe and Cain sex in the evidence closet

In fact, in the old days, she was put off by the idea that people would fawn all over someone based solely on physical attractiveness. She did show a similar reaction to Amenadiel in the auction episode, and she was attracted to Dan back when she was a newbie It would have also made him seem more human until his true motives were exposed. It could have given Lucifer something other Chloe and daddy issues to focus on.

Lucifer “runs, like in a proper romantic comedy way, to Chloe's house “Maze is trying to get Pierce and Chloe together, because her whole plan is if .. But she started dating, fell in love, and got engaged, all in the span of.

Then, both Lucifer and Chloe could have been surprised that Lucifer cared enough to defend a friend who he no attraction to. I know, right?!

I think they thought they were really wowing us. These are the same writers that make the killer the first person interviewed by the police every single case.

There was so much they could have done with his character. Make him into a master manipulator who the audience would know was doing all this stuff but the characters wouldn't know.

And he could have used that to eventually trick Lucifer. At the end of this episode Pierce tells the granddaughter of an old romance that he will not be heartbroken because Chloe is only one way to get what he want.

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Marcus and Chloe are co-workers at the Police Department. Chloe ignores the true identity of Marcus as being Cain's, the world's first murderer, and Cain wants to use Chloe to have what he's always wanted: Death.

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