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  • 15.12.2018
  • by Mudal

Here's An "On My Block" Recap For Season 2

Monse at Cesar’s house / On my Block

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Warning: Light spoilers ahead for On My Block. The On My Block cast knows exactly where the roots of their Netflix high school comedy, premiering Friday, March 16, come from. But, John Hughes, purveyor of classics like The Breakfast Club and the aforementioned Sixteen Candles , never showed his audience high school freshman passionately hooking up in their childhood bedrooms, in front of their homes, and inside of their school supply closet. These are two year-olds who have already slept together and often spend their time trying to figure out which class period they can fit in another sneakers-knocking session.

The big difference is just how grounded in reality the Netflix comedy, co-created by Awkward mastermind Lauren Iungerich, is. This is a cast who actually looks like could just be starting high school.

Moncesar ( MONSE AND CESAR )

She proudly sports a new halter top before covering up her chest after unsettling male attention is thrown her way. Jamal is gangly in all the accurate ways a year-old boy is, and Ruby is desperate to seem suave beyond his years.

Compare these descriptions to shows like Riverdalewhere Archie Andrews KJ Apa is apparently so mature an adult woman falls in love with him and his endless abs, or Pretty Little Liarswhere the same crime occurs, only with the genders flipped.

No one on these melodramas ever acts like this behavior is as big of a problem as it is.

Instead, series like those exist in a world where teens speak, dress, and romance in a way no different from extremely wealthy year-olds. Remember, Veronica Lodge has shower sex with pearls on.

Did monse and cesar hook up

On My Block is not one of those shows. On My Block proves real young teens are having sex, and the adults in their lives should probably talk to them about.

That distinction of true love versus sexual chemistry is what leads to the couple's most compelling roadblock. Although Cesar thinks Monse is wrong for rejecting him, many of his actions play into her greatest social fears.

This relationship was mostly one-sided and Cesar was still in love with Monse. The pair break up in Chapter 10 so that Cesar can be with. You quickly knocked on his door and when he opened up, his brown eyes found . Every set of eyes looked over at you and Oscar, taking in the fact that he was. The duo is last seen hooking up in the restaurant. In the episode's final scene, Cesar struggles with guilt over his hookup with Paula. To make matters worse, Monse finally texts him back after ignoring his messages for almost a month. "I was given a really amazing opportunity to act on the Netflix show.

When she returns from writing camp, she finds out Jamal and Ruby have excommunicated Cesar for a secret reason. Read These Stories Next:. Inthe year-old is li.

She found about the kiss right around the same time as he did so why was he mad at her? Ruby doesn't know about Cesar and Monse's hook up at that time and. Monse Finnie and Cesar Diaz, commonly referred to as "Monsar" by fans began as a friendship. It was revealed in Chapter One that they had hooked up before. She proudly sports a new halter top before covering up her chest after It's eventually revealed the rift was caused by Cesar claiming he slept.

When they discover that Monse posted a picture with another guy, Paula comes on to Cesar, which — in his state of hurt and disbelief — he readily accepts. The duo is last seen hooking up in the restaurant. To make matters worse, Monse finally texts him back after ignoring his messages for almost a month.

Monse does whatever she can to help Cesar find a place to live and get Eventually, in an effort to protect her, he tells her about the hookup.

Even though she only spent a short time on set, Maleah raved about her experience working on the Netflix series. Fans of the dramedy clearly want to see more of Maleah in the future.

I was hoping to see your character more though. Definitely following your career from here on," one follower wrote, while another added, "We hate your character but you really are an amazing actor. She currently has two projects in the works, including the upcoming comedy Cash Collectorswhich stars Michael Madsen.

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