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Quinn and Ridge kiss (2017)

Brooke Logan has finally learned that Ridge, her hubby to be, has been secretly canoodling with Quinn Fuller! After weeks of what at first appeared to be an innocent crush, and a ploy to oust Quinn from Forrester Creations, Ridge and Quinn developed a sexual chemistry they could not deny. I mean Ivy was the first to discover the ruse between Ridge and Quinn, and then suspicions were raised by Charlie and Pam, and later Katie. While this is glorious news for Bill Spencer, I mean the guy has been graveling for Brooke to give him a second chance. He could have married her a few months back, but he pumped the brakes on their marriage when Ridge suddenly professed his love for the woman who has had his heart longer than I can count. Expect Bill to play hero, but at this point, Brooke is so heartbroken she might need a moment to herself. Just like typical soap fashion, Brooke ran to spill the beans to Eric, but was interrupted by Quinn and Ridge who barraged into the room like maniacs.

Faithful fans of " The Bold and the Beautiful " suspected who Brooke Logan was going to marry at the end of Thursday's episode. The answer seemed to come when the camera showed a door opening at Brooke 's home, and also another being opened at the wedding venue. Viewers realized that Brooke could not be opening both doors.

Quinn and Ridge kiss (2017)

And now, spoiler alerts have confirmed which door Brooke is behind. Ridge had been trying his best all week to change Brooke's mind about marrying Bill Spencer. He goes to her on her wedding day, and reminds her of their past, and brought up their son R. This is what he did the last time, which caused his Logan to leave Dollar Bill at the altar. The dress maker lets Brooke know he is headed to her house. He will be waiting so the two of them can get married. Brook takes off her engagement ring from Bill and looks at it.

When we see her again, Katy is helping Brooke get dressed for the nuptials, and asking her sister who it is she will marry. Bill is standing at the altar, confident that Ridge can do nothing to stop his wedding this time. A door opens and Bill calls Brooke's name. A moment later the door to Brooke's house opens, Ridge looks hopeful, and the episode is over. Viewers know that Brooke cannot be in both places at once. The logical explanation is that she has decided to marry Bill, and Quinn is seeking Ridge.

Earlier in the show, Ridge told Quinn that he was going to Brooke's house to wait on her. Quinn has now gone to the house to find out who Brooke chose. Ridge and Quinn have kissed a few times and flirted. They put their feelings aside after Brooke saw them kissing in Australia. If Brooke married Ridge, there would be no reason at this point to have Quinn cheat on her husband Eric.

When she walks through the door of Brooke's home, the dress maker will know he has lost his Logan to Dollar Bill. Hope didn't want to be like her mother. Hope returned to Wyatt but didn't tell him about the pregnancy because she didn't want him to think she's obligated. Hope then told Wyatt she's pregnant which made him overjoyed and when he told Quinn she was ecstatic. Hope was nervous when Wyatt told his mother. Hope and Wyatt agreed that Quinn can't be part of this child's life.

As Wyatt left to tell her, Quinn stopped by. Quinn stopped over while Hope was spazzing. Quinn apologized once more and Hope eventually calmed down but restricted her from her grandchild's life and their house. Quinn thought this was unfair and argued with Hope. Wyatt was going to tell Quinn the same thing. At the same time, Deacon started having romantic feelings for Quinn and had kissed her twice.

Deacon stopped by Hope and Wyatt's to announce he has a woman in his life. Quinn came in and Hope spazzed. Hope didn't want to accept this and exiled Quinn from the baby's life and Deacon if he'll stay with Quinn.

Hope tried to convince Deacon that Quinn is using him but he denied it. At Quinn's loft, Deacon tries to convince Quinn that Hope is just trying to protect her unborn child from "Granny," who has a history of threatening people with swords. She balks. He suggests she take up knitting. She says that she gladly would if Hope gave her a chance, and gave "us" a chance. Quinn claims she just wants to bring peace and harmony into the family.

She wants to help Hope prepare for the baby, and she finds it ridiculous that Hope is dictating to her father and throwing huge temper tantrums. After everything you've done to her? Quinn tells him not to let Hope get to him, but Deacon wonders if his daughter is right that this is an elaborate con, with Quinn using him to get him to go to bat with Hope.

Quinn denies it. Pointing out that he just told his daughter he's seeing a person he barely knows, Deacon wonders if he's just a means for Quinn to get access to the baby. Quinn asks if all the times they've spent there, sharing beers and laughs while getting to know each other, seemed fake. He says they didn't.

Quinn tells him not to let Hope's extremely skewed opinions about her get to him, since Hope doesn't understand how they relate. Deacon asks if she would have let him move in if he had no connection to Hope.

She admits that she let him move in because he's Hope's father, and because she found him useful, but she thinks they're way past that now. Thinking that he's overstayed his welcome, Deacon refuses to jeopardize his relationship with Hope.

Quinn tells him not to let Hope get away with this. Not even you," he warns. Quinn calls him paranoid and accuses him of letting Hope get into his head. Deacon turns to leave, but Quinn calls to him to wait, tosses her jacket aside and announces, "You're not going anywhere. Deacon asks if she's going to make him. Taking off her blouse, Quinn claims that she won't let him leave until he experiences more of what she has to offer.

Deacon says he's listening. Quinn pushes him on the sofa and wedges her stiletto heel into his chest so he couldn't get up. Quinn demands to know his safe word. Quinn smiles and jumps on top of him, tearing her skirt of and shoving her breasts into his face. Hope, Wyatt, and Ivy were doing a photo shoot in Amsterdam and Quinn is excited to hear that Ivy invited Liam to tag along.

Quinn suggested to Deacon flying over there but Deacon insisted she doesn't. Quinn is excited to hear that Wyatt arranged a boat tour for Liam and Ivy to help get Hope and Liam over each other. Quinn stops by the Forrester Mansion for Thanksgiving bringing yams when Hope comes to the door and insists that she's not welcome. Hope was having her baby shower which Quinn was uninvited to.

Quinn overheard Deacon talking to Hope on the phone about it. Quinn planned on stopping by but Deacon tried to convince her otherwise. Quinn walked up to the balcony and hid behind a fake plant watching Hope receive her presents. Quinn dreamt her coming down the stairs begging for Hope's acceptance, and Hope calling her mom and hugging her. While all of the ladies see their way to the garden to play party games, Quinn strolls down the staircase and steals a slice of cake with a napkin over it and leaves.

Meanwhile, Liam stopped by Quinn's because he called Ivy making sure Quinn wasn't gonna crash, and was informed that Deacon was with Quinn were together which disgusted him.

Quinn entered her penthouse to find Liam asking where she was. Quinn claimed she was out and Liam observed the piece of cake questioning her. She claimed she went to a bakery because she has a sweet tooth. Hope was all stressed out and Liam left after telling her he'll always be protective over her. Quinn stopped by and had an argument with Hope. They took it out to the garden. Hope agreed to drop it. Quinn apologized and as she was walking away, pregnant Hope tripped down the patio steps.

Liam called Deacon to the hospital to comfort Hope. Deacon told Quinn the bad news and Quinn felt guilty.

Hope awoke the next morning. She wrongly blamed Wyatt for not keeping Quinn away. Wyatt told Hope her problem is that she always wants what she doesn't have. Wyatt tried to convince Hope to work it out but Hope didn't want Quinn in her life anymore and left to go to the Logan Mansion by the patio. While Hope was remembering the incident, Liam came to her and hugged her. Hope decided to leave for Milan to go be with her mother that day.

Deacon found Quinn on the roof ready to jump and Bill convincing her to end it. Quinn told Deacon she'd understand if he'd want to leave her but Deacon convinced her not to kill herself again because he can't go on without her. Quinn began to get nervous with Brooke back in town. Deacon insisted he's committed to her. Brooke texted Deacon to stop by. Brooke had been drinking and explained she's lonely because all the men in her life have left her and she never had to go home without a man to sleep with.

Deacon assured her she can always turn to him. Deacon stopped her from drinking and gave her some aspirins and water and left. Brooke put down the aspirins and rank some more alcohol. Deacon left to grab a bite to eat and ran into Brooke. He sat down with her who was drunk and he carried her to his car while she was embarrassing herself. They arrived at the Logan Mansion when Brooke put on a bikini and started prancing around wanting to go in the pool. Deacon resisted but then kissed Brooke.

Deacon apologized and left. Quinn questioned the wait, and deacon explained what happened, subtracting the kiss part. Quinn left to go over to Brooke's who was tipsy and slapped her down to the floor, warning her to stay away from Deacon and her. Wyatt arrived at Quinn's and told Deacon he was concerned. Brooke told Deacon what had happened and Deacon was furious with Quinn.

Quinn suggested he'd just leave her if he hates her that much. Deacon stayed and proposed to Quinn, which made her very happy. Deacon informed Brooke about the big news who didn't approve of this. Quinn was eavesdropping and after Deacon left, Quinn entered and stated they are getting married. Brooke insisted that she won't let this happen. Quinn was wary to this to Deacon about what Brooke said, Deacon stated she can't get in their way.

Deacon informed Brooke that he absolutely wants to marry Quinn. Deacon admit to Quinn that he's an alcoholic and started attending AA meetings again. Little did Quinn know, that Deacon met up with Brooke at that very same meeting.

Rick called Quinn up liking to have her stop by his office at Forrester.

Brooke Busts Ridge And Quinn’s Tryst On “Bold And Beautiful!”

Quinn was ecstatic and Rick told her and Wyatt that he wants to give Quinn her job back at Forrester. She'd be working competitively with Ivy and Quinn agreed and promised no trouble. Quinn called Deacon, who was at Brooke's, with good news to arrive at Forrester Creations.

Deacon arrived and Quinn explained she got her job back and Deacon was ecstatic for her. Quinn hugged Deacon and smelled perfume and Deacon stated he was helping an AA friend whom Quinn mentioned she never knew was a female. Later when Brooke arrived, Quinn sniffed Brooke and realized the scents match.

Quinn is upset that Deacon was helping out Brooke all this time! Deacon explained he's just helping out a friend and Quinn was very angry at Brooke but backed off and was proud of Deacon. But Quinn then warned Brooke to find a different friend than Deacon. Brooke was disappointed that her son, Rick, rehired Quinn, and continued to threaten to break up Deacon and Quinn's marriage. Rick then rehired his mother, Brooke, to tag along with the Forrester team.

Liam then drove up to Bill and Quinn in his car and Bill hopped in and told Liam to follow the . When he realized what Quinn was doing he told Pam he had to tell her something. At a Forrester meeting, Ridge disliked Quinn and Wyatt's jewelry and was After a spar of words and accusations, Brooke set off to tell Eric. Just like that, her chin came up and her trembling subsided. “You do know that Quinn has probably set up something that'll monitor whatever you do on that. What do you guys think? RS and TK What about a ridge and quinn hookup I think we do not need another triangle with family members.

Wyatt overheard Deacon telling Brooke they could have a future together if he wasn't engaged to Quinn. He told his mother who was angry at Deacon at first but afterwards forgave him. Quinn and Deacon sent out e-vites to their wedding ceremony. Rick and Maya declined. Brooke stated she's not coming and Quinn asked her to come for Deacon's sake Brooke claimed she wouldn't. Quinn and Deacon asked Carter to be the one to marry them and he hesitantly agreed.

Brooke called Hope from Milan to stop Deacon and Quinn's wedding. Brooke crashed the wedding with a laptop showing a live video chat with Hope. Hope tried guilt tripping Deacon into not marrying Quinn. Hope stated it would strain their relationship threatened to exclude him from her life once again. Deacon told Hope sorry and told Brooke to leave. Wyatt gave Quinn and Deacon his blessing. Quinn had Carter pull out her surprise and he pulled out a jeweled cloth and tied it around their intertwined hands symbolizing them being tied to each other and they got married!

Quinn returns to the company after Ridge, Steffy, and Liam took over power from Rick. Wyatt states maybe marriage did change her.

Quinn questions his love life and mentions Hope and Maya's little sister went south. Wyatt explained Nicole was fun but there might be a new woman in his life. Quinn was asking questions. Wyatt turned Steffy's picture around on Ridge's desk.

Quinn was shocked but then stated "She's so hot! Wyatt also explained Steffy's struggling to get over Liam as well. Quinn tried being friendly with ivy and was shocked when she picked up deportation papers on her desk.

Quinn was very supportive and insisted on helping her. Ivy explained she'll lose her boyfriend and her life in the States because he dad didn't fill out the paperwork right. Ivy left to talk to Liam only to eavesdrop on Steffy over there and Liam stating he'll talk to Ivy to make her understand everything. Ivy ran out crying knowing her relationship was over.

Ivy explained this to Quinn and Quinn stated she's not being deported or losing Liam. Quinn convinced her the only way to stay in the country is to ask Liam to marry her. Quinn rushed Carter over to Liam's beach house to marry them. Ivy and Liam said their vows and were wed on June 16, Ivy gives Quinn attitude about the jewelry designs and storms out the door.

Ridge calls a meeting and Deacon enters as Ivy leaves. Quinn expresses her complaints about Ivy after helping her. Wyatt stands by Ivy claiming she's taking what she deserves.

Do ridge and quinn hook up

Quinn and Deacon realize Wyatt is with Ivy which Quinn doesn't approve of. After Wyatt leaves, Deacon persuaded Quinn to bring her complaints to Ridge but Quinn said that she's stepping into her nickname "Poison Ivy" which made her and Deacon both laugh. Ridge originally gives the position to Steffy. Steffy calls a few minutes alone with Ivy to discuss the video Ivy recorded on her phone of the night Steffy killed Aly in self-defense.

Ivy continues to pressure Steffy and Steffy grants Ivy the position. Ivy returns stating she's the new Face of Forrester making Quinn wonder. Quinn states the obvious choice would be Steffy because she's hot and has experience.

Ivy asked what's wrong with her look and Quinn didn't care for them. Quinn still questioned why Ivy was given the position but Wyatt hinted she has something up her sleeve. Wyatt begins to fall for Ivy much to Quinn's disagreement. A thunderstorm rolls in and Thomas seduces Ivy. Steffy overhears Ivy and Thomas talk about it at Forretser and informs Wyatt. Wyatt breaks up with Ivy and Ivy is angry and confronts Steffy in front of an electrical panel causing Steffy to accidentally push her into it.

Wyatt arrives at the hospital and forgives Ivy. Wyatt tells Quinn he is going to propose to Ivy which she isn't thrilled about. Quinn eavesdrops on Ivy telling Liam she's still in love with him at Forrester. Steffy and Liam are invited to Wyatt's while he proposes to Ivy in front of them. Quinn barges in and stops the proposal. Quinn calls Ivy out by saying "Tell him you you're really in love with". Wyatt and Steffy are confused while Ivy and Liam don't say a word and stare at each other.

Quinn blurts out that Ivy's in love with Liam and Wyatt gets frustrated with his mother. Ivy is speechless and Liam eventually admits Ivy's feelings for him. Wyatt is upset and sends Steffy and Liam away. Wyatt is upset at Ivy and ends things with her for good. Ivy packs her bags for Australia when Steffy stops her at the top of the staircase. The two cousins argue and Ivy tumbles down the stairs. Quinn and Wyatt appear at the hospital.

Wyatt is only glad that Ivy's okay. Liam promises Ivy he'll take her to the airprort. Steffy tells Liam all he has to do is show up at her house if he wants to be with her. Quinn encourages Wyatt to go to her later and comfort her. Liam buys two seats on the plane for Ivy and gets on it to make sure she's okay. He goes to the bathroom and turns on the sink which splashes and he falls unconscious while the plane takes off. Wyatt appears at the beach house to comfort Steffy wondering where Liam is.

Steffy calls him and leaves a message but he doesn't answer nor respond to his texts. The two share drinks and Wyatt professes his attraction towards Steffy. Steffy and Wyatt cuddle in bed as friends. Liam takes a flight back to L. Liam shows up to his beach house the next day and calls it quits with Steffy for what she did which makes her confused. Liam quits his job at Forrester and packs up his things. Steffy tries to convince him to stay with her and kisses him.

Steffy tells Liam that if he wants to be with her, all he has to do is come to the beach house. Wyatt peppers her with questions and she says Deacon is a good man and that he went to Europe to be with Hope.

Liam leaves the building and Quinn follows after him. Quinn badgers Liam to leave Wyatt and Steffy alone and Liam faints. Quinn picks Liam up and puts him in her car and drives him to her cabin in the woods. Quinn texts Wyatt to go to Liam's beach house and comfort Steffy. Wyatt takes Steffy out to a fun packed day at the beach. Meanwhile, Quinn lays Liam on the bed in her cabin and keeps a close eye on him while she searches symptoms of concussions on her laptop. Liam starts to regain consciousness but experiences amnesia and doesn't remember who he is or what happened.

Liam is grateful for Quinn saving him and kisses her hand. Liam asks Quinn her name and then his. Liam asks how he knows her and she claims she's his wife. When Liam is resting in the other room, Deacon stops by the cabin. Deacon is wondering what she's up to. He figures she's found someone else and looks in the next room, shocked to see Liam. Quinn explains the circumstances and the Adam and Eve married story. Deacon calls her crazy and wants nothing to do with it.

Quinn tells Liam that somebody keeps calling her and bugging her on her cell phone. He asks if she's told him to stop but she claims he won't listen. Liam asks if it would help coming from a man's voice. Quinn agrees and tell Liam to tell them "It's over", "Don't call this number again" and "Get a life", which she records on Liam's phone. Quinn enters Steffy's office at Forrester while Wyatt and Steffy are called for a meeting. Quinn picks up Steffy's phone, her phone, and Liam's phone on the table.

She calls Steffy's phone with Liam's and plays the message. Steffy and Wyatt come back in and Quinn informs Steffy that her phone ringed. Steffy listens to the message and is very upset. Quinn tells Steffy that Wyatt is there for her. Liam hears "Cha Cha Cha" chicken commercial on the radio and remembers that phrase.

He questions Quinn about it and Quinn suggests they order chicken. Liam stares outside and Quinn tries to make their marriage seem more real. Quinn makes love to Liam to try to make him remember. Meanwhile, Wyatt comforts Steffy and they make love. Pointing out that Deacon is unemployed, Quinn puts him to a job.

She explains Liam has been asking about photo albums and wedding pictures and asks Deacon to make them seem real. Quinn is ecstatic when Wyatt texts her and informs her that he and Steffy are engaged.

Meanwhile, Quinn texts Bill from Liam's phone that he's giving up his position at Spencer's and he should give the position to Wyatt. Quinn calls Wyatt and encourages him to take a stake in his family's company instead of working at Forrester. Wyatt meets up with Bill at his office and is granted the job.

Deacon returns with a photo album. Quinn opens up the album and shows Liam pictures of his weddings with Hope and Steffy with Quinn's faces inserted instead of theirs. Deacon is concerned about her and they both go to a specialist to ask about amnesia. The doctor says he may never regain his memory.

Deacon asks what she's going to do when Liam snaps out of amnesia. Quinn says "Maybe I'll just have to kill him". Deacon is concerned about Quinn's intentions. Quinn appears full-force about this and Deacon asks if he'll do this, if they could have another chance.

Quinn and Deacon share a passionate kiss. Quinn and Deacon meet on a cliff over the ocean. Deacon crouches behind a rock. Liam feels empathetic and wants to make her feel better. Quinn convinces Liam to go for a walk. Quinn starts having possible asthmic problems but she still convinces him to take that walk.

Quinn and Liam make their way to the cliff with Deacon lurking behind the rock. Quinn inches Liam forward and contemplates pushing him. She then intensififes her alleged asthma. Liam becomes concerned of Quinn as she starts trudging through her purse for an inhaler. She can't find it and claims it's in her jacket in thee car. Liam sprints back to go and get it. Deacon approaches Quinn questioning what's going on.

Quinn claims now's not the right time because there are people down by the ocean. Deacon moves forward, looking down and says loudly "What people? Liam returns with the inhaler and Quinn decides to take Liam back to the cabin. Quinn calls Wyatt and Steffy the night before their wedding day informing them that she'll be going on a vacation afterwards.

Wyatt encourages her to bring the new man in her life to the wedding while Quinn evades a decisive answer. Wyatt is disappointed when Quinn shows up to his wedding without "Adam". Quinn states that she thinks that would be inappropriate since the wedding day is about them.

Wyatt thanks Quinn in the middle of the ceremony for encouraging them and believing in them. On April 1, Wyatt and Steffy get married in an intimate ceremony at the beach where their romance first blossomed. Wyatt decides to stop by Quinn's cabin before she left for a vacation with "Adam".

Wyatt enters the cabin only to find Quinn and Liam kissing. Wyatt is infuriated and Quinn takes Wyatt outside to argue. Quinn explains what happened and tries to convince Wyatt to keep it a secret to save his marriage.

Wyatt busts through the door and realizes Liam has amnesia. Wyatt sets Liam straight while Quinn explains part of the story to Liam. Liam remembers Steffy and recognizes Wyatt as his brother. Liam and Wyatt trap Quinn in a closet in the cabin.

Wyatt takes Liam down to the path to the beach and shows him the way to Steffy sitting on the beach. Liam runs up to Steffy and they hug and kiss. Liam explains to Steffy that Quinn kidnapped him and he has amnesia. Liam is thankful to Wyatt but still believes that he and Steffy are engaged. Steffy tells Wyatt she needs time to tell Liam that they're married. Deacon returns to the cabin and frees Quinn from the closet and they leave together.

Wyatt and Steffy get matching wedding band tattoos. Liam calls Steffy and tries to woo her over but realizes the tattoo on her finger. Liam is distressed to find out that steffy married another guy and even more upset to find out that it's Wyatt. Liam confronts Wyatt and tries to force him to step aside and let Steffy pick the man she wants while Wyatt tells Liam to respect his marriage and accept reality. Steffy is surprised when Liam decides not to press charges against Quinn, because Wyatt asked him to.

Bill calls a Spencer family meeting in his office. Bill tells Liam in front of Steffy, Wyatt, and Katie to respect his brother's marriage and move on, while Katie tries to get liam to understand. Liam reluctantly agrees to respect Wyatt's marriage to Steffy. Liam tells Steffy in private that he will try his best to respect her marriage but he will always have feelings for her. Liam hears noises in his house one night and takes a flashlight to search for an intruder.

He sees a man in the dark and hits him over the head with a shovel. Liam calls Wyatt and Wyatt tells Steffy he's going to the police station. At the station, Liam picks out the man who entered his house. Wyatt realizes that the man's Reverend Rydell who married him and Steffy. The reverend greets Wyatt while Liam is confused.

Wyatt informs Liam that he is the reverend who married them. Wyatt admits that he found him online. Liam believes he could be a fraudulent reverend and rushes off to his house where Steffy is. Liam tells her that if her marriage isn't real, she's free to be with him. Steffy makes clear that her vows to Wyatt were real and the love they share is real.

Liam gives her a seashell to remember him. She concludes that Wyatt's marriage to Steffy is valid.

“So if he can learn to dance and participate in my show, you can try out a dance class. And if you like it, you can sign up for more.” Quinn's tone was solid. Brooke Busts Ridge And Quinn's Tryst On “Bold And Beautiful!” By Watching Quinn do her best to 'explain' that her relationship with Ridge was on me: Ridge just did the same thing to his brother, Rick, by hooking up with. 'The Bold and the Beautiful' shocker will leave the town stunned, and will Spoiler alert: Bill and Brooke get married, while Ridge and Quinn hook up Quinn and Ridge will act on their pent up feelings, due to the emotion of.

Steffy returns home to hear the good news and is happy to hear the marriage is valid. Bill warns Liam to back off Steffy and respect Wyatt's marriage. Steffy and Wyatt arrives at her beach house where she finds Quinn holding a spatula. Quinn claims she just prepared them some lunch. Steffy snaps at her for what she did to Liam and all of their lives.

Wyatt arrives to find them arguing. Steffy declares she doesn't want Quinn to be a part of their lives. Wyatt approves of her wishes and bans Quinn from their house. Quinn leaves their beach house and watches Wyatt and Steffy hug through the window. Quinn returns back to her cabin to find Eric there. Eric and Quinn share a kiss. Deacon returns and tries to seduce Quinn but Quinn states that she is dedicated to Eric and that their relationship shall remain a secret. At Forrester Creations, Eric tells Steffy about his girlfriend but does not mention that she is Quinn.

Quinn calls Eric but Steffy answers it. Terrified, Quinn hangs up before Steffy could get on her case. Bill offers Steffy a job at Spencer on their social media sites. Wyatt convinces Eric, who is CEO again, to tag along.

Eric, Liam, Steffy, and Wyatt all aboard the Spencer jet. Eric calls Quinn and begs her to tag along, so Quinn aboards a flight in between two annoying, yet nice passengers that does her head in. Wyatt takes photos of Steffy and her glass of champagne. Liam gets jealous and accuses Wyatt of smothering her.

Wyatt and Liam bicker over the photos but Eric tries to make peace. Wyatt and Steffy decide to go to bed in their special room on the plane. Liam admits to Eric he has feelings for Steffy and that he wishes Quinn would just break them up. Steffy and Wyatt have fun on the beach by the umbrellas and chairs taking selfies.

They are interrupted by Liam who walks over insisting that he saw Quinn. Wyatt doesn't believe Liam saw Quinn and is trying to ruin their fun. Steffy agrees that Liam could have been mistaken. Outside a limo, Quinn wearing a big, floppy hat kisses Eric. Steffy sees Eric kiss a woman but cannot see her face. Eric and Quinn wave to each other as Eric hops in the limo.

Spoilers for the upcoming weeks tease that Ridge and Quinn (Rena Sofer) will take their flirtation up several notches, Katie (Heather Tom) will. 'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Quinn And Ridge Hook Up, Eric tease that Eric (John McCook) will give Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Quinn (Rena Sofer). The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Katie (Heather Tom) will soon be in the loop on their hookup. She'll be furious when she realizes they've taken their.

The limo drives away and Steffy runs up to meet the mystery woman as Quinn darts away. Steffy chases after her while Wyatt says to a crowd of fans "Is that Steffy Forrester? Steffy gets close enough to pull her hat of and Quinn takes a tumble.


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