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  • 17.12.2018
  • by Gozil

Girls: would you rather date a lawyer or a doctor? - GirlsAskGuys

Married to a Doctor Q&A - Stan's Advice

Lawyer-Doctor couples can be the best couples since both of them are from the highly respected and lucrative professions. It takes a lot of hustle to become a good doctor or a lawyer. Lawyers and Doctors are usually calm and composed as a result of their career. They have very good behavioral traits, thanks to their jobs. Lawyers are usually empathetic and sensitive, which makes them an ideal partner for a Doctor. Lawyer dating Doctor is a growing trend in the Western culture in the recent times. Having a lawyer as your partner has a lot of advantages.

Of course, you can't generalize and there are exceptions. Originally Posted by NKWulf. Originally Posted by Elmorroalto. Male doctors and HBB nurses fresh outta college are a thing. Originally Posted by BigTimePlayer. Then I'm in her mind. At least she knows of me.

She feels something. And I hope when she's touching herself that night thinking of Wentworth Miller or whoever the fuk, right as she is about orgasm somehow I enter her head and ruin her kumshot.

Women want to date doctors but men lust after human rights lawyers and journalists! So why are these professions the top dating turn-ons?. From nurses to doctors to, yes, lawyers, men love a woman who is We women brag all the time about who we are dating and the guys do the. Most doctors/lawyers I know marry people on the same level, or are at least professionally accomplished. Of course, you can't generalize and.

Originally Posted by WeekndOrNah. Gonna marry a doctor, so that I can fook her next time I feel sick to get better. They sometimes do but its rare I represent no companies and have no affiliations, loyal to meritocracy only No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training.

I am a corporate lawyer and my husband is a dentist. It's a very interesting combination and yes, we do get along very well (touch wood!!). Whether you're searching for single doctors, hoping to date a single lawyer, or fall in love with a single executive, you couldn't be in a better place than with us!. A Lawyer dating doctor can have several perks. Most of the high-profile lawyers look to date and marry someone who comes from a respectful.

It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. I work with many lawyers.

Higher ups in large firms will tell you the dangers of hiring young HBB attorneys. Because they tend to catch the eye of older attorneys, or can choose men that are in other financially lucrative careers. However doctors received the most votes from women alone.

Lawyers were up there, but not as high. My opinion I rather choose either one a doctor is extremely intelligent.

We have friends who say, “I could never date a lawyer” or “how do you . If a doctor is still single by the time he's out of med-school, make it. With the sad state of the dating world and the economy these days, you may Dentists: It's like dating a doctor without the crazy hours and the annoying beeper . I dated a lawyer before the guy I am dating now: the pros – he had money. I would date a doctor, a lawyer, an artist, a musician, a bellasoulshop.comlly anything . I'd learn new things from them either way, and I am very open to different.

Especially when it comes to heart and brain surgery etc. And doctors can make a boat load of money. I'd rather date the person not the profession!

Lol every lawyer has a different personality as each doctor has his or her our as well. I personally have a brother who's a lawyer and a soon to be sister in law who's a doctor.

They are both great! Guys guys guys That's all I gotta say to prove my point! They actually make more?

What a bunch of baloney. Facts aren't crap. Facts, you say? Can you show me the statistic, pie charts, or anything to prove all of this?

Doctor vs Lawyer Prank - who is most clever? - Pakistan - India - UAE - KSA - USA - UK

No, they don't. Maybe a few but not a whole lot. If something small goes down, they're sued. I have talked to lawyers before and they are no where near arrogant. Now, that's totally different. I don't care how much they have to memorize.

As long as the guy know the anniversary and my birthday date.

Why would I wan't my wife suing other doctors like myself? I used to date only doctor or lawyer chicks, but it is just too much of a pain in the.

I could careless for his profession. A guy with a job, and who knows how to be financially independent and not selfish or conceded about it.

How Do You Think The Marriage Between Lawyer and Doctor?

Good enough for me. Don't worry douchey, when you pass the BAR and become a scumbag lawyer I'm sure you can bribe all your toothless street-walker clients to pay you in blowjobs. I just think lawyer and I would have more in common and get along better. I don't know where you're getting this information lol, but I could care less whether the guy I'm dating is a lawyer or doctor or whatever, as long as he's passionate about what he does.

Hahaha none of those a facts. I know doctors that make a LOT more than lawyers. Not all doctors have a good reputation Furthermore, intelligence is completely relative How arrogant one is is also relative and is dependent upon your personal self esteem.

I'll actually answer the question for what it is. I'd rather date a lawyer because they aren't on call all the time and they could come in handy if there is legal trouble down the road. Oh really we shouldn't change our profession based on what slip wants? IDK where you pulled those "facts" from, out of your rump?

On average, drs.

Almost anyone can get into law school, but not med. I do buy that lawyers are more arrogant. BTW, are you a lawyer? Planning on it? I see someone agrees with me. Oh ye of such immaturity! Let me know how you feel about this in about 25 years. That's a good one! Sitting here with 2 lawyers, one judge, and 2 docs. They are rolling on the floor too, at your expense Most do not argue a thing in court.

In fact, no leagalezz takes place.

Plus, you just don't like being wrong. Who would you rather date? Share Facebook. Girls: would you rather date a lawyer or a doctor? Add Opinion. Have an opinion? Related Questions.

Women lawyers are pros at negotiation. Many of them take their skills and use them in relationships and parenting. A man who dates a lawyer knows that she is smarter than he is in a lot of things. He also knows that she has experienced a large number of different situations, whether through her personal life, her education, or through her work as a lawyer. She has met numerous different types of people and has attended a wide variety of events.

She has the life experience that makes her so incredibly interesting to men. That is not too shabby. While young lawyers still have school debt to pay off, by the time they are done paying off their loans, they will probably be making a lot more than what they started off on. Gone are the days when men entered into a relationship expecting to make more than their girlfriends.

In fact, the millennial men love it when their girlfriend makes more than them. Lawyers are busy people who are dedicated to their work. This can be a good thing for guys who like to work on their own projects.

Doctor and lawyer dating

For example, if the boyfriend is an artist or a writer, he will absolutely love the free time he gets when dating a lawyer. Suddenly, instead of always having to beg for time alone, he automatically gets the free time he needs to work on his personal projects. In return, she won't feel guilty about not being around all the time. It is a win win situation. One of the top reasons why anyone would want to date a lawyer is simply knowing that if he or she ever needed legal help, their partner would be there for them.

In a way, it almost sounds like the lawyer is being used, but that is not really how it works. For example, my ex-husband always knew that if he needed a cover letter written or his resume spruced up, he could come to me.

I am a writer and I could whip up the perfect cover letter whenever he needed one. If I needed help with a printing or computer issue, I would turn to him because he worked on computers all day long. This is the same thing. Couples are strongest when they combine their skills and create the ultimate partnership. Bringing someone home to meet the parents for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience.

Not so when he is dating a lawyer, though. Women lawyers are freaking impressive.


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