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  • 19.12.2018
  • by Kazigami

Edwin and mina dating – Good dating site for 20 year olds

How We Do Our Breakfast + Watching Coco Together - Long Distance Couple

Started by Lotto , 1 Jan Posted 1 Jan One of her fake names was discovered on a German modelling site from when she attempted to start a modelling career there. Cyr Vincent Cyr. Michael Ryan Cyr is a 28 year old Youtuber who has been on the website since

I don't care what Mina did on Instagram. I don't care about the Ian thing. If any of that is even true. None of that even sounds crazy, especially when put alongside Dasha's skin-wearing phone-snooping manipulative behavior. Why she has stans at all is beyond me.

How come mina gets a free pass for this shit? I'm not a putin fan but mina hasn't even told her side and there's already dirt on her manipulative bullshit. And there are plenty of reasons we call Dasha crazy. The photo editing was mostly regarded as petty and immature to be fair. Plenty of other craziness on the Dasha end. She's been doing this for months. Cyr clearly has a thing for crazy cunts.

I give her a free pass precisely because she dropped all the drama and is pretty graciously moving on from Julia -stealing her boyfriend -deleting her pics over a period of time, a very manipulative tactic -having her phone and privacy violated -etc. I don't know why this has to be explained so many times. Editing photos of a girl who stole your boyfriend is way less psycho than editing photos of your boyfriends ex!

Yeah we would have way more milk if Mina told her story but she hasn't and I respect her for it. Are you literally not following the thread? Cringey ass edits too for fucks sake. I'm not saying dash is completely to blame, but it takes two to cheat, so her and cyr definitely were scummy together.

Just because it turned into an LDR doesn't make it ok to just fuck someone else. She definitely egged them on in their group chat, plus liking and reposting the edits they did is definitely not sitting back and watching.

Giving them info and ideas is also no sitting back. And in regards to mina's edits, from what I saw the edits were her and cyr, there were no edits made of dasha. She made snide comments about dasha but definitely didn't post edited pictures from the sockpuppet accounts I saw. I'm not saying mina is completely innocent, she definitely did shitty stuff too but acting like she's delusional and as crazy as putin is incorrect imo.

They're both batshit. You can hate Dasha more for being obsessive and copying Mina's aesthetic though let's be real what instagram """"alternative model"""" doesn't wear wigs and have that fake cutesy but still wannabe kinky forest fairy personality noawadays but Mina shouldn't get a free pass for not outright saying anything other than the "I have an agenda" jokes.

It makes sense because mina has been obsessed with youtuber fame for awhile now and it's really fucking weird. I really don't think Mina's silence is due to grace, I think it's because she isn't the type of person to directly own up to shit like dasha, cyr, and other twitter friends have said. Dasha is clearly an aggressive bully but Mina gives me more of a manipulative vibe where she keeps her head down when things get too hot.

I think that after being caught with the hate accounts the tension started and mina started tagging along edwin. I think they both disliked dasha and that's what brought them together the most but there really isn't much edwin can offer her.

I say in about a year she'll forget about him. We've already established she's a crazy bitch. He looks and acts somewhat methy but ok we'll go for alcoholism.

PNG after everything trash doesn't quit. That's pretty creepy. Different types of psycho, Dasha's is angry screeching and being obsessive and Mina's is underhanded plots and schemes. Everyone in this situation fucking sucks. You don't have to be up Dasha's ass to see Mina's a psycho just like you don't have to be up Mina's ass to see Dasha's one too, and Cyr's clearly fucking useless and Edwin's just honestly fucking dumb. Reminds me of those swagfags from middle school.

PNG does this confirm mina lurks. Must be true then. PNG trash is becoming a cow herself at this point. Dasha and cyr don't look good standing behind this. Afaik all we had were Dasha claims and inconclusive screenshots and that photo of the phone showing… a list of Instagrams? And you're completely glossing over Dasha deleting Mina's pictures at a constant random basis and then Mina's entire Instagram.

Mina did no "damage control" that I am aware of. Cyr's his own dude, the consensus generally seems to be that he's scum but Dasha is making him worse severing all ties to other people is classic abusive behavior.

Also why the picture of Edwin and Onion? Old news but it doesn't have anything to do with Mina. Edwin should kiss Greg's ass less that is, not at all but from what I did watch, they mostly talked about Dasha and Cyr and Greg, so much about Gregnot about Mina.

I never ignored dasha deleting minas instagram lol that's why i theorized she barley came out with the photo of minas phone because doing so would also prove she had the means and motive to delete the instagram.

She already admitted to it but it was fucking obvious. Toner is a sheer semi perm color, not an actual dye. Since you obviously didn't go to school, stay in your Sally beauty lane. Putin is soul sucking.

That or having to deal with late twenties Edwin acting like a 15 year old scene boy and pretend she's friends with him is super tiring kek. This is what being a fame hungry person will do to you.

It wears you down. Think she also hasn't used concealer, foundation or edited the photo either. But definitely doesn't help how she looks like a corpse in that photo.

PNG I find it so easy to believe putinka chuckled about ruining his life. What a literal psychopath. I was like you fucking psychotic bitch! I could just tell she was no good and had bad intentions just from a photo of her face. Mina looks haggard because she's been subject to constant online slandering from someone she once potentially considered a friend.

Jesus christ she's not a saint by any means but let's not kid ourselves on why she looks like shit after being harassed by her exes psycho girlfriend. I wonder how many times she's threatened to ruin Cyr's life.

Explains a lot about why he's with her. Bitch is psychotic. Before Edwin's post I was actually giving Dasha the benefit of the doubt but wow she is literally insane. The guy is merely highlighting his part of the story and clearly not owning up to shit. He's an idiot. I bet shes one of those girls who threaten to kill themselves when a guy leaves them.

The latest Tweets from Sexy Taco (@SexyEdwin). Gave up being sexy to start being a Mister. Follow @MrEdwinCosta'. Is edwin dating mina - How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. >mina, cyr and dasha tried a poly relationship together but it failed >edwin (cyr's best friend) then started dating mina >there were screenshots.

This my first pix! I'm only a littol girl korilkkuma pls follow me and watch me grow n go on cute adventures - I'm at the pool. I can't sweem!!! Mina was never friends with dasha, she was "plotting" but even if Dasha claims to believe they were really friends I call bullshit. I'm pretty sure they've hated each other from the very start lol. If this is true I'm not quite sure why Mina lives with and came back to Edwin, even as a friend, especially when Edwin lives with his family.

Mina doesn't seem like the person to own up to anything. I do think Mina is taking advantage of Edwin though, he's clearly desperate for someone to hold on to. It's quite sad. Don't they share the same bed even? If they aren't sleeping together that's some weird shit. Great catch, Cyr. I wonder if Edwin has any proof against trasha but is scared to release is cause she's fucking crazy. Aside from that Edwin being in any sexual situation with his slenderman lil body makes me want to die.

I don't know how she will refute the fake accounts tho. These people need to grow up. She isn't starting shit and she didn't even comment on her main account. Putin on the other hand hasn't stopped with the constant harassment with trash and her minions. Dasha says lindsay flirted too much woth cyr even though they most likely had a threesome cyrs tumblr sort of hinted. No one cares about Mina's overlined lips right now, we're currently discussing how much of an asshat you are.

Come back when you've grown up and deleted these cringy "Mina fan accounts". We totally gonna roast her as soon as you stop being an even bigger embarrassment. Mina doesn't really have to own up to something, as far as I'm concerned. Looks like tumbleweed. She had re-uploaded the Mina evidence video again to Instagram, constantly posts those screenshots of her fake accounts. It's funnier than Minas cringe ass fake accounts at this point. JPG She's still going on about these insignificant fake accounts, acting like she didn't do way worse things.

I think that is pretty unique at least she didn't wear someone's skin Psstt. The accounts are just cringey and fucking sad but I don't see any bashing trasha the way she's been doing to Mina so. She needs a dog or something, that just seems too lonely.

Those random ass photoshoots which were more than likely shot by Edwin's perv ass seem useless. She could also complete her thesis. If I were Dasha I'd forget about them and continue to live my life in an artsy studio apartment and shit.

Go volunteer at a shelter, pick up a hobby. Quit wasting your time, kid. Wtf is she gonna use Mina's phone to take a photo of her own lmfao what logic is this. Wonder if he isn't making enough yt bank? Mina did make cringey accounts and harass cyr and dasha under sock puppets but how is what dasha is doing any different? Hopefully mina owns up to it or brings something else to explain this shit but she doesn't deserve this ammount of harassment.

Dasha and her minions need to get the fuck over it. This isn't highschool. I wonder who could of dunnit! Me thinks this might be a biased Mina fan projecting their own experiences into the whole "Cyr cheating on Mina with that whore Dasha how dare she!!! What does dasha even want from all of this? I've reported hundreds of spam pages over the years so instagram usually takes my reports seriously and swiftly deletes the pages.

PNG it appears they do have the same phone case but I can't see the back side of dasha's phone. Note the bunny ears. PNG mina's case. PNG dasha is using a different case in this photo.

I mean the evidence stuff is entertaining to read but it's also very reaching. All Mina has to do is admit it and apologize, but she won't. But she won't. Dasha wants to cry "but she left hate comments : " but now she's doing the exact same shit.

Mina moved on and so should she. The lack of self awareness makes her look worse out of everyone. You wonder why mina looks like an innocent angel? Look at the way dasha is handling things. She is actually obsessed at this point. Her whole timeline is drama and her whole ig feed is her dressed up as Mina.

Get a fucking life. You look like an idiot accusing everyone of being Dasha. Mina has about half the amount of followers and is lucky to even get six tweets on a post of hers. It's obvious she's gonna waste away in AZ getting played around by Edwin until he finds someone else to hang with. I mean let's be real Mina was never meant to make it big in LA, all Dasha really has to do is build a bridge and fucking get over it.

Jesus Christ. Goddamn Putin, nobody gives a shit. I almost feel sorry for cyr she's probably talking about it non stop. They're not talking. Mina has left. They seemingly share no mutual friends. She obviously won't take an apology. Does she want to bully her to suicide our of revenge or something?

PNG I'm still confused as to where the hate from the fake accounts is? She's so fucking delusional I'm actually concerned. The fake accounts never spoke bad about Dasha. Hell, they even complimented her and called her pretty. Also it's fucking sad if you ask your fans to make hate accounts for someone because you're sad about them making fake accounts… like????

She's gone about this all the wrong way. Is she going to live there in a cramped up house with his family forever? TBH she was better off staying in Britain coz all she does now is random af photoshoots and all we ever see her is when she's outside of his place.

Seems tragic tbh. Which would still be a disaster. Whenever I have fallen out with people, even best friends I will maybe mention it publicly for a day, a week at a push… how many months has it been?

You would think Mina murdered Putins family but all she did was make fake accounts in the past of her and her boyfriend at the time yes Putin it was Minas boyfriend first until you did your Putin pussy magic on her boyfriend and stole him for yourself and run away from a stressful household living with a person you can't trust who clearly hates you, who deleted your IG accounts and went through your phone which they would have had to leave anyway.

Imagine if Edwin and Mina told Dasha before they left? I imagine she would have gone crazy or guilted them in to staying. If all these dates are back in december when she announced the fake accounts to cyr then why the hell did she live with her for several more weeks then get upset that she left?

Why is Putin one minute "crying" that she was hurt Mina left then the next making out Mina was problematic to live with and she knew she was a snake all along, which is it? I've said it before and I will say it again, there is NO WAY mina left her phone unlocked ON the app while drunk, who does that kind of shit while drunk. As for unlocked, she wouldn't leave it open on the app anyway knowing Dasha could find out the "truth" if she saw it. When my friends phones are left unlocked I don't even look at the screen, let alone see what they are up to, take photos etc.

Most iphones auto lock so how quickly did you go in to the bathroom after her? Quit lying, you knew her passcode and rummaged through her phone looking for shit because you never liked her, occasionally you'd also unlock her phone to delete her instagram photos if they were more popular than yours until you eventually deleted the whole account. If Mina did leave her phone unlocked that's because she trusted you Putin, and you stabbed her in the back, you're the OG snake in this situation.

If you had dropped this drama within a week of it happening you'd still have majority support, but you dug yourself a whole and are now burying yourself in it.

Also it not sure what compelled her to ''expose' Mina as they had made up and she wanted her to stay, even offering her a room. The only person she wanted gone was Edwin. Even after the fake account thing. PNG Trash is hilarious. I still hate Mina more though lol. She's just so annoying and super-boring, like what does she even do besides fapping to avocado sushi?

I've been wondering - do either of these girls actually model, like for a living? Since she's been with cyr it's been practically nonexistant as far as I've seen other than shitty online companies that do like, alien croptops and shit basically tumblr tier modelling which every girl and their friend does nowadays Both are idiots to pander to the tumblr aesthetic and throw away actual modeling careers.

Edwin just dropped a vlog talking about the drama and it's effect with Mina from like Refused to mention Dasha by name but a direct quote from Edwin was "we were very much emotionally abused. Uhhh ok. Might be bullshit but eh?

Its usually not a problem if its roadkill etc. Who the fuck cares about the clothes, gurl you have bigger issues to deal with. You're both grown ass women jfc. PNG Is this a dig at Mina? Trasha is petty af.

Dasha & Cyr

I get that Dasha shoops but this doesn't even resemble her. She dressed him to look like her she says on her twitter. She is crazy bitch. I'd be pissed too if the leader of Russia stole my style. Both girls are crazy but Dasha is so trashy and obnoxious that I can't understand how she still has stans.

This isn't some cleverly put together CSI project, you either did you didn't. You have proof, show it. It's simple. This wasn't like Cyr and Mina were in a six year committed relationship together. Yeah he probably cheated, and he's an asshole no doubt. Dasha was in the wrong for stealing him. But honestly? Sly tweets are stupid, it clearly shows that neither Mina nor Dasha have moved on yet. I wouldn't be surprised if Vincent and Edwin made up and they would still be fuming.

IDK about stealing her clothes. If Mina was so concerned about it, she should have taken it with her when she left? She's so try hard it's off putting. Even if Mina is wrong, the way she's handling this proves how much more mature she is.

Seriously, just glue gems under your eyes instead. Fucking weirdo. I'm assuming they've since been deleted. Managed to catch them before they got deleted.

That will definitely be something. I doubt Edwin is serious… must be some kind of mind manipulation game to stir up Putin.

Edwin has mentioned that he and Cyr have talked in private before, that is, when he can hide from Dasha. I think this might turn into some decent milk.

Yesterday he's twitter has over k followers and now its back to k… I bet Putin bought them behind his back, Cyr found out and delete them lol.

They weren't in the relationship yet though, Mina and Edwin had started dating while Dasha and Cyr were trying to get her in their relationship. Prior to officially dating, Cyr told Mina that he was not promiscuous Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in "Are You Trying to. i wanna break up with mina and date damon, but i don't know how to tell her so this is me opening up. PM - 9 Apr 17 Retweets; Likes; Krazy Nerd .

She's the controlling fuck, thats for sure. She wore the same thing in a photo two weeks ago. This was probably taken around the same time just posted later. I've noticed the lost followers and fans. She's severely impacted his reputation and not for the better. Oh well. She is active on Twitter. Anyway, if anything it's because of Edwin talking about them in his video.

PNG Wow. I mean he doesn't seem like he has that many fans. Mina is cuter than you, Dasha please move along. You got Cyr! All yours! Till he gets bored and cheats you with someone else! In fact, you're the one who won't shut the fuck up about her, not even to your fans.

Mina's eye makeup is weird sometimes but I also have yet to see a picture of Mina that looks as ridiculous as pic related. Dasha with her ridiculous photoshop and Mina with her stupidly overdrawn lips. Otherwise they look super similar.

The first posts here reeked of dasha, and now it all sound like mina. I honestly would rather date putin with all her crazy shit than put up with mina acting like a drunk 8year old and talking about the fucking sushi all day. Cyr take a hint. Immature bitches. You're all fucking ridiculous. Mina is an ugly tramp who photoshops just as much and instead of the flaming she gets "omg to be fair she IS very skinny so it's ok she photoshopped herself even skinnier" you sound like fucking PULL.

The hell is wrong with you people. This Mina bias has gotten out of hand. But it was never Mina's style either. If you look years back she never dressed like this until she flew over to meet Dasha.

If anything they both own it. It is incredibly sad. She clearly needs help, and a lot of folks here can't seem to see that. What are you doing here? Makes sense. Like yeah it's costumey and slightly clownish, but I really like it when people just have fun with makeup, even if it looks a little cartoonish. Better than copying someone.

Some people's accents are more fluid than others and can be influenced easier. And that anon isn't the original poster. Stop assuming only one person can disagree with your biased ass. I looked at it yesterday via catching up on Onion drama, for example. I don't normally like to see infighting and wouldn't instigate it myself, but both these ladies are cows and should be treated as such. And seriously, Felice Dawn was skinny IRL but no one gave her a pass for photoshopping herself even thinner.

Mina may be boring, but at least she seems nice enough. Also Dasha seems a bit psychotic going after an ex so hard. Just get over it and move on I think. Please leave. Bottom line: Dasha produces more milk by being a psychopath. It's not that people here think Mina is perfect, she is just not interesting in the least and every single thing brought up about her pales in comparison to Dasha's delusions.

It could be seen as some aesthetic bullshit. But Dasha literally photoshops her face to look more like Mina. She even changes her lip shape. She'll dwindle away and sag. She's gross af. At least Dasha has a nice fucking figure that doesn't need photoshop. They both have good figures. Mina doesn't look anorexic. You are a clear fan of Dasha.

Dasha would be fine if she wasn't such a bitch. Also, she has clearly had lip injections. Trust me, she has been 'done'. Her top lip should not be as big as her bottom lip and there is way more volume than there was in old pics.

Mina overdraws her lips, but at least she still looks like herself. She looks silly, but she is natural. I don't want to accuse you of being mina but…hi mina.

Mina is way too skinny and is not natural lmfao. Dasha has the better figure but she has putin face and rubber lips. Can we all stop white knighting? His snapchat shows a script he is writing for it. It's boring. No one. They are same. So are they. It fits. There's nothing special about either of them. Mina looks like a chav and Dasha looks like Putin with a fucking wig. Not to mention their both crazy bitches in their own right. She still looks haggard as fuck in videos. They both look the god damn same essentially, though mina resembles her video self more because she doesn't distort her facial bone structure in photos, only her body to the point in some photos it looks so unrealistic lmao.

The reason people prefer Mina is because Putin is a terrible person and stuff like that does shine through and effect people's physical attractiveness. This is also Cyrs and Edwin's thread too so why don't we compare those - the illegal emo alien with a stupid smile and brassy hair or the school shooter with a greasy 90s boy band hair cut and jaundice?

Clocked in Cyrs live he spoke more fondly of Onion saying they made good videos together. I doubt putin will ever allow that? I mean, come on. Look at her lips. She probably got them in her cheeks as well. Looks edited from the original and not in the good way. Check out when she makes fun of him for hitting k on twitter… Thats messed up. Also it seems like Cyr is broke as fuck. PNG Mina showed her huge ass nips on snapchat. Today he posted this, could it be refering to her?

Dasha also said on her curious cat he stopped…. That's so random. These instahoes nowadays.

The whole time with Dasha he seemee annoyed with her and like he wanted to kill himself. Seems like she barely posts about her and cyr anymore. Heroin or just Dasha? In the face of obvious signs of use he can just Snapchat something about insomnia and a few drinks and people take it at face value though. There was a video he did with the fat meme-tattooed one from the Filthy Frank crew where I swore he was on meth, but I'm not sure that's correct.

Any of this would explain his disintegrating appearance and money troubles, not to mention Dasha going full psycho if she's taking part. And let's face it, she wouldn't want to be left out. Found myself turning completely grey after an 18 hr sleepless flight and jetlag, I looked like I was coming down from a week long bender. He might just be tired as fuck? Either way, heroin is a bit heavy, if anthing I'd say uppers, like other anons have mentioned.

He's just a high function alchy who also drinks caffeine and both of those dry you the fuck out. Not to mention the constant pressure of his failing yt career and his nightmare of a girlfriend.

No wonder he barely sleeps at night. He doesn't seem like a bad guy but trasha is def making it worse for him. Totally a not a bad guy. With what money? They done look broke af.

Genuine fucking alien realness. Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn. But no i seriously doubt the Vincent shit has anything to do with the haram. Jihadi Cyr. How do these privilege brats like herself end up as 'models' in LA when they are basically lip injected coke sluts pretending to be cute and unique. I don't know how she doesn't look at her life and think it's depressing. Also she tweets how she cares for her grieving boyfriend and shitposts stupid "memes" with their roommate at the same time, thats just sad.

I don't understand why they uploaded an edited version like no one would see the original and realise "wow her body doesn't look like her posts at all! Either upload it the same size as the original upload, get the brand to edit the photos before they release it with your new sexy body shapeor realise you just don't like that photo and don't upload it.

Though at least the edit is not as bad as minas, mina isn't even being realistic, she's got the guinness world record for smallest ribs ever, not waist, her whole god damn rib cage is 3 inches. I wish they'd stop…but mina needs to stop the most, she's too wild kek.

I wonder if cyr is some kind of masochist, because I cant see other reason why he would be with someone like putin or mina. Love your body yay! This is sad tho. Not sure if angle or if she has a pancake face. What even is her latest photoshoot? JPG not to mention she's calling her roommate hot and shit…. I don't want to see what is, at the very best, a trio of indian remy wigs that you've dyed with your shit, and at worst synthetic wigs colored industrially during production or photoshopped different colors.

Zoom in on the purple and green ones and you can see where they shittily put the colours and didn't bother to clean it up. Also it makes sense that she and Dasha would connect out there in LA. It's gonna be glorious. On the left she overlined her lipstick that or it ran above her lip line by accident, happens a lot tbh.

On the right is how someone with lipfillers' lipline looks like. Soon she will be looking like Jessica Biel nowadays. If you get too much lip filler a line ends up being created on top of the lip line. It looks weird as fuck. I know nothing of this but why would you get fillers then outdraw your lips. Surely just get more?

He said on Snapchat? Yesterday he said on twitter he was preparing a long video. Sure you can just outline your lips but you can end up looking like the Joker. Maybe not the chin bone but who the fuck knows, all her pics are photoshopped to the extreme, only time Ive seen her without makeup she looked like Gizmo in that first video after Edwin and Mina moved out.

Definitely Nose Job? Maybe Chin bone filed down? Just stop mate. Like, wtf… they did have professional photographers taking their photos so where does this amateur shit go? Did he take it down after Dasha's fit? He is soooo slow in creating his content…aaaaah. As for Edwin, does he try to intentionally look like a vegetable? ShitFox isn't even paying the rent!

Cyr and his brother are! Who is going to go through the trouble of Lime Crime hair dye? Its going to be overpriced and mediocre - as usual. And is Emmah also living with her too? She frequently hangs in their house a lot and has had roomie issues recently. So maybe they've got 2 freeloaders to deal with now. Putin at least "models"I wouldn't be suprise if she earned more than he is. Even Mina who acts like she's got nothing going on in her brain is so much more attractive.

Does he post about her as much as she does about him? So I guess they both had sex with Cyr on different occasions and she allowed it? All she's doing all day is posting pics with him… What about comforting Cyr???

I think dasha can come across very strongly and be a bit dramatic, as most girls are in their young 20s, but she doesn't seem manipulative. I won't lie when I first saw her I judged and imagined she was vapid and such but then I saw her responses to the onision drama and gained respect.

The vegan shit scares me but I don't think she's a bad person. I think Mina wanted cyr to herself. And was jealous of Dash, hence why she was always so unhappy. U what she's haggard as fuck without photo editing and if you took away the cutesy clothes she looks like a typical chav. That Edwin is still a 3 tho. In regards to Dasha though I think she's pretty attention seeking-y, and extremely evangelical when it comes to things like veganism etc.

She doesn't shut up about drama when it happens and milks it dry pretty much. I mean, doesn't she have reason to be annoyed with him? And with Edwin as well, seeing as how they both seem to blame Dasha for Cyr "changing", or just prioritizing a serious relationship over friendships?

I'm not talking about the Edwin thing because well that's going on and understandable to be annoyed about. What I'm saying is she's killed and is still beating the dead horse.

It doesn't seem the slightest bit genuine to me anymore - the onion thing atleast. Also pretty sure Dasha is also a farmer or atleast lurks. There was a high influx of "babe," "honey" and other similar pet names when the Cyr thing happened through the Onion threads, then stopped when someone called her out on lurking.

OT but scrolling through cyr's nsfw tumblr trying to find some milk. I honestly see it the other way around. Dash use to have her own style and it seems like she ripped off mina.

Probably from the backlash. I said something about her beating the dead horse and got an angry Dasha worded reply about how she knows onion? It's just very obvious she lurks here.

I'd respect them more if Dasha just said "I dont like Edwin so he won't live here" rather than sugarcoating it. Idk she seems shady and bitchy as fuck to me. I don't think she stalks but it would be interesting to see what posts you think she made. The way Mina spoke in that video, seemed to sound like whenever she would not take Dasha's word for things getting Edwin's room after he moved out she'd go to Vincent and convince him otherwise. Seems underhanded to me.

But she seems pretty okay to be honest. How tall is cyr? He honestly looks like someone on meth. His manner of speaking and movement, plus his thinness and living in LA just kind of make me assume so. Not proof but I just have a feeling it's happening if it hasn't happened already. LA must be more and Cyr has that look lol.

PNG Edwin's on younow mentioning cyr shit here and there with Mina. I thought he was gay. I'm so confused now I wonder if all of this is why he stopped hanging out with Kayla so much.

Spilling tea". So wtf? Bc it was all BS to get rid of him. No wonder though. The fact that Edwin had to move out because Cyr was supposed to live alone or whatever and yet Dasha is there living with him most likely rent free and they wanted Mina to stay there as well. I like cyr but I think he's begin completely too influenced by the pussy.

She did it with Greg and now with Edwin. How boring and unfortunate must her life be to be constantly going on about it day after day after day after day, and we obviously don't hear the full of it, imagine living with her angry shout rant crying drinking water psychotically poor cyr.

It wouldn't surprise me if once she segregates him from his friends and family, that she starts abusing him. If anyone should be angry at Edwin or Greg it should be Cyr not that i feel Edwin did much wrong but why is Dasha always in the middle of it???

That's right, she's dramatic, instigating everything and loving it, and cyr is a massive pussywhipped cuck for blindly going along with it. Dasha is a bit scary. I wonder if she yells at Cyr like that.

Poor guy. She was probably yelling in her head when she typed it. She violently spits her black chewing tobacco from the depths of her lantern jaw in to a metal bin, the ping of the metal echoing through to the empty room which was once that of edwin's.

But oh right, their defense was that "everyone but cyr had to move out" but look who is bragging about the locks being changed wew. I kept laughing more as it went on. This is a good one. I'm suprised Cyr is with her honestly??? Doesn't seem like his type at all. But what the fuck do I know?

Maybe he likes cunty girls. He took Greg's bs for years. Maybe Cyr is scared to leave her, she seems the sort that would attempt to chop off ya dick and mail it to her uncle Putin. Omg Cyr draw a heart on your next photo if you are not safe.

Let's make Cyr the next Marina Joyce! Funny how all this nonsense sticks to your subconscious. Also laughing at the fact that Dasha reopened her twitter right after someone on here made a mention of them breaking up. Dasha is crazy, but Edwin and Mina are far from innocent. I'm willing to bet that Edwin was using Cyr apartment, Mina, etc. If anything Dasha probably just vocalizes it on his behalf. But LOL suddenly leavingtaking the camera, taking his partner and expecting to come back without shit going down.

Edwin is an idiot and so is Mina. On another note, Cyr was friends with gerg for such a long time it's always made me feel a bit questionable towards his character. I'm pretty sure he would still be friend's with him if Onision hadn't freaked out and dropped him.

We just like to point out how batshit Dash is. I don't think anyone is saying Edwin is innocent, I feel like the victim in this is Cyr… not because Edwin wronged him, but because Dasha gone and dashed his peaceful life away kek. I think Dasha caused this whole thing to happen, I mean what a weird thing it all happens when Cyr has gone away. If Edwin was using Cyr I doubt he would have up and left so easily, he must have put up with a lot of shit from Dasha when Cyr wasn't around to make him leave.

Mina's instagram acc kept getting deleted and I have a feeling it was Dash doing it. Who knows what Dash says without Cyr being involved?

I think Mina had the bigger instagram account before the first one got deleted, and she says it was someone who had access to her password. Plus it looks like she had legit modeling photos on there too like one of her in a Diesel ad? I really wouldn't be suprised if that was true.

Cyr invited his friend to stay, then the two women. Cyr paid for his friends rent. The brother after a distressed phone call from Cyr says he wants everyone else to leave. All sounds reasonable. Edwin was basically freeloading, and I'm sure the two women aren't paying rent either. Dasha then backtracks on Cyr's valid explanation and bitches for a bit. I don't think any of them are bad people, just social media involvement has made them create a mountain out of a molehill. Yes Edwin should have gave notice and not taken the camera, and Dasha should have let Cyr alone say why his two friends left.

If Dasha supposedly told Mina repeatedly she could have Edwin's room when he leaves yet Edwin had no plans on leaving, doesn't sound like "everyone had to leave" at all, sounds like they were planning on kicking out Edwin and let Mina have his room. I think the brother scenario was only half truth because Cyr felt too bad to be honest and too ashamed he's being cucked by Dasha. Nice attempt at a summary though. This white knighting for Edwin bullshit has gotten out of hand, ffs.

Mina was part of their threesome so of course they wouldn't kick her out. I still don't get the whole "oh my brother wanted everyone out" story when it was literally just edwin.

That was it. It's such a shitty excuse. Cyr either has to admit that he just didn't want to live with edwin anymore or that dasha convinced him to do it. Wouldn't doubt it tho, he couldn't live on YT with a measly 12k followers which could barely afford him half the rent of an LA apartment. Dasha described Mina as having drunken emotional issues and probably left because she couldn't have Cyr to herself. There is also no proof that Edwin wasn't a shitty friend behind the scenes.

He also says that he never held it against him. Edwin pays him back by fucking off without telling them and stealing Cyr's camera. Cyr seems like he was used by Edwin tbh.

If the landlord or co-owner says get the fuck out, you get the fuck out. Edwin didn't even contribute to the finances it appears. Maybe at some point in anger he said everyone had to leave, but then Cyr mentioned how him and his brother were working something out so everyone could stay, and thats when Edwin and Mina left. It's one of the reasons she left, she said it made her uncomfortable.

In Dasha's periscope she clearly said that after making amends with Mina they decided to fly her over to LA. Eventually Mina decided to get into a poly relationship with them after throwing the idea out there to Dasha.

Mina was still unhappy and decided to do shady things like sleep in Edwin's bed etc. She could do whatever she wants but she could have ended it upfront instead of playing that game with them. Especially someone like Edwin who didn't pay rent.

This post is literally the first time I heard that.

Everyone else is either saying it was cyr's idea or Dashas. Plus how is it shady for being uncomfortable. She clearly wasn't happy if she left with edwin. I bet you that dasha is not paying rent either, and I also bet you if Mina had stayed she wouldn't be paying as well. I'm not saying edwin or mina are completely innocent but its retarded to place the blame on them. If you really want to know, go back and watch the periscope again. Also it seems like Mina hated it if she was constantly unhappy and the relationship barely lasted like a month.

Not sure why you're victimizing her. Mina is a big girl who chose to be there, chose to get into the relationship, and chose to continue the relationship despite being unhappy. Nobody forced her into anything. JPG Edwin just posted a new vlog and Dasha is retweeting people commenting on the fact he and Mina apparently tried to break in to their home when they returned to LA the most recent time. She is an adult and that's why they broke it off and she left with Edwin. She obviously was never forced into anything but she didn't like it so she left.

I suppose they could still be friendly even if Edwin and Dasha are not but that just seems odd. Cyr even said the reason he and Edwin would get into fights was because Edwin thought Cyr was changing too much because of Dasha.

For the worse or for the better that's up to them and their friends to decide, but she was definitely the leading cause of the rift between them. Dasha deleted the picture of her grandma altogether but there's still some in her Twitter likes.

Cyr called him because he was depressed and he told the brother about the tension in the house, so being the cosigner his brother told Cyr to kick everyone out so he wouldn't be stressed about the tension anymore or he would cancel the lease so nobody could live there. He said his brother said everyone had to go but it seems only Edwin was definitely leaving, Dasha was probably safe because she's his girlfriend and Mina's visa only extends three months I think so the brother might have been to willing to overlook it.

It def seems sketchy though, more like a poor excuse to kick Edwin out than anything. Edwin and Mina in the eyes of the law were just friends staying over, they have no legal standing. Edwin and Mina were never legal residents of the flat. They have zero power or authority. Basically if you spend more than a certain amount of time some states it's as little as 24 hours in one location you are considered a resident there and to be removed the homeowner needs to get a court warrant.

Now most of the time this is expensive and time consuming for both parties so usually unless the person has nothing to lose if they are told "leave" they leave. I seriously don't understand how any of them have money in the first place to live in LA on just social media jobs. Back when I would watch Edwin's vlogs when he would live in Arizona and crash at Cyr's house and they'd make videos during that time this was before he was with Dasha or Mina he was trying to get a job in LA and posted a vlog where he rejected a job offer because he would be "working to live instead of living to work" and that he deserves more since he has a bachelor's in psychology which is kind of immature and unreasonable especially since he's in his late twenties and wants so badly to live in LA.

Edwin seems disillusioned and lazy when it comes to working and making money and probably did start to be resentful when living with Cyr and saw that he had more "success" and "ambition". Edwin is probably most hurt because now he has to actually work to get back to LA.

There's many vlogs where he leeches off his friends then drives back to Arizona until next time. But they're still all dumb children. It's no coincidence they only interact with people under Edwin seems to have this idealization of just living off of YT money, and it probably isn't aided by the fact that he and cyr socialize d with much more successful youtubers who did in fact make enough to live off of it. The thing is he is in no way charismatic or interesting enough to become a successful daily vlogger, and his skits are mediocre at best.

Cyr has an advantage because he hits an aesthetic, edgy quality that might not make him extremely popullar but nabbed him a core, loyal audience and probably makes enough to get an ok living off of it. Now I'm not sure how much he actually makes because as far as I remember he has had no sponsors which are the key to making big bucks but I might be wrong I've never actively followed his videos.

If he was getting mail there they're fucked, honestly. And it doesn't cost much to take to court, since you don't need lawyers for this type of litigation. Only if he was on the lease or was subleasing with a contract could it be considered an early eviction. If anything edwin was breaking the law since he literally tried to break in and enter. So many of his fans send him nudes on his tumblr and supposedly she doesnt mind? Please correct me if I'm remembering incorrectly 1. Did they not say that Edwin paid the security deposit?

Anyone who has rented a place knows that typically a security deposit IS equivalent to 2 months rent. If that's the case, sounds like they're even, or Edwin is ahead as they can get the deposit back at the end. If Edwin did pay the security deposit, he's been a part of this loft from the get go and is more financially entitled than Dasha.

It does not make sense that Cyr said they would all lose the apartment because his brother did not agree to cosign for all of them.

You can't just take back cosigning for someone. You can't just break a lease. Well, you could, but that would destroy his brother's credit and cost hefty fees. Maybe I'm entirely off, but none of this seems logical for anyone who has ever rented a place in their name. Around 39 min in to the periscope Cyr says Edwin was kind enough to pay the security deposit Around 57 min Cyr says Edwin remarked he wasn't sure if he wanted to be on the lease anymore because Cyr was financially?

Perhaps he used the wrong language here, but if it was not a slip Edwin was equally entitled and clearly Cyr's brother was not only cosigning under the impression he would live there alone. PNG Mina needs better friends. Friends that don't snitch on her. She had some of her fans tag Idubbzz on her pictures before. Her friend apparently had enough of her.

JPG I know this has little to do with it but I think it's pretty hilarious. Someone wrote a story about them. It's not surprising to assume she's not innocent.

This is for objective discussion in pursuit of milk but it gets fucked up when Dasha's army of indiscriminate high school twitter friends come here and post garbage. But I think anon is right in that it's one of her sycophants.

There's no reason to shit up the thread, it's so cringe and makes me a bit sympathetic to Mina if she's dealing with this kind of crazy coming at her. PNG Anyways, I found the whole conversation. It's real and gives a pretty good insight on the kinda person Mina is. Picture editing and similarities between them too has nothing to do with their living situation? Please do not start samefagging again.

We can all see you are one person - condense your thoughts into one post or GTFO. You guys asked me for proof. Here you go. Nobody asked you for proof. You are the same person who has been shitposting under Charlie and Xenia. Once you figured out how obvious you were being you changed to posting as an Anon. Please grow up. You can't just assume it's me just because we use similar words etc.

I am not here to defend anybody. I was just giving you guys a little insight on Minas intentions since everybody here thinks she is the sweetest. Also, where are you getting these supposed caps from?

I was here this morning, samefag, don't even try me. You are obvious as hell. I have a right to post here just like everyone else. Maybe Mina needs better friends that don't leak her shitty intentions. I like how you are going after me when there have been worse comments on this thread about Mina and dasha. This is on you. Fans would tell her and she'd be like "cool, doesn't interest me".

I could believe cyr not being invested in shit like this, though.

Feb So apparently Edwin has been fighting with Cyr and was kicked out of the.. Mina R. Bryan, Scheide librarian, have granted access to qualified.

Especially Mina, after betraying them quite often. Someone who constantly retweets her teenage fans making idolising comments on her selfies is definitely self invested enough to care about drama surrounding her.

It's either Dasha's "friends" are getting enraged over this because they're young and stupid and will come here to sperg over their snowflake mom fox princess being insulted or Dasha is sending them.

Either way, this confirms Dasha lurks so thanks Charlie for fucking it up! You don't know shit about Mina Cyr or Dasha. Fact is you will never know unless you personallt talk to them. You are being petty over them photoshopping themselves. You are the sad case not them. Enjoy your stay and be safe! You don't know them lol. It's so fucking pathetic how you talk down on a relationship you aren't even in. Cyr is very smart I am sure there is a reason he is dating Dasha. He is 27 years old I am very sure he is capable of knowing who he wants to date.

And that's clearly not mina because she has proven more than once that all she cares about is Youtube personalities. Is this your first time online? I mean she doesn't even have a channel of her own, and barely has a following on IG. Everyone keeps talking shit about people they don't really know. All we can do is assume. See Onision. Did somebody link this thread?

Newfags pls lurk more. The person that leaked it has the whole conversation with Mina. Of course you'd say it's fake. Everyone here is either up Minas or dashas ass. It's really not hard to find at all.

Where are the caps from? They were posted with 0 context and no source. They're fake as fuck. Some of you are seriously blind.

It's not fake. Why are you so fucking confident about them being fake? You live in your own bubble. If i showed you something like that about Dasha you'd already be attacking her. This isn't an active thread. If you can't support your claims further than "it isnt fake!!!!!!!! Show us more proof it's real or go back to twitter where you pine for Dasha's attention.

We don't take blatant sides here and if Dasha's minions weren't so far up their own ass trying to defend their special snowflake they would recognize that we think Mina, Edwin, Cyr, and Dasha are all absolutely ridiculous children who handled this terribly in their own way. They are all equally retarded but the fact Dasha's followers are sperging here inclines us to be even more focused on her at this given moment. Thread discussions shift as they go. But again, they wouldn't know this as they just came here for the first time to sperg out, indicative by their newfag behaviour and inability to figure out how reply to posts.

Congratulations, you're retarded all on your own. Dasha and Mina are probably both self absorbed enough to have this shit pinned in their browsers. Dasha your friend's an idiot, why associate yourself with this person. Dasha is "friends" with a girl named Petra Zec on twitter and she is friends with Charlie as well, which leads me to believe this sperging was a triple effort.

Dasha has retweeted many of Charlie and Petra's posts in the past and the best part is both these girls are teenagers and they are both obsessed with Cyr and by extension Dasha. Way too obvious, guys. Be better minions by at least not putting your names and posting stupid fanfic targeting Mina and Edwin with your twitter handle which is easily traceable back to Dasha. Cyr must be so happy she's keeping things private and being mature about the whole shitshow.

Bitch get over it. If you want to pretend you're on the high horse then stop fucking posting about them. I need to go make some tea. Sage bc tinfoil. Poor, poor Cyr. I'm starting to like Mina more after today. We are not stupid, honey.

Stop crying because we don't automatically eat up every word you say, we aren't Dasha's teenage followers. Totally left that whole "keeping private things private" thing in the dust. Both sides are so fucked up, this high school drama shit is sad. But Cyr cheated on her so i can't blame her tbh.

This seems like a really, really bad road for Dasha to go down. It won't end well and I'm still feeling really embarassed for Cyr. Why was Mina supposed to jump to assumptions? All of these girls are fucking embarrassing. I HAVE to side with Mina right now because she's not the one throwing a bitchfit on twitter over things that happened months and months ago.

She's just minding her own business. Apparently this was her second account because her first insta was deleted randomly. Then she posted this caption on one of them. Dasha seems a bit crazy so it wouldn't surprise me if she was going in to Mina's phone and deleting shit.

It could possibly just be an insane fan, too. I suppose Mina could have done it herself, but deleting your account with all of your followers for attention seems pretty counter productive. I'm "new" to this drama and only know of the above from skimming her instagram a couple weeks ago so I don't know all of the details. Just some petty, fucked up shit. Actually it's VERY fucked up because Mina is a model and instagram is a part of her career right now.

Cyr better look out for a high heel in the eye. She probably didn't want to share a living space with someone she can't trust.

Another thought. Mina and Edwin seem to be uncomfortable with confrontation. I'm not excusing their actions because it's actually pretty childish, but think about it. You're uncomfortable with or afraid of confrontation and living with a very hotheaded and confrontational person who has no problem with raising their voice and causing a scene.

I would want to avoid it, too. None of them know how to act like adults. I don't think she is really any better than Dasha right now, Edwin probably gave her advice to keep her mouth shut. Someone who was truly over it wouldn't respond to the bait at all. Now I feel like she might actually be quite an awful person.

Wondering how bad the fights actually got in that apartment… sage for saying nothing new. If she's not even going to school and "bettering herself" then she'll be an aging instaho model doing what then? I get the freethenipple thing but you're basically making yourself bait for these guys to oggle at you. IDK even walking to the grocery store with Edwin with a t-shirt and you can clearly see through her shirt is odd and makes her seem disillusioned.

Wearing a semi revealing shirt is not a big deal. I don't see how wearing something that looks good and makes you feel good constitutes as "bait". That's such a weird way of thinking. Dasha, Mina, your neighbor, your mom. Who cares if they wear a thin shirt and go without a bra. It's not like she's naked. You're the one that seems disillusioned mate.

She was taking photos for instagram in that outfit that day, anyway. Sage for dumb topic. Encouraging underage fans to send lewd pics of themselves…sounds like a certain onion we know of. You can say she's a crazy bitch and all, but imho she's the one who definitely won in the features department. All this drama is high school tier, but I somehow want more.

A good ol' Twitter catfight, maybe? It looks like she's getting molested. Dasha is allegedly doing her master's in rhetoric so like…doesn't she have a thesis to write instead of playing victim and throwing hissy fits on twitter?

Mina may have done a lot of bad shit but the fact Dasha perpetuates this event and is turning it into a whole witch hunt against Mina is making her lose the credibility she had to begin with.

She honestly sounds like a massive brat whose rich parents sent her to LA to "study" while she takes advantage of their money. Dash looked pressed as fuck, she probably kept nagging cyr about it.

The rest of the video he said that Cyr was a lazy loser and that he wouldn't pay him back on lots of things.

What Kind Of Little Are You? (Taking DDLG Quizzes)

They still haven't been dating for more than one year so Cyr is still in the honeymoon phase where she can do no wrong. I do think Cyr is a genuinely nice fellow but one of his fatal flaws is he seems very spineless and deeply desires to be liked which is why he tolerated Onision's manipulation for a long time.

The only reason he has ended his friendship with Greg is because he now has someone that is just as manipulative as Greg, if not more, because he is romantically involved with her as well. Now she's doing it to Mina, she clearly likes being alpha and probs won't let this go any time soon… until she finds someone else to bully.

But I feel with her already underlying jealousy of Mina considering the constant attack on minas appearance over her personality and intelligence or the situation at hand i doubt she will let it go easily. It's hilarious how Onion was the OG cucklord with his strange poly relationship and Cyr and Dasha was laughing him… look who's the cuck now after a failed poly relationship… clue: it you Cyr. Cut it out.

You're embarrassing yourself. It's fucking stupid. Goddammit why does everyone who calls out Onision turn out to be insane themselves? RIP Cyr's career if she keeps this shit up. Reading is indeed a valuable skill. Comprehension skills on point. Same with Charlie, Dasha was giving his dumb posts Rt's so she gets dragged along him. Even though she thinks she is v. Whatever support she did originally have from god knows would be completely lost when she begins these juvenile hate tirades.

Classy association there Cyr. It's fucked up. I guess that's something. Dasha is absolute trash. I regret ever thinking differently. Like literally this shit is so immature coming from the people acting like their privacy had been breached and I'm sorry i ever believed anything dasha said. Anyone else see the similarities between the harassment of mina and onision and his previous exes?? For the love of God though, I hate the fact that now everything she said about Onision is less biting because of this hypocrisy.

I don't want onision to be right either, but what he said about her being manipulative is becoming more and more obvious. Where is your personality Dasha? I'm talking about the one outside bitching, drama and onision hating.

I love it when girls be like "i'm moving on with my life - no drama" but they can't resist it. It really shows their true colours.

I hope Cyr realises soon how petty and attention seeking she is. That's not to say we know the entire scope of what happened but dasha is acting like a highschooler for fucks sake. I wonder if cyr and dasha will break up and we'll see the meltdown and the return of grease. She does seem quite threatened by mina which is hilarious to me. Following in onions footsteps too much Dasha. Either you become what you hate or you have been onision in a wig this whole time- poly relationship, publicly obsessively dragging exs, manipulative behaviour and now talking to 12 year olds, didn't cyr also have fans submit nudes on his tumblr?

At this point I wonder, if gerg had a vaginal hole, would cyr have put his dick inside? PNG When u have to send 12 yr olds to do your dirty work. Hey, why not focus on yourselves instead of an idiotic hate campaign for a girl who successfully cucked your internet friend? People like her never have friends for more than a year or two before they start some major drama and have a massive falling out.

And it's always younger and younger people because only teens can actually invest themselves in this sort of drama. Her name is Lyndsay lovell when she had curious cat she said they stopped being friends cause she would always hit on cyr, but I'm pretty sure they had a threesome and cyr took this photo. Spoiler alert: if you constantly have new friends and can't hold a friendship for very long.

Is it really them that's the problem or is it you? It's definitely her possessiveness and pretending to be into it so cyr doesn't fuck her over like he's done with his other exes. What a mess. She's just feeding them information to these random ass kids so they can go after her.

She's posted about how she works a ton on top of going to University so it's too bad she couldn't stick around to at least keep Dasha grounded and focused on school - that is if Dasha even goes to school anymore as it appears that harassing other girls and acting like she's twelve has replaced her academic life.

The way she posts about her relationship on social media shows that she needs something to prove to the rest of the world or to show the side chicks she's the "main girl" that he will always love the most. She used to post a lot about her ex-bf who she was very in love with and apparently was a toxic relationship so she seems to want control in her life through Cyr maybe to even prove something? I just don't think they're a good match long-term, on both ends. Maybe there should be a sequel, "Poly" White Female.

I know she shoops too but she doesn't look this bad in Edwin's videos. Though I wouldn't put it past Dasha that she edited it to make it look worse because I don't think it's possible for someone without a double chin at all to have one looking like mama june while asleep, plus her actual chin looks longer. Dasha apparently deleted Minas IG and I imagine she's been scheming against Mina this whole time with subtle things like uploading unflattering photos of her on to IG, wouldn't surprise me if she sh00ped it worse.

They've been pretty silent on this thread too. Cause I can't find it did he delete it? PNG Back at it again. It's so middle school tier. Again, excellent taste in women, Vincent. Mina is clearly prettier than her. Like if Dasha was a popstar, a writer, a painter, literally anything else, it would make some sense to me. But all Dasha does is post photoshoped pictures on insta and spam vegan tweets. How sad can your life be if your teenage hero is a "instagram personality".

I was wondering why mina and dasha looked alike for awhile and now I know why they look like themselves in vlogs instead of photos. I will say that minas shops are much more subtle but dasha definetely could have have edited minas photos if the insta allegations are correct.

Edwin and mina dating

PNG it also seems this fawnie user has had a hate boner for mina for months now. I suppose the ridiculous shoops better match how unhinged she actually is though. But she makes funny of mina for wearing lots of makeup? I mean if the allegations of her deleting minas insta are true I'm sure she'd go as far as to create a fake account and spread shit about Mina. PNG Wow dashas army are even going as far as to following minas Instagram and commenting the snake on her pictures there's Charlie The level of petty tho.

Why would she not stay behind with cyr and the crazy vegan if that was her true intent. PNG Did this forum give cyr morning anxiety?

Whether she gave Dasha and Cyr a noose intentionally or not, they took it and hung themselves with it. If she hasn't then yeh, fawnie is her. I think cyr and dasha lurk at the very least because they deleted tumblr.

I used to kind of like Dasha, but after all this, it's extremely off-putting. She's clearly insane. Now I find myself feeling bad for Mina and wishing her the best.

They're trying to demonize Mina, like they did with Billy. I never liked Billy, and found her cringe-worthy, but in the end all you can do is wish them the best because they clearly escaped a toxic situation. I guess she saw people on here saying he was probably geting underaged nudes on there and they panicked. It's almost as if Dasha planned this whole kicking out thing all along to finally have reason to shit on Mina like she wanted to for months.

I cannot believe someone so vehemently opposed to Onision is literally doing the exact same shit he's been doing for years - twisting the truth, using fans to attack, manipulation, etc.

She's becoming a parody of herself and I hope she is lurking and reading all our comparisons of her and Cyr to Onision. Is there any way to like…defend Mina? I don't think any of her actions are excusable and I really like that she isn't firing back but the more posts I see from Dasha's retarded minions the more I want to at least message the poor girl to keep her head up.

I honestly think if it had just been Dasha and her minions peddling the hate that Mina wouldn't have said anything at all. Cyr calling her crazy and saying she had an agenda was hurtful enough to bait her into impulsively responding.

She was very clearly in a bad place mentally after their split, judging by the kind of stuff she was tweeting. Grabbed some for context. She was very much Not Ok and I have no idea what Cyr thought he was doing flying her out to him and the girl he left her for and thinking that would work out well.

Why not try with a poly girl whose heart you didn't break?


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