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  • 18.12.2018
  • by Maulabar

Who Is Falz Dating, Now That Simi Is Out Of The Picture? . Altgist


In , Everyone thought they knew about the fast-rising star Falz, our very own lawyer who started out as Instagram comedian turned artiste, actor and finally settling for music. It was obvious that Falz charming spirit radiated through everyone he was with. End of story! Like hawks, Nigerians eyes turned to him and some became bothered about his love life. This bother can be assumed to be triggered by his mock marriage with Jenifa. He wrote:.

Is it true that falz and simi are dating

It is so amazing how far we have come. There is a lot of room for improvement, but we should never underrate how far we have come. I hope to release singles and ultimately, my album this year.

Everything inspires me.

Simi kisses Falz

I think of the weirdest things. So, when I get an idea, God gives me the words.

I just paint pictures in my head and sing about them, that way people can see the pictures just as conceived it. I have a couple of close friends in the industry and I hope to make more friends.

Oct 9, - There have been several comments and insinuations from people, particularly on social media about singer, Simi been in a love relationship. Feb 20, - Simi talks about how she met her first love at 13, her new relationship with Which is not true. But the truth is that Falz and I are just friends. Many fans believe that Falz is dating the popular Nigerian singer Simi. However, she, like Falz himself, denies this theory and maintains that they are not in a relationship. Of course, they seem to be the perfect couple. People were convinced because of how they seem when they sing together.

I think we let ourselves get carried away by unimportant things. Music is such a beautiful gift and we all need to let it bring us together, rather than tear us apart.

Sometimes, I feel the songs I sing adjudge me. I would describe myself as goofy, feisty, shy, positive realist, reserved and high on life.

Jan 25, - knew of the budding love between Falz and Simi, but who is falz dating? Then in real life on Instagram in , Falz was seen in an.

Marriage will happen in its own time. I like a man that can make me laugh and make me happy.

Falz is my really good friend and nothing more. Simi has dropped a video for her song "Jericho" off her recently released album "Omo Charlie Champagne" where she features Adekunle Gold has dropped a new single along with a new video titled 'Kelegbe Megbe'.

The sound, just as Adekunle It was Mothers' Day in USA yesterday but all over the world, people joined in on the celebration, because mothers By signing up, you agree to receive updates and special offers from TheNET. You may unsubscribe at any time.

May 23, - In a recent interview, Falz revealed the current situation, saying in his typical comic accent that“at this current moment, we are not dating but you. People have mentioned that I'm probably that way in real life. It's funny, but I understand why they would think that. I would describe myself as goofy, feisty, shy. Oct 9, - Simi has been asked who her true love is between Adekunle Gold and Falz about them; only just stopping short of naming who she's dating.

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