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  • 16.12.2018
  • by Gorg

Are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dating?

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Are 'Definitely Not Dating'

He looks up and catches the eye of a girl nearby. They share a knowing glance. And given the hopelessly romantic and cinematic dimension to their partnership, the story fits perfectly. We kind of have our own language. At the time, the celebrated Canadian ice-dance duo were on a break. After a period of unprecedented success between and , things shifted substantially prior to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir say they aren't a The Canadian ice dancers say they're not dating, but is that really the.

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Obsess away! Anywhere else it is stated is as fanfic. I wonder if the media questions about "fans insisting" is really a jab at this blog, as in "this blog" insists when referring to "fans.

“Can't they say the words—not 'we're not dating' but 'We're not married' . Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Tessa. Tessa And Scott Just Confirmed Their Relationship Status To Ellen and answered the question on everyone's minds: Are they dating?. But, it's also the story of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's rebirth. . Judging by my girlfriend's Twitter, I think fans are disappointed a little bit that.

I don't think it's about the blog when it comes to how they frame things in the media. I just think the blog can be something they can point to if asked why they still sham. Their last round of misrepresenting the fans didn't refer to anything on the blog.

It was that Tessa was like Carmen - which flummoxed the hell out of many fans on the web - fans who don't understand VM make shit up about fans.

And it was about how Carmen was too much for some fans who wanted VM back in their box. That, too, was made up about fans, and nothing to do with the blog.

Tessa Virtue on her ever-changing relationship with Scott Moir (HuffPost)

I don't think they've hit back or hit back at the blog in anything they say whatsoever. The blog has one utility for them - it's an excuse to make a big fuss, play shell games with social media, and otherwise occupy people who should have better things to do. It's actually not the blog that is living up Tessa and Scott's rear ends - it is, I believe, these other people.

I wonder how they'd like it. Anon The interviewers saying "the fans want you to be together," thus providing the opening for Scott and Tessa to spend time denying it could ever happen, has been going on since way before the Olympics. Years before this blog. Maybe right now in their minds they're speaking against the blog. Before the blog, it was what Tessa once described as "a wall" between them and the public. They've never been asked what "the wall" means, exactly.

R scott and tessa dating

Wouldn't any good journalist follow up on that? Scott and Tessa get away with statements like that all the time.

They've created their own stories and the reporters simply go along and endorse everything. No one in regular media has ever questioned anything - and that is how the skating "journalists" have also let slide any questioning re.

They're all used to accepting the established stories and scores. No questions asked. Nobody follow up on anything except Ben Mulroney who most likely knew Scott and Tessa are together and decided to make them squirm in good fun without ever asking a question that challenged their version of their lives.

He just made Scott shift around a lot asking him what happens when he meets a girl who already thinks he's involved with Tessa.

Please note neither Ben Mulroney, nor any journalist, in the bazillion "You're not a couple" interviews they've done on television, ever straight up asked Scott if he had a girlfriend.

It was all the "When you meet a girl" as if he were on the market. I think once right after the Olympic ice dance competition Scott was asked if he had one based on his answer - the question wasn't included and he reportedly said yes and then did the "doesn't name her out of respect for his partner.

The questions are always framed to avoid asking a real question. And most of the time, the journalist is framing the question precisely as per guidelines. It's kind of how the whole sport works. Everything written about it is beside the point. Oh, and p. On his facebook he was "in a relationship with Jessica Dube. There were photos galore posted on the facebooks of his family. After all of this, and with these two poor kids exhausted from being asked, professing not to know how to answer it any other way, Scott was unable to say "I do have a girlfriend already, I'm dating Jessica Dube.

He never did that. Cramming Jessica down our throats on social media, acting like someone who meets girls and has to get past the Tessa assumptions before they'll go out with him in old media.

Which - that. That's ridiculous. I'm at a party, or gym, or event, or out with friends, I meet some ice dancer I know is an ice dancer, he asks me out and I go "oooh, aren't you with Tessa?

The scenario makes no sense, as we were also meant to believe everyone but fans knew Scott and Tessa were not together. So unless in Mulroney's scenario Scott was asking out a fan, it wouldn't happen not even in their own fantasy world.

Consistency has never been the sham's strong suit. In legit media Scott's romantic status is mostly hypothetical. On social media, he's practically married - to girls other than Tessa.

Everything We Know about Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s Relationship

Which partner? His romantic partner who is actually Tessa? His fake romatic partner who was Jessica but whom everybody knows about? Or his skating partner who is Tessa? Anon - Scott Moir showed his hypocrisy and his malice toward fans with that statement. Respect and privacy my ass. I remember that. So two-faced. Sanctimony in place for legit media, douche on social media.

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What else were fans to think? Bryce had said it was "hard to see them together" and five seconds later Scott and Jessica are rubbing it in Bryce's face.

They don't care of course, because it's only us. That garbage is just the version for the scut monkeys. I watch Mad Men sometimes and I find the themes a little too on the nose at times. However there's a recurring theme with Don Draper - who clearly this season is a sick man - where he believes if nobody sees it it didn't happen.

Just look at the best behavior of Scott and Tessa for legit media, and look at them on social media. Who is the nobody that sees what they do? It's us.

We're the nobodies. The shit they shovel at us doesn't count against them, because only nobodies see it. The legit media agrees with them because those of them who know Scott and Tessa are together ignore their behavior on social media and won't acknowledge it when they're 'out'.

We see it, but we don't count. Scott's supposedly a religious guy - I wonder what religion he's practicing. He is? Wow - talk about compartmentalization. Or mental gymnastics. Or both. Rationalization and compartmentalization - what else can it be. What else can it be to have a set of values - which I believe he does - but rationalize that it's okay to behave the way he does in a certain context as long as it's only directed to a certain class of people, who aren't, in the view of Moirville, people who count.

At all. We know Scott and Tessa are well-liked by those who interact with them personally. We know that Scott and Tessa are courteous and considerate with venue personnel, colleagues and competitors. We know that they're courteous to journalists and other media that they encounter face to face. And Scott will often throw himself into the fire when it comes to fans.

He may still have conspicuous stigmata on his hands and feet when he does it, but at least he does it.

To quote Ken Cosgrove "It's my job! It doesn't work like that. It is and it does count.

Tessa and Scott have been the age-old "are they or aren't they" half in disbelief that they aren't dating and half believing they must just be. Although Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have emphatically denied that they're dating, they couldn't convince Ellen DeGeneres otherwise. (Which is something that Scott and Tessa are making up - it doesn't Cass Hilborn and the Olympic medalist have been dating almost a year.

OK, maybe there is one thing. But you get the point. Are Tessa and Scott a couple or what?!

Exhibit B: Everybody loves a love story including the judges Remember when Brangelina spent over a year denying they were an item?

Too Sexy for the Olympics?! Ding, ding, ding.


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