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  • 13.12.2018
  • by Arasho

So We Became Chapter 1, an arrow fanfic . FanFiction

roy & felicity ? loving her was red

I'm really sorry. Felicity held the phone until Oliver ended the call. She was ready. She was dressed up in a gorgeous long blue dress. Her hair was down and she was excited because Oliver asked her to the gala not as his EA, but as a proper date. It took her ages to understand what he meant but thinking about it now maybe she made a mistake. Maybe Oliver just asked her as a friend.

You should have seen him after you said yes to him he had a massive smile on his face he…. It's my fault not Oliver's, I'll see you tomorrow.

The two watched as the woman they loved as a sister walk to the exit with her head down. A few people tried to talk to her but they watched as she quickly left. They felt a presence behind them and turned to see Oliver looking frantic. Was this actually a date? Because let me tell you something we all thought you finally stepped up and you and Felicity were going to be happy but what did we see when we arrived? Nothing but Felicity coming out of a cab, a cab! Why didn't you call us tell us you were going to be late so we could have picked her up.

Everyone else was turning up in flash cars and then you have Felicity coming to this gala in a cab. If that wasn't bad enough she turns to see her 'date' with his tongue down someone else's mouth…. I didn't even think to call you to pick Felicity up and that woman just jumped Oliver, I literally just had to drag her off of him.

Team Arrow [7x20] Felicity is interrogated and Roy Harper returns

This was their first date together and Oliver was looking forward to it. You know he was! I was going to take her home but she told me to stay here and enjoy the evening with Thea.

She means the world to me. Oliver turned to Digg and just held his hand out, Digg reached into his pockets and pulled out the car keys and placed them in Oliver's hand and the three watched as their brother left to find the woman everyone knew he was in love with. Felicity unlocked her door and entered her home. She closed and locked the door behind her. She was really stupid to think that Oliver was finally ready to make a go of them but she was wrong.

Roy's stressed, Felicity is the root of his frustration, and Oliver is a . at both of them, he calmly spoke, "Roy, Oliver and Felicity are not dating. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Roy sets up Felicity on one date and it ends up spiraling into an online dating scheme. Felicity agrees on one condition - Roy has to tell Oliver.

The cab driver pitied her as she just cried the whole journey home. Felicity took her shoes off as soon as she could. She was about to go to her room when she heard a knock on her door. Felicity knew if she didn't open the door Oliver would break it down. She went back to the door and opened it and walked towards her bedroom. I'm not feeling too well that's why I left early. The night's still young if you go now you can enjoy the rest of the evening. I'm just going to watch a box set.

I'll see you tomorrow if I'm better. Felicity knew Oliver would stay there for the whole night until he got an answer. She told him even though it would be the most embarrassing thing in her life and that was saying something. Before Felicity could finish her sentence Oliver turned her around and kissed her so softly.

Felicity didn't even realised she closed her eyes until she opened them to find Oliver looking at her as if he was afraid that she might run away. I had tonight all planned. I was going to show you how special you are to me.

I planned on dancing with you all night and bringing you back here and kissing you goodnight. I was hoping you would dream of me tonight. She just kissed me. Who does that? Did she think I was going to get with her? Diggle got rid of her. I'm really sorry you saw that. There is only one woman I want to kiss tonight and I've just done so. I hope it's not the only one of the night. A couple of the guys liked the fact they caught the arrow and started to beat me but thankfully Digg was there and sorted them out them I returned the favour and everything they did to me I did to them.

I got changed in the car but I was already late. I kind of told him I was better than I was as I really wanted to go to the gala and dance with you. Not you you but your chest. She may just need to hide his bows. It could be cute!

Roy and felicity dating fanfiction

She could be younger then Oliver, in fact, it does seem like that might be the case. Is my math off? Are there more coming? It was so cute and adorable!!! Log in Sign up. For Felicity? She let him work out his aggression for a few minutes before she spoke up. Oliver laughed as he hadn't left quite yet. The blonde computer whiz rolled her eyes and blew her hair out of her eyes.

And Colonel Casey," she said. I need to talk to a friend who will actually listen to me.

Haha, just a one-shot I thought of. It should be a crossover, perhaps, but I don't know which second show to put it under. I challenge you, dear reader to do two things: 1. Figure out all the references and what they're from.

Leave a review XD Please? They make me do a cute little Joker dance. Love you guys! Oh, and I guess after a little while I'll post the answers. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Arrow. After drinking a little too much one night, Felicity suddenly knows everything.

Meaning all about both the Marvel and DC Universe and a handful of other shows and movies. To Oliver and the gang, she's just drunk and babbling. But is she? Out of the corner of her eye she saw Oliver slip away from the crowd and into the basement. I have no idea what she's going on about! Felicity hiccupped again. Felicity hopped off of her little cot.

Diggle chuckled. Roy and Oliver looked at him like he had grown a third head. Just then, Felicity's phone rang. I have a hot date with him tomorrow night," she said. Felicity rolled her eyes and picked up the phone. Diggle shook his head.

Oliver, Diggle, and Roy, who were the current occupants of the basement If he found out later that she was a date rape victim at his club. He wasn't aware that Felicity and Roy started dating. His fingers curled to a fist at his side, trying to prevent himself from giving Roy a knuckle. One afternoon Felicity Smoak was taking a nap in her king sized bed only to be "Why didn't you tell me Roy was dating Thea Queen?.

The guys all burst out laughing again. They couldn't imagine who must have been on the phone. Roy snorted. Oliver went to get his green hooded jacket.

Hi, Roy," Oliver said, heading up the stairs again. "Are you comparing dating Thea to torture," Felicity said as she approached the bar, "cause. Felicity decides to make some changes after finding out about Oliver & Sara. John D./Spartan, Felicity S./Overwatch, Roy H./Arsenal - Chapters: 11 - Words: 50, - Reviews: .. He's dating the manger of the club.". No, it was a proper date and he was held up like he said. Felicity Thea knew Felicity was Roy's sister even though they weren't blood related.


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