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  • 14.12.2018
  • by Gukree

Alfred Enoch And Aja Naomi King Dating? - Empire BBK

With his boy-next-door charm, Wes arrived at Middleton Law School as an outcast but under the wing of Annalise Keating , Wes was able to get a place at Middleton University and quickly learned the dark truths of the criminal justice system while stumbling upon some of Annalise's most personal secrets. Not long before his death , he got together with Laurel and by the time that he died, Laurel was pregnant with his child. Wes was killed to prevent him from coming forwards to the police about killing Sam and the shooting of Annalise. Christophe and his mother immigrated from Haiti to the United States during his early childhood, specifically when he was 1. His mother started working for the Mahoney family as a maid. Christophe was the only black child in his neighborhood when he was growing up in Ohio.

Plus, after a bit of digging, we found that this picture in London, is just one of many Aja has on her personal page.

And as is often the case, the details are in the captions. I've spent the past three years with all of you and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life loving you all! Thanks for a great season. I found out who killed Wes!!! That memorial photo was so sad.

I prefer this one! This One. He's a beautiful man, and I think I'm quite a lovely young lady.

So while the stars haven't officially addressed their relationship status, fans are already 'shipping these two. Others are just wondering whether or not the rumors are true.

Either way, it looks like King and Enoch definitely enjoy spending time together — even if it's just as friends. Annalise Keating would be so proud. A major criminal trial of the MeToo era is inching closer to justice.

Prolific producer Harvey Weinstein became the face of abuse of power in the entertai. The reality TV serie. If you were hoping for Mike Johnson to be the first Black Bachelor, this may not be all good news.

It turns out, Johnson may be seeing a real-life star —. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary in a very on-brand way: with a lot of honesty and laughter, and a little bit. They quickly take cover behind a tree and turn off their flash-lights. The couple begins to get naked when Laurel's phone goes off.

The couple stops and shouts "who's there. The couple shouts again and flees when there is no reply. Michaela asks Laurel why Frank is calling her and that she saw the picture of him without a top on on her phone. Laurel admits to them that she slept with Frank but she hasn't told Frank anything. Michaela asks her why they should believe her.

Laurel says that she doesn't have to as they aren't friends. Wes asks if they all agree as there is no going back. They all agree and Wes lights a match which shines a light on the Sam 's face. Wes throws the match on the body and it sets on fire. Connor makes a snide comment. Wes suggests that she answer it.

Michaela agrees as it strengthens their alibi as you can hear bonfire in the background. Connor stops and asks Michaela for help.

Michaela tells him that she is just having a break. Connor won't take no for an answer. Wes and Laurel sit down. Connor tells Michaela that they need to see it through and to grab a trash bag and get to scooping up the bits of the body. He then resumes hitting the body and laughs at the same time. Wes and Michaela carry black bags full of Sam to Connor 's car. Laurel is sat in the car while Connor is sat on a rock.

Wes infroms the group that they have put in the last bag in the car. Connor tells everyone to get in the car when Michaela realises that she has lost her engagement ring. She tells everyone to wait and that its gone.

Everyone stops and turns aroung to look at Michaela. Michaela falls to the ground and looks for it. Michaela repeats "I lost my ring. Laurel informs Michaela that its going to be light soon and that they still need to dispose of the body. Michaela refuses to leave until they find it.

Wes questions her to see if she had her ring on when they left the house and Michaela says that she did. Connor says that they will have to cancel the wedding. Michaela cries more and Wes tells Connor to stop as they all still need Michaela to return the Trophy back to Asher.

She eventually met and began dating Aiden Walker, the two of whom made plans Michaela is one of the winners, along with Wes, Laurel, Connor Walsh, and.

Laurel says that Michaela won't be able to do it in her current state. Connor isnt happy about this as he has done his part, and its time for Michaela to do hers.

Laurel speaks up and says that she will do it. Connor questions how and Laurel says that she will figure it out. Connor starts throwing the trash bags into the dumpster Laurel also helps.

Michaela tries to stop Connor as her ring might be in one of them. Wes tells them all that throwing the body in the dumpster is a bad idea and that they need to get to an incinerator. Connor stops and says that Wes has been outvoted. Michaela grabs one and starts opening it. She puts her hand in and gets body on her fingers. She stands up and says "oh, god. He grabs the last bag and throws it in.

Laurel makes sure that there isn't any more. Wes stands there for a moment as he thinks they have messed up. Everyone's ready to leave but Wes still isn't in the car. Connor tells him that the train is leaving and asks him if he's coming. Wes reluctantly gets into the car and they drive off. After they disposed of the body, Wes goes to a motel on his bike. He gets to room and says "its me" through the closed door. Rebecca answers and lets Wes inside.

Rebecca asks what took him so long. Wes says that its done. Rebecca is happy and they both hug. She tells him that he should never leave her like that again. Wes says that he wont and that he is there now.

They both kiss and Wess comforts her by saying that she is safe. He calls her name when she walks through the door with coffee and bagels. He asks her where she was and she tells him that its a bit obvious. He asks her where the flash drive is and she hands it to him. He puts it on the desk and breaks it with the bottom of the lamp. Rebecca asks him why he did that. Wes tells her that the thumb drive put them at the scene of the crime the previous night.

Rebecca asks Wes if what they did was all for nothing. Ten days after Rebecca's disappearance, Wes continues to search for her while on his bike. During Annalise's lesson, Wes enters class a few minutes late with a infuriated look. After Annalise asks several students including Laurel and Michaela about what to do in a case that involves a person killing their spouse.

However, when Annalise asks Wes what a good defense would be for someone who had killed their lover, Wes replies with Pass. Annalise, now aggravated, gives Wes a look of disappointment, goes up to him, and pushes Wes to say the answer, to which Wes replies again with Passand then states that Pass simply means that he does not know what the answer is, and rudely remarks to her to stop wasting everyone's time. Following his apparent father's death in front of him, Wes notices that Frank Delfino is gone, noting that he probably had something to do with Wallace's death.

Wes is then questioned by the police to which he lies to them and tells them that he was asking Wallace for directions. Annalise Keating picks him up and the two drive to a wood where they scream at the world to get some of their anger out. Between this and him starting his second year at Middleton Universityhe meets Meggy Travers and the two become a couple.

At the start of the second year in September, Wes rides his bike to his first class where he bumps into Laurel Castillo who had messaged him a week prior asking to meet up. He didn't reply. In class, the Keating 5 see each other for the first time since they broke up at the end of their first year. They then take their seats for the start of Annalise Keating 's new legal clinic.

Enoch's character, Wes, is killed by Dominic, a hitman with ties to the acting under the orders of Jorge Castillo, the father of Wes' girlfriend, Laurel. Meanwhile, King, who plays Michaela Pratt, calls the finale "soul-crushing. Rebecca Sutter - Ex-Girlfriend Laurel Castillo - Girlfriend (until his death) Wes first meets Michaela Pratt in the lecture hall of the Criminal Law class. Y'all it would appear that Aja Naomi King, who plays Michaela on “How To Get Away With Murder” and Alfred Enoch, who plays Wes (RIP), may.

After she walks in, the students point out a poster behind her with Killer written over her picture. She dismisses it and introduces their first client, Karim Assaf a refugee facing deportation. That night, the Keating 5 catch up at Oliver's Apartment. The following day, Wes uses his strategy of using character witnesses to win him first chair in the case.

It is also revealed that Karim only pleaded guilty to the possession charge because the drugs belonged to his daughter.

In court, Wes presents the judge with members of Karim's community who all say good things about him. Michaela later arrives and she and Annalise go to the District Attorney's Office where they manage to get the prosecutor to reduce Karim's charges to a misdemeanor. Wes stalls the court until she can return.

Despite this, the judge doesn't remove Karim's deportation status. Later that night, Laurel comes to Wes' Apartment where he answers the door with his shirt off thinking its Meggy. She later arrives and is introduced to Laurel.

Before class, Wes notices Annalise and she asks him to move in with her. He turns her down and reminds her that he has a girlfriend. She tells him that its because she is lonely.

Wes Gibbins

Later, at the clinicthe Keating 5 meet before class and Connor tells the other that he and Oliver have broken up. Everyone instantly assumes that Connor cheated on him but he denies it. Annalise then arrives and introduces their client, Irene Crowley who was convicted for murdering her husband.

She is up for parole. After talking with Irene personally, Irene chooses to go with Connor as first chair. At his apartmentMeggy finds multiple articles on the flyers of Annalise calling her a killer. To change the subject, Wes feeds her ice cream before kissing her. Wes and the other students are given their assignments and Wes and Laurel are tasked with talking with Irene's sister-in-law, Amber Crowley. They stop her on the street and ask her to talk to Irene so that they can resolve their issues.

She refuses as she cannot get over Irene killing her brother. Later, Wes catches Laurel looking at articles on Wallace Mahoney 's murder, looking to see whether Wes was a suspect. Wes tells her that he is trying to move on.

Laurel questions Meggy and tells him that she did a background check on her. Wes admits that he did the same.

Wes and Michaela didn't date in the series but fans agree that they would make a great couple. Wes was in a relationship with Laurel (Karla. Aja Naomi King played coy when asked if she was dating Alfred law students Michaela and Wes on the hit ABC show, could be dating IRL. On ABC's How To Get Away with Murder, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Asher ( Matt McGorry) are getting serious. Wes (Alfred Enoch).

Connor and Annalise later manage to get Irene out on parole. Wes later visits Annalise at her house ; he brings pizza. The two talk about trust and Wes admits that he trusts Laurel completely. At the clinicAnnalise introduces their next client, Toby Solomon who is accused of manslaughter after failing to call an ambulance which later resulted in the girl's death. After getting blindsided in court by the ADAAnnalise pulls Wes aside and tells him that Laurel isn't really at her grandmother's funeral but has gone to see her father in Florida.

Following their conversation, Wes looks on Antares Technologies 's Laurel's father's company website back at the clinic. While in his apartmentMeggy measures Wes' heart rate after sex and mentions that she didn't know that his birthday was coming up.

Wes tells her that he didn't tell her because he doesn't like his birthday. The two kiss when Laurel calls. Meggy leaves the room and Wes lets Laurel know that Annalise told him where she was. Wes tries to get Laurel to talk to him about what she's doing there but she tells him that she doesn't want to talk over the phone. Later, Meggy is asleep next to him and he messages Laurel asking if she is awake. She ignores him. The following day, Wes calls Laurel and leaves her a voicemail.

Back inside his apartment, Meggy questions their relationship as she notes that he is taking more liking to Laurel than her. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about.

Before court with their next clientWes notices Laurel in her car and knocks on the window to see whether is okay. In the courtAsher if first chair and is profusely sweating. The ADA on the case informs the court that Annalise as had her license to practice law suspended. In the clinic after Asher gives everyone their assignments, Wes notices Laurel leaving and asks her where she is going. She makes up an excuse that she's going to the library to find past cases that could help their own.

Later, Wes notices Laurel leave again once she returns. He questions her about it when she comes back in the room to which Laurel tells him that she went to the bathroom. Connor is talking about his past experiences with sex.

Before court again, Wes catches Laurel when she finished her phone call and asked her what was up. She gets defensive but Wes tells her that he's there for her if she needs him. This results in Laurel telling him about the surprise party Meggy Travers is planning for him that night.

Wes and michaela dating

Later, Wes goes to Meggy's apartment and acts surprised when he enters and everyone shouts happy birthday. After Michaela and Asher goes off to dance, Meggy brings up the courage to ask Wes to dance. He agrees. At the clinic, Wes tells the others that he is having dinner with Meggy 's father that night. Simon offers his copy of the outline for the test in exchange for theirs. Connor eagerly accepts but finds that its a prank.

Later, Simon reads out an email he received from the university stating that Annalise has resigned and that they have a new professor. Later, Michaela secretly steals Simons laptop for his outline but plays dumb when he comes over to accuse them of stealing it. At dinner with Meggy's father, he probes him with questions on his past. Meggy tells her father that his mother died of cancer.

Later that night, Wes goes over to the Keating House where he finds Annalise drunk as a skunk. She ends up throwing up in her toilet.


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