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  • 18.12.2018
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When did carter and maggie start dating

7DaysOfAMBR - CHAPSTICK CHALLENGE Carter Reynolds & Maggie Lindemann - PT/BR

Two days ago, Carter Reynolds announced: "I'm going to take a break from social media for a while to get myself back together. A break sounded sensible. Social media appeared to have made, and then broken, Reynolds, a year-old singer from the US. Social media had allowed him to gain 4. His ex-girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann, 17, of Texas, had 1 million Instagram followers of her own. Then, in June, a video emerged that appeared to show Reynolds pestering a drunk Lindemann to perform oral sex on him. Reynolds said the video, filmed while the pair were still a couple, had been stolen from his iCloud account by hackers.

Vine is a short-form video sharing service where users can share six-second-long looping video clips. The clips are uploaded to Vine, which you access via an app and can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

In June of this year controversial footage emerged showing Reynolds attempting to force Maggie to perform oral sex on him, despite her protesting that she feels uncomfortable. After the clip was leaked online, following a hacking attempt on Reynolds' iCloud account, the teenager attempted to defend himself in a long message. And no I'm not saying it's the right thing to do but it's the truth [sic]. He continues saying his iCloud was hacked and the private video was stolen he never meant for it to go public.

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Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Suddenly, Glenn and the others return to the Boxcar and free the survivors. The group escapes Terminus safely. Whilst digging up his bag of weapons in the woods, Rick suggests to the group that they go back and kill the remaining Terminants. Maggie is seen hugging Glenn at the start of the episode, before smiling as she catches Tara watching. She is also seen when Rick is interrogating Gabriel Stokeswhom the group has encountered and saved.

Later in the episode, Maggie and Tara are talking outside a gun store, before being alerted by a noise and raising their weapons only to see Glenn exit. At the Celebratory feast, Tara confesses to a shocked Maggie that she was part of the attack on the Prison although didn't realize the true motives of the Governor.

Maggie accepts this and tells Tara, 'you're with us now', meaning she has accepted her into the group. Maggie is present when Bob is discovered outside the church with an amputated leg. When Rick leads a group away from the church to confront Gareth, Maggie remains inside when Gareth sneaks in with his group. When Father Gabriel, shocked at the violence he has witnessed comments by claiming the church is God's house, Maggie denies this by saying that it is simply four walls and a roof, hinting that she no longer believes in God.

Maggie is in the bus and wonders whether Daryl and Carol might've returned to the church and that the others might be right behind them. She asks Eugene how long it'll take for the world to go back to normal. He says his depends on a variety of factors. The bus then breaks down and flips over when it hits a car.

Everyone is fine but walkers surround the bus. They fight their way out, with Abraham and Eugene leading the way then Maggie and Rosita following. Once they fight the walkers they debate what to do next. The group continue to Washington on foot and hole up in a book store overnight. They fortify the store for safety and Maggie removes string from a book spine for Rosita to use on Abraham's hand. Later at night Maggie feels guilty for leaving the rest of the group behind but is happy she has Glenn.

The next morning Maggie suggests scavenging the town but Abraham is keen to continue. When he moves the firetruck and walkers stream out the building, Maggie takes a few out before Eugene uses the hose to kill the rest. Later when the firetruck stops again and Maggie talks to Eugene.

She tells him that she knows why he has the hair and its so he doesn't seem like everyone else, using a story from the bible as evidence. Maggie is shocked later on when Eugene reveals he is not a scientist but still tends to him when Abraham knocks him out. Maggie volunteers to look after an unconscious Eugene and keep an eye on Abraham while Glenn, Tara, and Rosita forage for food and water. She offers Abraham a water bottle, but he refuses it.

Angered by his despondency over Eugene's reveal, Maggie tells him that he's not the only person who has lost something, and that sooner or later he will have to get over himself. Maggie pulls a blanket over a ladder suspended over Eugene's head in order to keep the sun off of him.

She later questions him if he wanted her to shoot him, understanding Abraham's suicidal state of emotion. Eventually, Abraham finally accepts the water bottle and Eugene wakes up, to Maggie's relief.

Maggie returns to the church with the rest of her group, where she learns from Michonne that Beth is still alive. Ecstatic over this revelation, she eagerly heads over to Grady Memorial Hospital with everyone else left at the church to rescue and finally be reunited with her half-sister.

However, Maggie arrives too late; upon reaching the hospital, she is seen to be visually excited when she sees the group exiting the hospital, but then begins to realize that something bad had happened due to the groups facial expression when she sees Daryl carrying Beth's dead body, she falls to the ground in hysterics.

Maggie is seen still devastated towards the unexpected death of her half-sister, crying by a fire pit. Maggie is still mourning over her recent loss in this episode. She appears to be very frustrated throughout the episode, often reclusive and tense. She becomes better friends with Sasha, bonding over the fact that they each had just lost someone very close to them. When Gabriel talks to her, she reveals that she is no longer religious. She says her father was, but she feels that no God could be so cruel to her for practicing faith.

Then, she found an abandoned car in the woods. She checked the trunk and found that there was a walker; one that had a resemblance to Beth.

She then closed the trunk to hide its face. Suffering from an emotional breakdown, she tried opening it, but the tailgate latch was stuck.

She got her gun out to shoot through the tailgate, but Glenn came to her to reassure her and calm her down. Glenn calmly opened the trunk for her and killed the walker inside. Maggie and the others soon relaxed around a campfire for lunch. Maggie stared at Gabriel when he let his collar-piece burn in the fire. Suddenly, four barking dogs came out of nowhere.

Maggie slowly reached for her knife to kill the hungry hounds, but Sasha quickly put bullets in each of the dogs' foreheads. Rick then decided to cook the dogs for food, and Maggie ate part of one dog's leg. When the group later found water waiting for them in the streets, Maggie suggested that they leave the water.

It soon began to rain, which pleased Maggie and the others because it was more reliable than a stranger's water, but lightning sent them scurrying to a barn in the woods that Daryl had found. While they were searching in the barn, Maggie found a walker and killed it. Maggie went to go sleep by herself when Rick told the group a story about his grandfather. Maggie later participated in the group's defense of the barn when a large herd of walkers attacked. At dawn, Maggie got up and she went outside with Sasha to check for surviving walkers.

They looked around, staring at the sun when Aaron came out of nowhere and wanted to speak with Rick, who he correctly identified as the leader. Naturally, they wanted to know why, but he only gave a vague response, saying he had good news. Maggie brings Aaron into the barn, vouching for him being good. She rides the RV on both legs of the trip to Alexandria, then arriving at the safe zone with the others.

Maggie is seen throughout the episode being seen sniffing some fresh linen on the first night. When Aiden Monroe starts a fight with Glenn, Maggie runs to intervene. Maggie is seen with DeannaRick, and Michonne and discussing how to govern the Safe-Zone, with Deanna revealing Maggie as her assistant.

Maggie then convinces Deanna to have Sasha be the lookout for security. She is later seen at the party, talking to Glenn and Noah. Maggie see's Glenn and the rest of the supply run crew off with Deanna and Reg. Later on, she is present when Tobin visits Deanna to tell her to make Abraham head of the construction crew. After he leaves she assures Deanna that her people know what they're doing. When Gabriel comes to the house to inform Deanna that Rick's group are bad people, Maggie is spying from the stairs.

Maggie is first seen staring at Gabriel while he is hanging his clothes out. Reg appears to tell her Deanna's on the porch.

Maggie then talks with Deanna about the meeting, and that if it includes sending Rick away, it won't work. When Deanna ignores her warnings, Maggie storms off, but Reg comes after her and assures her that he will speak up at the night gathering.

She then talks to Glenn, telling him she'll solve the situation. Later on at the meeting, she speaks up for Rick, saying that her father respected him and "he's just trying to protect his family" and that the residents want to be a part of the family. Maggie then leaves to find Rick or Gabriel, so they can speak at the meeting. She walks into Gabriel's church to find Sasha pointing a gun at his head. She diffuses the situation and the three end up praying together over the tragedies they have faced.

During a flashback, Maggie checks on Tara to see if she is feeling better. Glenn and Nicholas both walk into the infirmary bloody and bruised and Glenn tells Maggie and Rosita that walkers attacked him and Nicholas in the woods, which she doesn't seem to believe. While Maggie appears at Rick's meeting where they discuss the plan to get the walkers out of the quarry, Glenn asks Maggie if she can stay at Alexandria and keep an eye on Deanna who is still dealing with the loss of Aiden and Reg.

Maggie tells Glenn that's not the only reason that Glenn wants her to stay and Glenn says he knows. While everyone is doing their job helping to build the wall, Maggie explains to Tara about Nicholas that he got Noah killed. When Tara asks Maggie why can't she just exile Nicholas from Alexandria, Maggie reminds Tara that she was on The Governor's side of the prison assault that resulted in Hershel being killed.

After a few moments of silence from the baby, it starts to cry in Maggie's arms. she went to college and did not want Maggie to start dating boys or having sex. Peggy Carter's Husband. Siddiq explains that Maggie left with Georgie and is helping with some new community far away, but that is all that he knows. Michonne. Maggie Lindemann is a singer and social media star. post/fans-think-jack-gilinsky-madison-beer-are-dating-after-stalker-sarah-catches -.

Maggie tells Tara that Glenn saves people no matter if they are good or bad and that Tara is one of the most important people to her in the whole world. They both hug but soon after a few walkers come into the wall construction site. Rick wants the Alexandrian's to fight the walkers but they are too scared and so Maggie with the other's help, kill the walkers.

Maggie is first seen with Deanna outside in Alexandria. She tells Deanna that they want to plant flower seeds outside. As they are digging to get ready to plant some seeds, The Wolves begin their attack on Alexandria.

Several wolves throw molotovs into Alexandria with one of them hitting a guard on the look-out platform; Richards. Deanna and Maggie witness Richards being burned alive which disturbs Deanna. Maggie tells Deanna to stay behind her as Maggie begins to defend Alexandria. Maggie is later seen with Deanna when they run into Spencer, who just went to turn off the truck horn. Maggie informs Spencer that she is going to go help the others.

Spencer tells her that he'll stay and protect Deanna. Maggie is later seen in the aftermath of The Wolves' attack on Alexandria. Maggie is deeply saddened as she walks and sees the many bodies of Alexandrians and The Wolves.

Maggie finds Richards, who has turned. Maggie walks over to his reanimated body and puts him down. While Rick returns to Alexandria with half the horde following him, Maggie sets out to find Glenn.

As she is gearing up for her mission Aaron stops her telling her it's nearly impossible for her to make it back alive. Maggie tells Aaron he can't stop her, so he joins her. They take the sewers as he did when it first started. While in the sewers they encounter two walker who were stuck in sludge and break free to attack them. Once they reach the end of the tunnel they come to a gate in which Aaron attempts to open it, but Maggie stops him. She reveals to Aaron that she is pregnant begins to break down, accepting Glenn's fate.

When they get back to Alexandria, Maggie and Aaron erase Glenn and Nicholas' name off the "In Memory" wall showing they still have hope. Maggie is first seen at the lookout post, anxiously scanning the horizon for a sign from Glenn. When Everyone in town looks up as a bunch of green balloons float into the sky Maggie runs over to Rick and cries out "That's Glenn!

She watches as the watchtower comes down and crashes on the walls of the Alexandria safe zone. Maggie is first seen running from the herd of walkers attacking Alexandria.

She manages to take a few out with her assault rifle before running out of ammo. Reaching the lookout post, she starts scrambling up the ladder to the top. The walkers pull the ladder down but Maggie manages to grab onto the edge, pulling herself up to safety. Later on when Glenn and Enid scale the wall, she is seen to still be trapped on the tower, with a mass of walkers surrounding her.

Maggie is seen when Glenn and Enid attempt to save Maggie before the watch tower collapses. She tries to stand up and help Enid, whilst also screaming for Glenn to get to safety before he gets devoured. Glenn screams back to Maggie to get over the wall, but Maggie refuses and uses her only bullet to help Glenn. When she thought her husband was about to be devoured, Abraham and Sasha appear and kill all the zombies round Glenn. She was there when the entire of Alexandria took a stand and defeated the horde of Zombies.

"First of all, Maggie and I were dating at the time it's not like she was a " Retweet if you think I should start wearing snapbacks again," he. Carter Reynolds has been hit with a double dose of tragedy this week. His puppy Winnie died and now, girlfriend Maggie Lindemann has dumped him after a fiery argument over her ex. Fans know that Carter and Maggie break up often with her previously dumping him for sexting. Many of us in the UK did not know that the teen Carter Reynolds was in That year he started dating fellow video star Maggie Lindermann.

She is also seen sitting on a bed in the infirmary with Glenn bringing a bowl over. Maggie finds Enid alone and encourages her to pitch in and help get Alexandria back on track. She tells Enid that she's around if she wants to talk.

Maggie is discouraged that it will still be some time before Alexandria's new garden yields any crops. Glenn assures her they'll be okay. Maggie guards Jesus as Rick's group searches inside.

They find four of Jesus' people, one of whom is injured. Maggie meets with Gregory to discuss trade options. Gregory condescends her and notes that Alexandria is low on provisions. He offers to help on the condition that Alexandrian residents work at the Hilltop, insinuating Maggie would be very desirable in the community as a "smart, beautiful woman.

Gregory, insulted, ends the discussion. However, Maggie realizes she's in a position to negotiate for even more, telling him that Negan will continue to demand more provisions and will eventually deplete the Hilltop unless her group stops him.

She says her group will kill the Saviors, but only in exchange for half of the Hilltop's supplies.

When did maggie and carter start dating

Gregory begrudgingly accepts the offer. In his medical trailer, Harlan performs an ultrasound on Maggie. Glenn and Maggie smile when they see the fetus and hear it's heartbeat. Maggie is present at the church meeting where Rick convinces the Alexandrians that they need to fight against the Saviors.

She assures him she will stay on the perimeter. When the alarm is activated at the Saviors' base, Maggie insists on going with Carol to help the others. They argue about Maggie's decision to come along despite being pregnant, and Carol kills a walker that was approaching Maggie.

Carol then told her that she was "staying here".

At the end of the episode, a woman reveals to the group via walkie-talkie that they have Carol and Maggie. Maggie and Carol are in the woods, with the alarm at the Savior's base blaring. Maggie says they should go and help, when a Savior sneaks up behind her, only to be shot in the arm by Carol.

Maggie holds a gun to his head. They are ambushed by Paula and are forced to drop their weapons. We see Rick and Paula's conversation from Maggie and Carol's point of view, where Maggie tells Paula their names, and tells Rick that her and Carol are okay. Michellea Savior with Paula, proceeds to pull Maggie's coat over her head so she can't see. Her hands are bound and she is gagged before being taken to another Savior's base. Maggie tries to free herself, but when Paula returns she quickly returns to her position.

When Carol starts hyperventilating, Maggie persuades Paula to ungag her. Carol begs Paula not to hurt Maggie, revealing to her that she's pregnant. Paula taunts Maggie, to which Maggie responds " I'm choosing something different ". Maggie tries to persuade Paula to talk to Rick, but to no avail. Donnie wants to kill Carol, but Paula doesn't listen.

He strikes Paula and goes towards Carol. Maggie trips him up with her feet and headbutts him. He kicks Carol multiple times in the stomach, only to be knocked unconscious by Paula. She orders Maggie to be taken out and questioned by Michelle. She asks Maggie where they're living. Maggie vomits on the floor. Michelle tells Maggie that her boyfriend was blown up and that she too was pregnant. Maggie tells Michelle that she isn't " planning on dying today ". Michelle grabs her gun and continues to question Maggie.

Later, when Michelle leaves, Maggie again tries to free herself. Carol, after escaping, reunites with her and undoes the tape binding her hands together. Maggie insists they must kill their captors.

Maggie makes a trap, tying a now zombified Donnie to a pipe. When Molly enters, she is bitten on the wrist by Donnie. Maggie grabs Molly's gun and bashes her head in with it. Making their escape, Carol and Maggie encounter many walkers impaled on spikes. Paula catches up and shoots at them. Carol aims her gun at Paula and Maggie urges Carol to shoot her. Paula escapes when a walker latches on to Carol.

Maggie puts down the walker and gives chase, only to encounter Michelle. Maggie attacks her and Michelle slashes her shirt with her knife, and a furious Carol shoots Michelle in the head. Carol and Paula wrestle, which leads to Paula being impaled and bitten on the face by a walker. Maggie looks on in shock. After burning the newly arrived Saviors alive, Maggie puts down the impaled walkers, including a reanimated Paula.

Outside, Maggie has collected a bin full of guns and suggests they create caches of guns throughout the community in the event of an attack. She watches as Glenn and Michonne go after Daryl, and Glenn looks back at her in the van's mirror.

Maggie stops by the pantry to eat lunch before starting another shift. Enid insists on taking Maggie's shift so that she can rest. Later, Enid arrives at Maggie and Maggie asks for her help. Enid cuts her hair, and she smiles as she examines her new look. Suddenly, she doubles over in pain and collapses to the floor, screaming as she clutches her stomach.

Maggie is being transported to the Hilltop to see a doctor. Getting weaker every minute, Rick tries to comfort and reassure her in her pain. After all the roads are blocked by the Saviors, the group is forced to carry Maggie on a stretcher. They are captured by the Saviors. Negan emerges from a van and teases Maggie, threatening to kill her. Maggie cries as Abraham is beaten to death by Negan with his baseball bat, Lucille.

As punishment for Daryl attacking Negan, he turns and hits Glenn over the head twice as Maggie screams in horror.

Negan taunts Glenn - whose left eye has popped out of its socket due to the force of the blows - as he tries to speak to his wife.

Negan then bludgeons Glenn to death as a devastated Maggie cries for her husband. After Negan and his men leave, with Daryl taken away, the group sits on the ground in silence. Maggie struggles to her feet and walks towards Glenn's body. She tells Rick and the others to go back to Alexandria to get ready to fight Negan and she will get to the Hilltop on her own. Rick explains that they have Daryl and a lot more manpower than they do. She blames herself for the group being out there and insists on going by herself until Sasha steps in and says she will get her there and keep her safe.

Maggie tells her she is taking Glenn with her and kneels beside his body. Too weak to lift him, Carl steps in and offers to do it, and Rick tells her that he was their family too. She hugs Carl and cries as the others take Glenn away. Maggie is then seen at the dinner table during Rick's vision, sitting next to Glenn and their son. She looks weak, but healthier than before. He informs her that she suffered from Abruptio Placentae, a separation of the placenta from the uterus, but that the baby is fine.

He advises her to rest and remain at The Hilltop for the duration of her pregnancy. Maggie exits the trailer where Sasha is waiting for her. She asks where Glenn and Abraham are buried. Maggie kneels by Glenn's grave. Sasha gives her Glenn's pocket watch; Maggie places it on Glenn's grave as a marker.

Sasha offers to stay at The Hilltop with Maggie. Jesus approaches, and places flowers on the graves. Gregory arrives and demands to know why Maggie's people didn't wipe out all The Saviors, and whether they know about his deal with Rick. Maggie asks Jesus why Hilltop residents burn their dead.

They're more dangerous," Maggie says. Maggie and Sasha wake up in the middle of the night and see fires blazing outside. Music blares from a parked car. The Hilltop gates are wide open. The trailer's door and windows are locked so they climb out through the sunroof. They see walkers flooding in through the front gate, drawn by the music.

As Sasha and Jesus kill the walkers, Maggie shouts orders to Hilltop residents, organizing their defenses.

Maggie Lindemann and Carter Reynolds photos, news and gossip. Find out more about Dating, January, Separated Age (at start of relationship) .

She drives a large tractor into the courtyard, mowing down walkers. She plows the tractor onto the car, destroying it and putting a stop to the music. The next day, Gregory thanks Maggie and Sasha for saving The Hilltop but still refuses to let them stay. He slyly offers to work something out with Sasha one-on-one. They're interrupted by the sound of Saviors in the courtyard. Gregory tells Jesus to hide Maggie and Sasha in the foyer closet, but Jesus hides them in Gregory's bedroom.

So you'll learn to start to call me by my name. Not Marsha, not dear, not honey.

Maggie Rhee," she tells him. Maggie leaves and finds Enid sitting at Glenn's grave. They hug. Enid cooks dinner for Maggie in Jesus' trailer. Sasha joins them. Maggie gives the pocket watch to Enid, saying they don't need objects to remember their dead.

They sit around the table, take each other's hands and pray. Maggie sits alone by Glenn's grave. She assumes her post at the Hilltop's front gate with Eduardo. Gregory approaches and warns her not to let her popularity with the Hilltop residents get to her head.

Maggie taunts him, telling him it seems as though it bothers him. In their trailer, Maggie eats an apple pie that Sasha brought over. She tells her that a resident's daughter thinks Maggie should run for president of Hilltop. Maggie asks if Jesus is still around as she wants him to pick up school supplies for the children, but Sasha reveals he left for a supply run that morning.

Maggie leaves to get milk. Maggie stands guard at the Hilltop gate. She sees something in the distance and smiles before calling Sasha and Enid over. The gates open and she greets Rick with a hug and tells him that she and the baby are fine. He admits that she was right from the beginning they have to get ready to fight. As the others reunite, Maggie hugs Michonne. Together, they all stride towards the mansion. Gregory brushes them off when Rick tries to convince him to fight the Saviors for failing to take out the Saviors and he orders them to leave, pretending to not know him.

They exit the library and Enid leads them to the courtyard, where a group of Hilltop residents offers to join the fight against the Saviors. Maggie stays while Jesus takes Rick's group to meet Ezekiel. Maggie regards the bustling Hilltop community. She gives residents knife-throwing lessons, in preparation for the war against the Saviors.

She and Jesus work on plans for the future of the community. Gradually, the people of Hilltop begin to look to her as a leader. Maggie sees Daryl sitting alone outside the trailer.

She brings him a plate of food and places her hand on his shoulder before heading back inside. Maggie apologizes to Jesus for taking over his trailer. He tells her he feels close to people for the first time since she, Sasha and Enid arrived.

Maggie leaves to speak with the blacksmith about making spears they can trade with the Kingdom for body armor. Enid guides her and Daryl to a root cellar to hide. They hide behind some shelves and wait for the Saviors to leave.

As a Savior takes some supplies from the cellar, Maggie stops Daryl from killing him. When he leaves, they come out of their hiding place and Maggie remarks that Daryl nearly killed a Savior unnecessarily. She tells Daryl that ever since he arrived, he has avoided her. She begs him to look at her and he starts to cry before apologizing. Maggie insists he is not to blame for Glenn's death, and that Glenn thought he was one of the good things in this world.

She admits she wanted to kill the Savior too, that she wants to string them all up and watch them die, but they need to win. She hugs him and asks him to help her win. Maggie offers Eduardo farming tips as Gregory observes their interaction.

Maggie Rhee (TV Series)

Eduardo refers to Maggie as "boss lady" as she tells him her plans to transplant a blueberry bush from outside the Hilltop gates. She explains blueberry bushes can produce for over 40 years, and that they should start acting like they'll be around that long. Gregory joins Maggie as she uproots a blueberry bush outside the Hilltop walls. He proposes they present a united front to the community. Maggie agrees to consider his offer and asks Gregory to keep watch until she is finished.

He contemplates killing Maggie while her back is turned, but ultimately decides against it. A walker emerges from the woods.

Unlocked: Maggie Lindemann Dives Into Her Smartphone Usage

Gregory charges at it but backs away at the last minute. Maggie kills the walker as a second walker attacks Gregory. A passing group of Hilltop residents witness Maggie saving Gregory, who defends him and says it was his first time. A resident remarks that's not what Gregory told them. In one of Sasha's flashbacks, she and Maggie sit in a field. Later, she asks Maggie why they are there.

Maggie replies "for this" as they stare at the sunset. She considers their options and contemplates joining the fight at Alexandria. Jesus remarks that he's happy she is the one making the tough decisions. Enid places Glenn's pocket watch in her hand as she leaves the room with Judith.

Maggie arrives with the Hilltop fighters just in time to gun down a Savior that was about to kill Rick. She yells orders to the fighters as Negan notices she is alive and well. Jesus pins her down and Maggie's eyes fill with tears as she puts her down for good.

She later attends her funeral. Maggie proudly tells Rick that she was not the one responsible for the events which saved Alexandria; it began right at the start, when Glenn made the decision to save Rick in the tank in Atlanta. It was that heroic choice that paved the way for everything to come.

In another flashback, Maggie and Sasha continue to sit in a field, watching the sunrise. They turn to each other and smile. Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel stand on a podium and address the crowd as the leaders of their respective communities: Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdomunited and ready for an all out war.

Ezekiel chimes into Rick's speech and gives kingly rally cry to everyone. Then, it's Maggie's turn, pleading with everyone to keep faith in each other. If they do, "the future is ours. The world is ours," she promises. The caravan arrives in a large field, where members of all three communities are waiting.

Maggie insists on joining the initial phase of the fight, despite her pregnancy and says she has been fighting since the farm and can't stop now. Rick vows to relinquish leadership and follow Maggie after the fight is over.

Rick's group guns down two sniper lookouts at the Sanctuary as Dwight nochalantly walks inside. The caravan arrives at the front gate, parking in formation to create a wall with the metal sheets retrofitted onto each vehicle.

Maggie gives the signal and the group raises their guns toward the sky, shooting in unison. Negan steps out with his lieutenants. No one accepts his offer. Negan tells Rick that he lacks the numbers to win a fight against the Saviors. Maggie and Jesus aren't surprised. Gregory declares that the Hilltop stands with Negan and the punishment for fighting against the Sanctuary is banishment for the offenders and their families.

Maggie tells the Hilltoppers to do what they need to do but no one leaves. Maggie yells back, "Doesn't look like anyone is going does it! Simon pushes Gregory down the stairs after deciding he's no longer useful. Negan's crew runs for cover in different directions. Rick's group continues firing, blowing out the Sanctuary windows. The herd approaches, drawn by the explosion. Rick's group continues to spray bullets at the Sanctuary, then retreats to their cars for evacuation.

Daryl leads the herd on his bike. Maggie hops in a car and sounds the horn. He pleads to be let back in. Gregory lies about finding the car empty, and arrogantly tells her that he built the Hilltop long before Maggie arrived. Maggie furiously tells him to shut up and stop pretending he didn't try to sell the community out to Negan.

He protests that he was trying to save lives but Maggie tells him the people are fighting for a better life. Kal overhears Gregory insulting him, and gives him the middle finger. Maggie refuses to let Gregory in and sends him on his own outside the walls, but changes her mind when he desperately pleas for mercy, saying that he was scared and unsure if they could win in a fight against the Saviors. He apologizes and makes a scene. Couples do stuff like that all the time Maggie Lindemann was allegedly pressured by her ex-boyfriend to have sex.

He apologised and defended himself in a long chain of Twitter messages, swearing he would never force anyone to do anything. Many online found him disingenuous, more interested in blaming the hackers than taking responsibility for his own actions. This week, Reynolds threatened to take his life, then apologised to his fans for scaring them, declaring: "suicide is NEVER the answer". Reynolds had previously accused Lindemann of performing oral sex on another social media celebrity, Hayes Grier.

She described in a message captioned "take ur meds kids" that she was bipolar and had been admitted to hospital.

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