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Bo and Lauren Love Scene 3 (From TV Series Lost Girl)

Team Lauren refers to the pairing of Bo and Lauren. The term first appeared on the Showcase Lost Girl website. The term Team Dyson relates to the pairing of Bo and Dyson. The term Doccubus is also used by Lost Girl Series itself, fans of the couple, and entertainment media to describe the romantic relationship between Bo and Lauren. Lewis to take Bo to the lab and examine her to ascertain her species. Lauren explained to Bo who the Fae were and based on Bo's feeding signature determined that she was a Succubus , and offered to help Bo learn how to control her hunger and feed so that she could live a normal life without killing. Bo seduced Lauren with her succubus touch in a failed attempt to escape from the Fae.

Lauren was working for the Dark Fae who offered her protection and freedom to come and go as she pleased. The showrunner and writers dismissed any concerns about depicting a lesbian character in a sex scene with a man. At the start of Season 5, Bo and Lauren were back to good friends, putting behind their previous tensions. Male love interest after being identified as a lesbian? Yes, she is shown having sex with Dyson in an AU body swap scenario, in an explicit scene.

It is listed as questionable or subtext if romance is only implied, mentioned instead of shown on screen, part of a dream sequence, or otherwise not explicit for the viewer. Season 1 In Season 1 she was seduced by Bo, a succubus who grew up not knowing what she was, and fell in love with her. Season 2 In Season 2, Lauren, trying to get away from the Light Fae, briefly lived with Bo and they got closer again, until it was revealed that Lauren had a human girlfriend, Nadia, who had fallen into a coma five years earlier after contracting a mysterious virus.

Season 3 In Season 3, Bo asked Lauren to be together in a committed relationship. Season 4 In Season 4, Lauren had brief fling with guest character Crystal human who ended up betraying her. Season 5 At the start of Season 5, Bo and Lauren were back to good friends, putting behind their previous tensions.

Does this mean the Bo-Lauren relationship will start to take center stage to Lauren's well-being, Bo is the first to step up and defend Lauren's. In Season 1 she was seduced by Bo, a succubus who grew up not In 5?07, Bo and Lauren made love again for the first time since their about her death, because Bo would always have Dyson in her life. Connect with. Lauren seduced Bo and they made love for the first time. curse Nadia to insure that Lauren would do everything in her power to find an antidote to the . Lauren, who had not presumed that their connecting had been more than a momentary.

Appearances: 73 episodes. At the end of the Second Season, Dyson had been given his love back and seemed to be attempting to rebuild his relationship with Bo.

While this appeared to be the case, Bo's strengthened relationship with Lauren during the Second Season would complicate matters for everyone, especially Dyson, going forwards. Dyson's first appearance in the Third Season was in the season premiere Caged Fae where he arrested Bo as part of a plan to investigate a Fae prison.

During the episode Vex suggested that Dyson take him on as his new partner as Hale had become the Acting Ash as well. Kenzi warned Dyson to get together with Bo again as Dyson had his love back, but at the end of the episode, Dyson had not done so and Bo was with Lauren.

There was friction between the two from the beginning of their partnership, but as well there seemed to be some kind of attraction between them. Dyson states during the episode that Bo had been feeding cleanly and safely for two years as part of his defense against Tamsin's accusations against Bo. During the episode, Tamsin and Dyson also had a boxing match to settle an argument between them. During ConFaegion The Morrigan planted a parasite on Vex which entered Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin and changed their personalities and regressed them so their Fae powers no longer existed.

Fae-de To Black had Dyson ask Bo to go undercover as a therapist at a New Age clinic to investigate a rash of human suicides.

Bo and Lauren You Were My First Love (Updated Version)

Dyson went undercover as a patient and fell victim to what was happening. After Bo was injured severely, she was forced to feed from Dyson against Lauren's wishes. Dyson decided to take the investigation of Bo further as the evidence seemed to be pointing to her killing Fae and Lauren covering for Bo. Dyson and Tamsin also spoke to a Bacchus as part of their investigation, and fought with him.

During The Kenzi Scale Dyson revealed that they had found two bodies in the last few weeks which might be succubus feeds, but they had no hard evidence of that nor of Bo's involvement. Dyson imprisoned Bo when she claimed that Kenzi was not Kenzi, and this seemed to indicate the Bo was unstable. Dyson assumed that Bo was wrong and found himself fighting a Kitsune in Kenzi's form which he was forced to kill in self-defense.

This devastated Dyson and he was inconsolable until Lauren proved that Dyson had not killed Kenzi. Following this, Dyson went in search of Kenzi and was present when Bo and Tamsin rescued Kenzi, his guilt in not having believed Bo very clear.

I love Bo too much to screw it up again. They entered a mirror of the world they knew in search of a key to escape it. Dyson realized that he was the key to escape and forcesd Bo to kill him.

They returned to the real world and Bo pulled the Chi from everyone around her and uses it to revive Dyson.

Dyson also revealed that he was at least 1, years old during this episode. As part of Delinquents Bo, Kenzi and Dyson went undercover in a troubled youth camp to investigate a series of deaths and discovered that a Tikbalang was killing them and stop it.

During the episode both Lauren and Dyson agreed that sex with Bo was the best that they would ever have. In Adventures In Fae-bysitting Dyson discovered proof thanks to Tamsin that Bo could not have killed a Fae they had been investigating because there were six finger marks on the Fae's neck.

Dyson and Tamsin discovered a field in which many Fae have been buried, Dyson calling it a mass grave. During Hail, Hale Dyson reported to Hale that they had processed eighteen Fae bodies, both Light Fae and Dark Fae from the field they discovered in the previous episode so far, but there appeared to be many more.

Evidence also pointed to all of them having been tortured and as well some of the victims were missing organs. There was a connection between Bo and Dyson that became present in this episode which seemed to allow Bo to know that Dyson was at least alive, if not where he was.

Team Lauren

Dyson was kidnapped by humans during this episode which caused Hale to be overthrown as the Acting Ash. Dyson also discovered that Aife was still alive, but imprisoned as Dyson was. In the season finale Those Who Wander Dyson was forced to battle another Fae for his survival and wins that battle. As a result, he was used as a donor subject by Lauren in an attempt to give Doctor Taft Fae powers. Dyson was then rescued by Tamsin afterwards and the pair drove off.

However, the two of them drove off a cliff after encountering The Wanderer and Tamsin losing control of her truck. At the end of the Third Season, Dyson had come to terms with Bo and Lauren's relationship in the intervening season.

Dyson's fate was unknown as the last image seen was of him and Tamsin driving over a cliff after encountering The Wanderer. Dyson's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the premiere episode In Memoriam. He had survived going over the cliff with Tamsin in the Third Season finale Those Who Wanderbut the circumstances of how he survived and what Tamsin's condition was remained clear and unexplained.

As a result of the actions of unknown persons, Dyson, along with everyone else that was aware of Bohad their memories altered so that they were not aware of her.

As a result, Dyson's relationship with KenziHale and Trick changed to various extents. Dyson became more adversarial towards the others, somewhat more emotionally attracted to Kenzi and slightly distant towards Trick. After encountering Aifewhom he did not remember meeting before, he became aware of memories being altered and set out with Kenzi and Hale to find a means to correct their memories. Dyson also confronted Vex about his becoming the New Morrigan and what happened to the previous The Morrigan.

The result of that meeting was Vex gave Dyson invitations to a party they needed to attend. In doing so, Dyson, along with Kenzi and Hale, performed a Tango which gained Kenzi access to an item they needed to correct the changed memories. As this occurred, Dyson fought Vex for a time before Hale took over the fight.

This allowed Dyson to save Kenzi and then help her to correct everyone's memories. Following this, Dyson remembered what happened to Tamsin and his love for Bo which drove him to find out what happened to them. He next appeared in Sleeping Beauty School where he found Tamsinwho had reverted to the physical age of a child. After leaving her with KenziDyson went in search of a means to find Bo who had been removed from the plane of existence she should have been on by The Wanderer.

After a long search and being misled, he found the Fae he needed, Cleo, who Dyson had met in the previous episode. In Lovers. Following her, they found Bo trying to help a family to deal with a curse which caused the murders of previous generations of their family due to being possessed by what they called a ghost.

With the help of Cleo, he and Bo were able to end the curse and free both the family and the ghost. After Bo defeated Cleo, who tried to take Bo from Dyson as part of a deal she made with Vex, he then drove Bo home to be reunited with her friends and family. During Turn to StoneDyson's relationship with Bo seemed to be rekindled after the events they had both been through, at one point becoming intimate.

When Tamsin aged back to her previous physical age, Dyson looked after her for a time before she fell into the hands of the Druid Massimo. Dyson also made a promise to Kenzi in the aftermath of Massimo's seeming death to show her a means to be "equal" to the Fae when the time was right. Bo also told Dyson that she had joined the Dark Fae because of the Wanderer, which upset him, but Dyson was determined to find a solution.

Over the course of the episode, Bo's more aggressive tendencies were seen by Dyson and they became intimate several times. At the end of the episode, Dyson was confronted by the Una Mens who accused Dyson of breaking the Blood Laws, but what laws he broke were not made clear at that time. Bo entered Dyson's memories with the help of Lauren and discovered that several events had occurred during and around that time.

According to those memories, Dyson was responsible for the events at Rotterdam inthe fire at Boijmans. Londonand the Poyais scheme. He was known as a rogue, and had his way with many women across Europe.

At this point, Dyson called him Trick for the first time and this may have been the origin of Trick's name. Dyson attempted to steal those shoes with the help of Flora, a Fae he knew at that time.

Flora was possessed by the shoes and went on a killing spree before Dyson stopped her. Flora was then killed by an, at that time, known person who demanded the shoes. Trick then intervened and Dyson took the shoes before meeting with Trick. Trick then revealed himself to be the Blood King and Dyson swore fealty to the Blood King, taking the role of second to Trick and joining him on a voyage to the New World to establish a Fae colony there.

In the current time of the series, Dyson found himself imprisoned with Kenzi after she was discovered in an attempt to free him. While they were alone, Dyson promised Kenzi that when they were freed he would teach her to be a Shadow Thief, but did not explain what that meant. Bo then made a deal with them to free both Dyson and Kenzi and Hale, who had been imprisoned elsewhere. Following this, Dyson joined Bo and his other friends in planning out their next move at the Dal Riata.

During Groundhog FaeDyson was involved in a drunken debate with Lauren over whether they should give Bo a package that Lauren found which was addressed to Bo in Bo's handwriting. The debate was moderated by a drunken Vexwho refereed the debate. No clear decision was made by the end of the debate, but Dyson and Lauren settled their strife with one another over their relationships with Bo.

At the end of the episode, Dyson was unconscious when Kenzi found him, Vex and Lauren having left him with the package, and took the package to Bo, not knowing what was in it or the argument that Dyson and Lauren had. Afterwards, he and Lauren went in search of Bo, assuming that she was being double-crossed.

Dyson does so purposely to distance himself from Bo, and she gets the hint. Bo doesn't understand at first but laments her wreck of a love life Lauren tries to find time to connect with Bo, but Bo goes on a mission instead. At the end of the First Season, Dyson sacrificed his love for Bo to However, Lauren tricked him and while he did become Fae, he did .. She could not understand why he would not give up his wolf for her husband and left heartbroken. then helped Dyson to connect the dots about what was going on . Bo is the protagonist of Lost Girl, the Canadian supernatural drama television . She was seduced by Bo during their first meeting and hence fell in love with her. coma to insure that Lauren would do everything in her power to find world", but their cause had turned into blowing up pipelines.

They came to her aid and overcame a pair of brothers who were working for The Wanderer. However, again both he and Lauren were not allowed to accompany Bo when she was finally taken to The Wanderer.

Returning to the Dal Riata, he was present along with Trick and Lauren when Bo returned with The Wanderer, now known by his true name Rainer, and watched as Bo declared Rainer to be her "destiny".

It was also revealed that Dyson had been teaching Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief and she had progressed far enough in her training that she was able to remove Lauren's panties without her knowing. Dyson claimed that he did not teach Kenzi how to do this however.

When do bo and lauren first hook up

Dyson joined Kenzi in going undercover to investigate why a Fae's legs where taken under mysterious circumstances, eventually discovering that merfolk were involved and overcoming them by the end of the episode with Lauren 's help. In End of a LineDyson was involved in Bo 's search for answers when a zombie attacked her and it seemed as if Rainer was responsible. By the end of the episode, Dyson had confronted Bo about her relationship with Rainer and when Bo could not answer his questions, seemed to bring their relationship to a close at least on a personal level.

In the aftermath of this, Tamsin seduced Dyson with the intention of being more than his partner on the police force. Later he was with Bo and Kenzi when they confronted Massimo for his killing Hale.

However, when Massimo whispered to Dyson that he would "watch friends die and do nothing about it" he did not allow Kenzi to obtain her revenge and imprisoned Massimo in Trick 's lair. Later in the episode, Bo asked for advice about what to do with regards to Rainerbut Dyson refused to give Bo any advice. Soon after, Dyson revealed that Hale had bequeathed the Zamora family code and a crest to him.

When Tamsin examined the crest, and the true family code was revealed, these events made Dyson tell Bo that she was "The One. He appeared in the season finale Dark Horse where, following the death of RainerDyson expressed his love to Bo and formally gave fealty to her, saying that he was meant to serve a Queen, not a King. At the end of the Fourth Season, Dyson's whereabouts where not exactly known, though he was close by, possibly with Tamsin or Bo.

Dyson's first appearance in the Fifth Season was in the season premiere Like Hell, Part I where he worked with Lauren and Trick to understand Tamsin's diary which revealed information about Valhalla, Tamsin's past, and the purpose of the Helskor. Following this, Dyson accompanied Lauren to the Gates of Valhalla where Lauren used a lock of Tamsin's air and her diary to make the gates appear.

Dyson then forced the gates open. He was then warned that he had trespassed on forbidden ground by the Valkyrie. Dyson then returned to the Gates of Valhalla to keep them open for Bo until she returned. In doing so, Dyson encountered Stacey, a Valkyrie who was searching for a soul close to Bo in order to replace Kenzi's which had been returned to Earth.

Dyson attempted to divert Stacey's attention, at one point suggesting to her that Vex was Bo's lover and using his own experiences with Bo, but saying that Vex was the one that had done so. Dyson was interrupted by Tamsin who diverted Dyson's attention and allowed Stacey to leave with Dyson's phone which revealed Lauren's relationship with Bo.

Dyson returned to the Gates of Valhalla and kept them open until Bo returned, allowing her to escape and return to Earth. During a celebration at the Dal Riata for Bo and Kenzi's return, Dyson and Tamsin agreed to be friends and pinky-sweared to that.

Dyson spoke with Kenzi as well and gave Kenzi a deed to some property in Spain that Hale had bequeathed Kenzi in his will.

During Big in JapanDyson investigated a strange elevator accident in which several people were killed, but some of the bodies seemed to be preserved.

After asking Lauren for help, she indicated that the bodies were human, but further tests needed to be made. Dyson made light of his ability of smell, calling it "priceless" when Lauren compared him to an expensive blood analyzer her clinic had, but the answers he was looking for were not found. Dyson was present when Lauren received a death threat and attempted to make Lauren understand that her world had changed and she needed to protect herself. Following a scare, Lauren asked Dyson for his help in learning self-defence, but it was clear that Lauren did not have the skills for a physical fight.

Turning to Lauren's medical knowledge, Dyson with Lauren's help, found a way to protect herself that worked for her and was proven to do so when Lauren was attacked.

Following Bo being attacked and almost killed, Dyson found out that Bo was unable to feed and was present when Bo revealed that the reason for her not being able to feed was that she was afraid if losing everyone.

Bo then fed on Dyson and healed herself. Later, Dyson spoke with Tamsin in an attempt to convince her to team up with Bo in her investigations and leave the police force, which Tamsin considered. When God Opens a Window Through the course of the episode, Bo came into contact with a young Fae Shifter named Mark who seemed very familiar to Bo. Eventually when Dyson came into contact with him, it was revealed that Mark was in fact Dyson's son from a relationship he had in the past with a Shifter named Piper.

The relationship between Mark and Dyson however was strained from the beginning and Mark departed wanting to have nothing to do with Dyson. In the aftermath, Dyson attempted to make a deal with a Hunter that was trying to kill Mark, but when that failed, Dyson killed the Hunter with the help of Vex.

Dyson came into contact with Vex through Trick 's actions during the episode and at first intended to kill Vex in revenge for Massimo's actions which resulted in the death of Hale. At one point, Dyson had placed a gun to Vex's head and fully intended to kill him, but Lauren managed to defuse the situation. Vex and Dyson were partnered in order to investigate a series of deaths that were connected only by a strange mark placed on their bodies, and with Vex's help, Dyson deduced the connections and that there was the possible existence of a Fae cult.

At the end of the episode, Dyson was drinking heavily, mourning the death of Piper and considering his own actions with regards to the Hunter and to his son Mark. Dyson was not aware that Mark had been intimate with Bo, asking her to be a "Big Sister" to his son, and reaffirming again to Bo that he did love her.

At that same time Dyson was made aware that Trick's ledger of Fae names was also stolen, however neither Vex, nor Mark who was indirectly responsible for the theft, admitted to knowing anything.

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Confronting Mark over his needing to accept his heritage, Dyson and Mark had a argument which ended with Mark walking away in disgust. Later in the episode, Dyson revealed that a Fae that Bo had been investigating in the disappearance of a trio of Oracles, was one of the dead bodies from the elevator crash that Lauren had stolen from her clinic which left Dyson and Lauren with a mystery to solve. In Clear Eyes, Fae HeartsDyson investigated the murder of a football player and in doing so brought in Bo and Tamsin to assist him by going undercover.

It was also revealed that Mark was, if not living at Dyson's home, at least working out there. Mark also appeared to be tagging along when Dyson first investigated the murder. Dyson was approached by the wife of one of the possessed humans and through her discovered that the possessed humans seemed to be involved with the murder case. Dyson at one point took in for questioning a cheerleader because of circumstantial evidence, but he was cleared when his boyfriend vouched for him.

Dyson was present at a meeting with Bo, Tamsin, Lauren and Trick where the return of the Ancients was discussed, but the reasons for them doing so were still unknown.

During Here Comes the NightDyson was present with Tamsin and Bo at the site of a tornado that the Ancients created that damaged part of the city. Dyson helped to rescue a family that were trapped in a car. Following this, Dyson accompanied Bo and Tamsin to Lauren's clinic and afterwards set out to assist in dealing with the disaster and its aftermath. After a conversation with Tamsin during which Dyson asked Tamsin to remove any evidence of the Ancients being involved and as well, to remove a series of posters that the wife of one of the possessed humans had put up.

Going to see the wife, Dyson encountered the possessed human who was masquerading as the husband. Catching the Ancient in a lie, Dyson confronted them and discovered that the Ancient was named Hera. After being severely injured by the wife attacking, Hera left and Dyson took the wife, named Alycia to his home to protect her. Photos courtesy anon4ever. Looks like someone is totally on Team Lauren. While the Bo-Dyson relationship and hookups got considerably more screen time, the Bo-Lauren fans have been loyal and vocal.

Does this mean the Bo-Lauren relationship will start to take center stage in season 2? So, you know, interesting. Also interesting in a good, creepy way is the teaser promo for the new season.

Slightly more revealing are the first few episode stills from the new season, originally posted by The Televixen. I like it.


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