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  • 13.12.2018
  • by Kedal

'Grey's Anatomy': Jackson and Maggie Share Sexy First Kiss . Entertainment Tonight

Grey's Anatomy 15x07 Jackson Talks About April - Maggie Leaves Jackson

When a show has been on for 15 seasons like Grey's Anatomy , you kind of know what you're going to get. Alex and Jo will be adorably snarky, Miranda Bailey will be sassy, and it will be very unclear as to why Amelia Shepherd is still a main character. You know, normal Grey's stuff. But every so often, there's a curve ball, like Jackson Will Jackson and Maggie get married on Grey's Anatomy? His proposal was so awkward.

Will jackson and maggie hook up

First she explains it to Clive, then to Jackson. And while Clive scratches his head and tries to wrap his mind around it, Jackson fully understands right away.

April surprises Maggie in the Season 13 finale episode "Ring of Fire" by saying that Jackson has feelings for Maggie, and April adds that she. Maggie eventually picked up the phone to find a number of text messages — heart Find out when Ted Mosby, er, Radnor will show up!.

You can see the visible moment where something clicks for Maggie and she's like, "Jackson just gets it. Why is this important?

Because Maggie's the one who just pumped the brakes with Jackson in a previous episode. Back in January, there's that whole ordeal where the two are on a helicopter with a patient and they get sprayed head to toe with blood.

'Grey's Anatomy's Jackson and Maggie are in a relationship on the show. The two have been through many ups and downs, as is common on the medical drama. children after Derek's death, Maggie does find some time for dating. Chatmon since the two met on the set of Grey's Anatomy in Will Jackson & Maggie Get Married On 'Grey's Anatomy'? The of the reasons the fans might not want Jackson and Maggie to get together are. 'Grey's Anatomy': Jackson and Maggie Share Sexy First Kiss Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Maggie's (Kelly McCreary) long-gestating will He's not there to check up on Maggie as a friend, however -- he's there to set new.

They rinse off, but since the hospital is being held hostage by hackers, they can't get new scrubs to change into. So, they spend half the day in towels, sizing each other up.

Ever since the season 13 finale of the show, we've been wondering whether Maggie and Jackson might get together, turning their friendship. On this week's episode of the medical drama, shortly after Jackson dumped surgeons and their parents ended up marrying each other, and they don't pairing Maggie with Jackson will ease the pain of April's departure. Grey's Anatomy Season 15's Best Couple Will Surprise You Because Jackson agrees to metaphorically “set up the scales” for his lady.

At the end, Maggie goes on a Tinder date and tells Jackson that she doesn't think it would work out between them. Now, it seems a little murkier. As the anniversary of her mother's death approaches, it's possible Maggie is stopping to take stock of her life. Maybe, in this time of reflection, she'll realize that Jackson is who she truly wants to be with.

Of course, there are so many mines in this field. I speak for a lot of fans when I say I'm holding out hope for Jackson and April.

And, of course, there's the whole sibling thing to consider plus the ramifications if it doesn't work out. Sit tight, everyone. Things might get a bit dicey as we head toward the finale.

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Jaggie Kisses.[ Jackson and Maggie ]

Link and Dr. Kim Alex Landi strutted into Grey Sloan like two men on a mission — and wasted no time getting to work. After their wedding in the season 14 finale, Jo Camilla Luddington and Alex headed to their honeymoon.

While Alex had no problem enjoying the sun, sand and drinks, Jo got inspired while building a sandcastle and headed back to the hotel room to write out her new cancer treatment plan. The only problem? Are you mad Jackson finally discovered faith after April was gone? Did you miss Sarah Drew or Jessica Capshaw?


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