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  • 30.05.2019
  • by Mura

I Tried to Find Love on a Sea Captain Dating Site - VICE

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Would you like to meet singles who love the open water and boating as much as you do? Utilize our mobile friendly and highly effective dating features, and search functions to view and connect with our database of millions of Boating singles dating profiles. Connecting with someone who shares your outlook on life a can lead to a long lasting and healthy relationship. Our membership base is filled with exciting water loving singles making it easy to connect with someone looking for the same thing as you. Your username is suspended for violating our terms, please enter a new username. Forgot your password?

And it's been something of a death knell for the site.

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Determined to find hope, I message some of my matches. Everyone else is inactive. There is nobody on the online chat either, despite the site boasting thousands of members, and it's a Friday night—peak time for drunkenly messaging sea captains. The next day, there's still nobody online.

On the third day, I idly check my matches and see a new profile. Not only that, but he is currently online. My heart jumps into my mouth. My anchor drops into the sea. My pipe falls out.

Not wishing to overthink things, I say hey.

To see if this dating site was a rockin', I came a knockin'. Or go for drinks with an actual boat with whom I am, remarkably, 90 percent. The Single Sailor is the biggest site for Sailors. Sailor dating, crew search, sailor social network and so much more. % Totally Free Dating Site for Singles who enjoy boating. No catch, no games , totally free for everything! Meet local singles who love to boating.

And then I wait. Come on Piotr, 24, from Russia, looking to date a female between 20 and !

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I've changed his name; I don't want to out any Sea Captain Date users who aren't fictional advertising mascots. I'm frozen and rudder-less. A genuine sea captain has replied! We have an incredibly polite conversation, with me asking him how he is, him asking me how I am, him reporting that he is excellent and where do I hail from?

Discover Boating Friends date, completely free site for single sailors & boaters. Single Boater Social Network, Groups, Chat and more!. A free online dating & social networking site for meeting singles with a passion for boating. Some people think that owning a boat is like having your own hole in . We are not affiliated to any other dating sites so you can rest assured all our Join today to meet other like-minded single sailors passionate about boating.

If only we could use Google Translate all the time, dating apps would be so much nicer. I tried, and when I translated it back it came out as this:. You can, however, ask people if they are a sea captain. Crafty as a pirate, I ask him to send a photo first. He sends me what is clearly a stock photo of a sailor, so I return the favor. If catfishing is a crime, we are going down together.

I learn that I am the only person he has found to contact through the site. We are the last living remnants of the sea captains. Half an hour later I get an email notification telling me Piotr has sent another message that translates as: "I do not have a girl I want sex I contacted the Sea Captain Date offices to see why the site had gone so quiet, and if the surge in joke profiles had anything to do with it. They, like everyone apart from Piotr, never replied to me. You can Test the Waters on our site for free as there are no fees to register, search members, view or maintain a profile on Cruisingmatch.

You must be logged in to post a comment. I have a yacht and want to share experiences.

I love having the ability to find crew and romance here. Thank you!

Boat dating app

I am tired of seeing thousands of potential dates on line without finding anyone with the same interests as me. I love boating and own a boat.

This is amazing! This is the site I have been waiting for! My new wife will be interested in being on the water with me!

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Sea Captain Date is the internet's number one dating site for Sea Captains who wish to connect with men and women (on land and on sea) who share a mutual. Boater singles at the Ultimate Boating Connections site, and connect with our database of millions of Boating singles dating profiles. Boater Singles, Boater Personals & Boater Chat Sites, Boat Loving Singles, Boat Loving Personals & Boat Loving Chat Sites.

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