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  • 06.06.2019
  • by Visho

It's Sunnah To Swipe With Your Right Hand: The Muslim Spouse Search Goes Mobile

Being Muslim: The Rise of Muslim 'Dating' Apps (Documentary)

The app is designed with a number of "Islamic features" for Muslims searching for partners — but it's not for hookups. Many of them would complain about how bad the websites were. They would complain they were slow and unproductive- especially given how expensive they were. Younas said that marriage websites among young, professional Muslims were becoming less popular, with some having a "bad reputation" and attracting people who were "not seriously interested" in getting married. Marriage is an important element of Islam, and many Muslims believe that getting married is a mandatory part of their faith. Younas said the app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices, was modelled after Tinder to make it "easy to set up and use. However, he says that MuzMatch isn't a hookup app, and that he has designed a number of "Islamic features" for Muslims searching for partners.

The profiles are more in-depth and require you to answer a series of questions which are then used to give you a certain percentage in which you match with someone.

From Minder to Muzmatch, the new Muslim dating apps helping millenials find love

Javi: This one feels like dating-dating to me. Kirsten: But I hate that because I'll look at someone like six times while I'm talking to them to be like, wait, who is this again? Kirsten: That's what I hear.

I didn't really give it a chance, I guess. I was only on it for like a day. I had a guy message me asking if I would send him a picture of my feet, and then a couple message me looking for a third. After that, I was out. How it works: Every day at noon the user receives a "bagel," which they can either like or pass.

So you get one person a day, rather than swiping through multiple matches. Javi: I like Coffee Meets Bagel. It kinda forces you to focus on one person at a time. It gives you one person every 24 hours. And whenever you reject someone, it asks why. So it kinda develops a sense of your taste.

Kirsten: That's actually cool. Maybe I should try this one.

Muslim dating apps buzzfeed

I like how it feels like less of a game. That's the problem with a lot of the apps. I feel like you go on just to swipe through and pass the time.

Javi: That's kinda the problem with L. Everyone's always swiping for the next thing. That's why I think the more specific apps like this work better. How it works: Hinge connects you with other users through Facebook and lets you know who your mutual friends are. Kirsten : Because people can background check your dirty little secrets with all their mutual friends?

Kirsten: I kinda like that. It's hard to find someone at this age that your friends can vouch for. I mean, Hinge was great in Boston where I'm originally from when I had a huge network of friends to draw from. But being out in L. I haven't used it, just because my network of people isn't as big. How it works: This site is specifically for Christians who are looking for meaningful relationships and who share similar values rooted in faith.

Javi: It's cool, but it really stresses religion. There were nice girls on there.

If you're a single Muslim in North America, you know the thirst is real. because “ dating” would be too scandalous for your parents) apps for. Tell Us The Cringiest Muslim Pick-Up Line You've Heard It could be a joke, something you saw on a dating app, or something completely. 21 Dating Tumblr Posts That Will Have You Cackling While Sipping Your Wine I, A Single Person, Tried Six Different Dating Apps So That You Don't Have To.

I feel too evil to be on it, though. How it works : According to the site, it helps you find a "farmer, rancher, cowboy, cowgirl or animal lover. Javi: Let me tell you, I'm from a rural area, and there's nothing sexy about living off the land.

Javi: Every farmer I know is physically dirty — just because they're always working. And my friends that are ranchers, their fingers are always gross.

Do you really want a guy who smells like horses and tobacco dip? How it works: It's free to sign up, and after creating a profile you take a chemistry test, which hopefully helps you match with people. According to the site, they then "tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up without knowing it in past relationships.

Javi: It's garbage. It's like the Craigslist missed connections of dating apps. I thought it was Christian-affiliated at first because the fish is like the Jesus fish. How it works: Men can only see women's profiles if the women want them to, so if they put out a "siren" call. Though it is commonly used for hooking up, it can lead to serious relationships.

The app is designed with a number of "Islamic features" for Muslims searching for partners — but it's not for hookups. The problems are many and varied. The lack of decent guys. The issue of catfishing on dating. Even if you say "no preference" for ethnicity, the dating app tends to show is to say, it kept suggesting men who appear to be Arabs or Muslim.

Kirsten: So, basically, men only see women's profiles if they choose to share it with them. So then the men know they're interested. Also, there's a "question of the day" feature, which kinda encourages conversation. How it works: This app is mostly used in highly populated metropolitan areas. Happn connects you with people you cross paths with on a daily basis and gives you the chance to connect with them if you couldn't when you saw them in person.

Kirsten: So Happn, from my understanding, is truly like the Craigslist missed connections of dating apps. It tells you the people you've come across throughout your day and who mutually thought you were cute. Kirsten: But come to think of it How it works: Pure is primarily used for immediate hookups. You post a timed "request" for what you're immediately looking for and then different people will like your request. Kirsten: No, it's just the opposite. It's just for hooking up, basically.

You put up a request and write the type you're looking for and the area you're looking for.

#Ishqr - proponents of #Rumi created a platform for #Muslims . Check out the @ buzzfeed about Muslim dating apps that we were featured in!. This is what using a Muslim dating app is really like. I want to have the final say in who I marry. Is that too much to ask? By Fatima Ali Jul. 26, From Minder to Muzmatch, the new Muslim dating apps helping millenials find love. By Samra Habib. Date January 15, Illustration by Kathryn.

Kirsten: Pure is a little sketch to me. You find people looking for "dates" right now aka hookupsand then your conversation history and photos disappear within an hour. So it's like, hey, let's sext, then sex, then never talk again. Javi: Have you ever heard that joke, "Threesome?

11 Awkward Moments That Happen During Ramadan

If I wanted to disappoint two people I'd have dinner with my parents. This app is just broken dreams and empty promises.

It's Sunnah To Swipe With Your Right Hand: The Muslim Spouse Search Goes Mobile

How it works: Match, which started inallows users to upload up to 26 photos and has several writing sections. Match is known for having relationships lead to marriages and long-term commitments.

Javi: Match is like the mother app of all the apps. It was kind of a precursor to the other apps. Javi: This was like an old-school dating app. Like dating someone with the potential of actually marrying them. Overall, dating is all about what you make it, and communicating what you want with the other person. So you wanna go out and get some booty?

There's an app for that. You want to find someone else who wants to wait until marriage? You want someone who knows how to rock a pair of overalls? There's an app for that!

As for meaningful relationships, a lot of these apps have the potential for finding someone who is looking for the same thing. You just gotta be patient and of course weed through some not-so-Mr. Posted on June 24,GMT. Kirsten King. Javier Moreno. Javi: It's definitely more of a hookup site, in my opinion. Kirsten: Absolutely. Javi: Well, I mean I've thought that, but I don't outwardly say it.

Kirsten: I'm not sure that's better Javi: Seriously? Use your words, King. At least four matchmaking yes, matchmaking, because "dating" would be too scandalous for your parents apps designed by young Muslims, especially for Muslims, plan to launch this month and save you from a future as "cat aunty" or "creepy uncle. Of course, you can always swipe left through Tinder until you happen upon a Muslim-sounding name and hope that person is interested in marriage and not a hookup, but chances are, you'll probably match with that guy from your local masjid and you'll spend the rest of your jumu'ah prayers lowering your gaze.

What you need is an app that lifts the pardah and widens your social circle, but only with marriage-minded Muslims. Muslim Americans have a gender relations problem, says year-old Humaira Mubeen, founder of matchmaking site and forthcoming app, Ishqr. Then all of a sudden when we turn 25 we're expected to be married, but we don't know how to talk to each other. We may live in the land of opportunity, but for Muslims so geographically dispersed and constantly moving across North America, options are limited, adds Khalil Jessa.

That's emblematic of the biggest problem facing young Muslim Americans looking to get married: our romantic fates are currently in the hands of our parents, rishta aunties, or tetas. But what's so bad about letting your mom be your marriage broker? After all, she wants what's best for you, right? That individualistic trait in our generation is what has us wary of anyone but ourselves having even a small part in making such a big decision for us. He believes you should get mired in your own West Bank Story if you want to.

But you're on your own in keeping your families from killing each other. Moreover, Jessa says handing over your biodata is on par with handing over your identity. Muslim convention-organized speed-dating solves that problem, but let's be real, it opens the door to more. Somehow, conversations don't happen as serendipitously as they would if you weren't on the hot seat with only three minutes to pitch yourself and decide if you wouldn't mind picking up the dirty socks of the person across from you for the rest of your life — all while your parents bite their nails off in the back of the room.

This naturally leads to exploration of other means of cultivating relationships, using technology, says Hamid. As we millennials increasingly live more of our lives online, embracing a sharing economy, we've let go of our inhibitions and become more open toward finding love digitally. While there used to be a stigma of desperation attached, it's since been replaced with a different type, according to Hamid: "The implication is that there's something superficial or sexual about looking online, which is not the case.

It's a better outlet to truly get to know someone without the pressures of physical standards being interjected into it daily.

Without makeup, you can really get into what makes a person tick. Of course, there are a myriad Muslim marriage websites that you can sign yourself up for, but all the founders are unsatisfied with the choices for multiple reasons.

Mubeen is particularly horrified by questionnaires on sites like shaadi. The power to define yourself and decide your own fate will soon be in your henna-adorned hands, darling.

The new mobile matchmaking apps for Muslims promise to overcome all the obstacles on your quest to find The One—awkward gender relations, scarcity of eligible partners, meddling elders, job interview-like speed-dating, racist and sexist matrimonial websites. Just as the hugely popular Tinder offered a simple solution for the general population seeking to quickly and easily meet singles in their vicinity, apps modeled after that same concept were bound to take off within the Muslim demographic.

But unlike the "casual" connotation Tinder has taken on, Hamid's Crescent app is designed with a different, more meaningful, goal: to "help modern Muslims find love. I am looking for a husband and best friend. Users will have the ability to report accounts that are using the app inappropriately. As for criticism that a Tinder-like app would emphasize physical appearance over personality, Hamid responds, "It's human nature to dig deeper into personality based upon physical attraction, the way you do when you see someone attractive in person.

Besides, Hamid says, "The photo can be anything you want it to be. We're an open platform; we encourage people to express themselves. But, human nature — we lead with our face. Crescent's core user base is initially expected to be American, but it will launch worldwide in English. Find Crescent app on Instagram. Khalil Jessa also encounters concerns about the halalness of his version of Muslim Tinder, Salaam Swipe, but he says it would be more accurate to compare his app to the biodata concept.

If it sounds too much like a game that trivializes marriage, it's anything but, says Jessa. Jessa's bigger challenge has been designing something that the huge and diverse population of Muslims would want to use.

You won't see anything reminiscent of those matrimonial website questionnaires on Salaam Swipe, but you will have the option to narrow your search or open yourself up to certain criteria.


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