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  • 03.06.2019
  • by Mashicage

Did Ashley Madison Make You Afraid to Cheat? This Hookup App Throws Out Your Data . . Observer

5 Best Hookup Apps 2019 [TOP DATING APPS DOWNLOAD]

Security, speed, and user experience that result in a real meeting — whatever its purpose is. I went through dozens of dating sites until I found Pure. There are no fakes, literally. And I meet someone special. This website is cool because girls here are ready for a real meeting. They know what they want, and this excites me.

This is a very useful review them. I was about to sign up for that shit. My experiences are the same as Pure Member. Nothing but scams. Your email address will not be published. Additional menu. What happens in this hour? Pure App Review. Read Zoosk. Simple Profile Setup The interface of this app is simple and stylish. Following are the steps that you must follow in order to set your profile up: You only need to set up your profile picture.

The Pure App is a dating service with the purpose of helping people connect in a time limited fashion. It is unique but still has its own. Download Pure, the hook up app and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Almost the antithesis to typical “dating” apps, and according to some of the reviews here, apparently much more positive and kinky than most Price: Free. Meet someone special on our dating site. Meet interesting singles with Pure. Dating! Register and create a profile today to get started!.

You can allow push notifications or geo location. The latter is important. Agree to the terms and the conditions for registering, as you are allowing others to view your location and distance.

You have to mention your sexual orientation and upload your picture before beginning a 7 day trial session. You have to then place your credit card details on the file for a monthly subscription plan that you can opt for after the expiration of the free trial period.

After that, You can then access the home screen. Race against time, quite literally so be sharp and fast! Location Based Many other apps also use the location and rely heavily on the GPS settings, but this app is much more specific and the only basis to get yourself laid is that you must be present at the right place and at the right time. Share Your Pure App Review! Share 0. We made it clear: people you see are online right now. Different time brings different people. Check Pure more often to increase your chances to get some fun!

I actually love the concept of the app and out of curiosity downloaded it with no real intention on using it. I found it amusing and forgot about it. It can feel sometimes like they take a little while but they handle any issues very quickly. I do sometimes see a few mile away people mixed in with who is close to me. Hey there RWard Great to hear that you've had some good experiences with the app.

And we appreciate you taking the time to give us some constructive feedback. To your point about the scammers The purpose of the app is as you've described, it's for people who want to experiment and have adventure. Please contact us as at feedback getpure. Very interesting concept. So I went through with it for a 3 day trial.

A complete waste of time and money. Maybe very big cities might actually have some real women users. Not impressed to get a notification saying someone is nearby and it's km distance from me, nor getting a match and losing it when the hour is up, but I only got it 1 minute before that hour was up.

Would be better is there was more verification of identity to reduce fakes. Many fake review here too. This app is a good idea, but it's obviously team very poorly. So the idea here is that you want to meet up with someone, well you get an hour to match up with whoever the app decides to match you with.

After that you have an hour to talk to them via the apps chat so you can decide if you would like to exchange information. This is great for cutting around the normal filler as you have to race against the clock to decide.

The problem here is that the app itself gives you no control or explanation to how it decides to match you. How am I to meet up or go on a date with someone that's not even in the same city as me? There is no way to change you location or match settings. I find it hard to believe that no one in this big city is using this app. So why is it that I can't find anyone near me? And what is worse is it is littered with fakes and spam. So anyone you do match with is likely just trying to get you to join some site.

I'm on the one week trial and it's apparent that I won't find anyone on here because I have no control over the distance I get matched. After that trial runs up I have a feeling the paid subscription may work better but who knows? They won't be getting my money that's for sure. Don't waste your time. Nothing but fakes and crappy communication. I paid for a week long membership I've yet to see a real person.

It's always the same 5 profiles km away. I want my money back. These people should be arrested for fraud. This app is such a waste of money.

First I tried it when it was new and there was nobody using it anywhere nearby me. Then I tried using it on business trips a year later and there was only people showing up on the app across the whole country at any given time. I recently tried it again while on a business trip in a big east coast city and found that basically the only place in the map with any number of regular users was in.

Great idea in theory but More people need to be aware of it in order for it to be effective. After I created an account yesterday I received a message from a female who wanted to exchange our cell numbers.

Every dating app that charges a monthly fee had other features you can use for an additional cost. The Pure dating app is no different. London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and more 3. Not your mother's dating app! Pure is specifically for non-relationships, no strings attached . Since Ashley Madison, Pure, the subscription-based hookup app, wants PURE is the only dating app on the market that does not require phone After a free- trial, the app costs $ per month to use (launched in late.

I agreed. Then she began texting me. She harassed me for a solid hour. She claimed to be a prostitute. I had to finally block her number. Then I met a 24 yr old female who wanted to leave Pure and meet up on Skype. We exchanged a few photos then I gave her my email address for Skype. She had used my email to access my Facebook friends list.

She threatened to send my family and friends the photos. She had screen shots of my nieces and coworkers. I refused to pay. I disabled my FB account as well as my FB messager. So needless to say I will never use this app again. This person told me they do this all the time and they are going to destroy me on social media.

Please be careful. DO NOT give your cell phone or email address to anyone without first getting to know them here and even after that be aware.

Forget about it, won't let you use it if not add a card to your google account and not even use the free version if not accept the "3 days free vip". If you deny it then back to square one. Cannot use without paying.

Complete waste of my money, I've had it for a whole year and not once have I met a real person, this app is filled with bots.

If they aren't a bot they want money.

Pure, the hookup app

This app shouldn't be a paid app, it should be free, but even then it still would be filled with bots. The app cuts down the small talk because everyone know what they are on there for. Why even bother showing me people in Kentucky, Baltimore, and Toronto? The nearest it showed me was someone in Chicago 5 miles away and they tried to scam me for a prepaid card to hook up by having me talk to them on another chat app. The second nearest person was in Michigan and yep you guessed it, they wanted money to meet by the time I send them the 4th message.

This is a very greedy app! All other apps are free with premium features that enhance the he experience. This app however is just like the scam girls on it where you pay your money upfront and hope something will show up This is why the app fails so hard! Experience on the app is subar. All I wanted was simple hookups :. The anonymous nature of the app, and simple interface and design are laudable. I have matched with about 7 people over 2 days, but sadly all! As someone familiar with the hookup app world, I would suggest human curation of members until you have a group of core users who are real, active and dedicated.

I wish there was at least a limited free version. Great concept so far but terrible security. I have been a regular on this app off and on for over a year now. This app had a great idea and still has potential.

When Uber meets Snapchat, Pure is a trendy mobile app claiming to be your Contacting Members; Design and Usability; Field Test; Costs and Prices. Pure, the hook up app by Misterico Limited earned $k in estimated monthly revenue and was downloaded Price Free Anonymous chat, hookup dating. The best online dating sites have survived the test of time, and many of us are Pure. best sex apps for no strings sex pure app. Pure app.

Because of this, I have yet to find one genuine, real person on this app and have only been a target for ID theft and CC theft. Just use Tinder. I get that this is a new idea, and it somewhat works. Primarily because there was one real person on it. The rest of the people are live girls, prostitution, and very sketch situations. You report someone only to see them back on the next day. To add to everything I log in every morning at midnight just to check their reliability.

So as far as the app goes it works the way that the developers have said. However after all is said and done though there is not a whole lot of actual women on. I did the three day trial and found that most were between 3 and 5 hundred miles away. Having the option to narrow your search by distance would be helpful. I get the idea of making the app free for women while charging the guys but when 2 of the three profiles are hookers makes it a bit disappointing.

If as a guy I have to pay for the app, the hotel and the girl it makes more sense to just go to the local bar and hope for the best. Hopefully the clientele improves. The theory of this app is well n all but it needs major major improvement on several levels. When the feeling is there I want it now. So quit only showing me women who are so far away from me.

I talked to one or what I thought was a lady for 8 days until I found out I had told secrets to a scammer. Seems like 1 out of 20 are real women. Pure itself will try to manipulate you by pumping out he phony women and bleed you by charging extra for certain "privileges". The only real women on Pure are prostitutes and they are exceedingly rare, more common they're simply grifters and con-women using fake photos, and trying to get you to send them money via various money apps.

Be VERY careful. The app is too incredibly expensive for that kind of nonsense and waste of time! I gave this app two chances and bought two one week subscriptions. Every person I have match with was either a scam, escort or too far away miles min or extremely flakey.

The two times I did manage to set something legit up, they left the chat while I was driving to the location to hook up! Hopefully this is a bug. If they fix this stuff I feel like Pure will surpass Tinder, but for now it seems like another cash grab exploiting male sexuality. Secondly, other apps let you set your location. I live in NYC. Just be straight with me and say we have no online users in a huge city. Option to verify profile, location settings, ban scammers, make it useful!

Did Ashley Madison Make You Afraid to Cheat? This Hookup App Throws Out Your Data

Seemed like a good idea for an app Then secondly the price to play is way over priced with other apps that have real people. It could not get any more frustrating and I will be deleting the app.

The best part is the apps cartoon pictures, they look cool. Good artist made funny looking images that make you laugh. As far as effort goes to find hook ups, this is the pound for pound champion right here. Given the app is used in your area.

Tl;dr It all comes down to where you live. Will be almost non existent in small towns but slightly popular in cities. Good luck Edit: I have received a response from the developers saying you do not need a credit card to simply try the app. The sheer number of spambots, prostitutes and catfishers makes the app unusable.

Very disappointing.

The Do's & Don'ts of Dating Apps

Basically everyone in my large metro area is one of these three. So either people are referring you to their Snapchat, asking for money or just messing with you for kicks. And I also get Likes from spambots miles away cuz there's no way to restrict people miles away from seeing you. It's interesting too, the bots are often very obvious. You'll get five in a row from the same very public location -- think like Times Square or the Washington Monument.

It's silly. The Pure devs need to develop something like the Wild app photo verification feature. Until then app is basically useless. You are just signing up to be spammed with Likes from people that don't exist. I bought a longer subscription trying to economize but I regret it. Cannot advise against subscribing to this app more strongly. Absolutely everyone I connected with was asking for money.

This is a prostitution app to the fullest. This seems to be some sort of circuit for women. Every single one of them spoke in a very similar manner and consistently used the same sentences and phrases.

I started catching on so I would ask them from the start if they were looking for money and would seem offended that I would ask that.

Absolutely horrible and such a waste of money. I repeat, every single girl on here wants money. Good luck guys. I was excited to try this app. The design is good, and it was easy to use.

However, there are problems.

I used the three day trial. Most profiles I encountered are attempts to scam desperate men, cam girls, or escorts plying their trade. The one authentic woman I met, who was none of these things, was over miles away. I opened a ticket to request help from a live person.

Over hours later and there has been no response from the developer. That just shows the developer team has zero interest in anything other than collecting a paycheck. Edit: I did get contact from support after 48 hours. However, the illustrious Ms. Goodhead simply reiterated what was already in the help article from the automated side of support. That was not helpful! I'm so disappointed by the experience. Edit: Yesterday I emailed the developer, per their response to my review.

I will update this review with that experience once they follow up with me. I live in Chicago, the third largest city in the US, so you would think that I would not have trouble finding people on this app. Every time I find people one might be in my area, but the everyone else is usually over mi away!

Pure dating app cost

The app is a really neat concept, and well done. Once I got a full subscription it seemed the profiles comprised of scammers and prostitutes only who are after your personal info, credit card details or want you to sign up for some sketchy website you have to pay for.

Real shame. Guys look out. This is a scam really. Looking at reviews of this app over its lifecycle it seems the the devs keep saying they will stop this but I think the truth is if there were no scammers and prostitutes on here there would be nobody at all. And the ones that are there are hundreds of miles away and are probably fake. All they need to do is drop the price significantly and more real people would join.

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