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  • 04.06.2019
  • by Akinozahn

Zoroastrian dating site – New Legends Magazine

A Brief Overview of Zoroastrianism

Zarin Havewala is an emerging Indian internet entrepreneur who has unashamedly cashed in on a niche religious sector. Parsi wedding exchange of rings. There are , Zoroastrians worldwide with the majority around 60, residing in India. A Parsee Wedding, National Geographic, Public Domain.

But when they do, Patel feels strongly committed to passing down his religion.

Dinyar and Parinaz, who grew up in India, met at a Zoroastrian community event in Dubai. One approach is to visit a matchmaker: Roshan Rivetna, a Zoroastrian who lives in Illinois, keeps files on some eligible Zoroastrians. Otherwise, it can be tough to find a Zoroastrian to be with. Patel said he has heard about a mobile dating app under development in India intended for Zoroastrians; he has seen no equivalent in the United States.

Zoroastrian dating app

Some young Zoroastrians may want to date within the religion and find the prospect daunting. Cyrus Guzdar, 35, grew up Zoroastrian in Columbia, Maryland, and is currently dating a year-old woman, Claire Markham, who grew up Catholic.

Growing up, Guzdar never felt any pressure from his parents to marry within his religion.

What Is The Ancient Religion Zoroastrianism?

He and his mother attend an annual memorial service at the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington in honor of his father, who passed away several years ago, and he said he sometimes tags along to events with his mom, who has felt the desire to be more engaged in the community of late. At the temple, he has found that most of the couples are interfaith. Bamboat, a former therapist and early childhood educator, is now a freelance writer and blogger and a full-time mother.

In conservative circles in Bombay, including part of her family, interreligious marriages, such as her own, were not looked upon favorably, she said.

They had heard things were different in the U. They went to an event, and knew nobody but her aunt and uncle who lived in the area.

How Zoroastrian religion thrives in the online dating world in Australia, nearby regions

ZANC has a number of intermarried couples, and no one treats them any differently, she said. Our priest is open minded and a great resource for us," she sad. You definitely wouldn't see that happening in Bombay where the hostility and discomfort are apparent.

Little wonder then, that our numbers are growing in North America as the community thrives, while they are in decline all over India. Not all North American communities are the same, though.

Lylah Alphonse, an editor at U. From a demographic perspective, she said in an interview, the expectation that Zoroastrians will only marry others of their religion has been destructive. Inshe insisted that Alphonse should be allowed to have her navjote in Hyderabad, and that both of her brothers should have theirs in a joint ceremony in New Delhi. If readers are aware of any other good interactive matrimonial sites for the Parsis, do let us know to keep this list updated. Please add this website.

It is totally free site and most succesful in matchmaking Zarthostis from all over the world. All applicants are checked with Horoscope to ensure a Happily Married Life. Hi, Mr. Parvez T. Sethna, Mumbai ex merchant navy is helping Parsis by finding a good match. Parsis to settle in married bliss.

Patel said he has heard about a mobile dating app under development in India intended for Zoroastrians; he has seen no equivalent in the. Iraqi Kurdish women take pictures of Zoroastrian celebrations. Photo: New technologies, such as dating apps, are revitalising one of the world's. Dating question posts on weekly thread Any dating/relationship related questions should be on the Sunday . The app sucks. According to their rules of who is and who isn't a Zoroastrian, they believe that you're only a.

He has neither a web site nor e-mail address and operates from his residence in Juhu, Mumbai. He can be contacted on his residential landline telephone no. We aggregate profiles from top Indian matrimony services.

We had a quick look at your web site. This can confuse our Parsi youngsters seeking to marry, lead to inter-marriage, and destroy our community and religion. Yazdi, the reference was on the web site above, ie.

Yes, it is not your site. My lines were addressed to the person who made the comment about bandhan. Sites for match making and matrimony can be helpful to individuals who have no other means and time to look for partner offline.

Aapro. likes. Aapro App, is a mobile app thats coming soon. A non profit set up, its core purpose would be to connect a Parsi to Parsis in the. How Zoroastrian religion thrives in the online dating world in developed an exclusive Parsi dating and social media app in that helps. Although it took Ms Havewala seven years to get her 'Parsi-only' dating app off the ground, the first to tap into this open-market, Aapro - which is.

The benefit they can get is worth it. A compatible match can be at hand and offshore. Because of the internet technology the world becomes a smaller place to find someone capable of dating and loving you online. There are too many websites for matrimony. There should be a dedicated website for divorcees, widowers so that even they can relive their hope of marriage without any hitch.

Zoroastrian dating site - Join the leader in mutual relations services and find a date today. Join and search! Rich woman looking for older man & younger woman.

We match using horoscope to ensure Long and Happy life of the couple. Hi Havovi Contact Mr. Sethna He helps singles, divorced separated, with issues, without issues etc.

Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page: Fellow Parsi and Irani Zoroastrians seeking matrimonial We are a free non-commercial site, supported by ordinary Traditional . It could also be that the date on your computer is incorrect and it makes a cookie. Parsi / Irani Zoroastrian Matrimonial Web Sites the world becomes a smaller place to find someone capable of dating and loving you online. danmarks storste dating site this page and more. I've attended. Zarathustra greek zoroaster is based on a, founder of. Zoroaster's birth date it could also a good.

Can you add this site? So may you please take the time to answer these following questions thank you for your time. The site is very successful and we have provided several matches.

Applicants are from all over the world. I fully agree with Firoz that single Parsi youth require more international interactions urgently in order to have marriages within the community.

By reading the Gathas a french translation of course, not perfect but still useful! A very special feeling, when you discover that your philosophy, your way of life, your beliefs are condensed in these words… Interested by history and languages from all over the world, I started to learn Farsi at the Zoroastrian Cultural Center in Paris since 2 years now, and I will continueand I enjoy this time to learn more and more on Zoroastrianism with conferences etc.

Now, I feel very close to this belief…. Sadly, I also learnt that conversion is not allowed except by some zoroastrian communitiesjust like marriage outside of the community.

Here is my question : why? In ancient persia, conversions were not forbidden. Why now?

When a man is sinking in a river, beging for help, why to ignore him? Is it by fear? Maybe by purity? I hope you will understand my point. I really love Zoroastrianism, its values, its message, and all my wish is to wear the Kushti one day in my life. I do not understand why you have to wear the Kusti. You can always love Zoroastrianism, follow its message, principles and values. Nobody can stop you or anybody else in this world from the above. Also, you can go to Tajikisthan and convert if you so need, where neo zoroastrians are allowed.

Why bulldoze yourself into the Parsi community and question someones time tested practices and rituals. Two years is a very short time for a thorough conviction and conversion. But how to follow the message when no Zartoshti wants to show you? No Zoroastrian scriptures say any where in Avesta that conversion is forbidden.

Yes there are some organisations particularly in India who dot accept this True fact. I have friends who are actively into the business of conversion and are doing this only and only for the just case of Zoroastrianism.

Zoroastrianism is not bound to, or obliged toward, any caste or creed system. It is infect a Global idea of teaching Man kind that how to perfect the Likelihood of Nature and harmonize oneself with nature to attain the Highest form. It is all free just so to let you know. Yes, it is a fact that Zoroastrian community has managed to somehow survive but in a very desalute state. This community has been unfortunate due to the long long history of negligence that it has developed wrong principles based on the geographical regions where it lived which in this case happens to be India.

Culture plays a major role in the upbringing of the community no matter it be from any religion. As culture comes first then comes the religion. Unfortunately leaving Iran and settling in India is the major contributor toward the changes which we see in today, and that is the only True fact with no exceptions. And it will stay that way until the end unless the Community goes back to where it initially belonged i. If your intention is to only follow Zoroastrians you need not integrate with the Parsi community.

All the prayers books and rituals are easily available on the net or in the form of books. Nobody can stop you from following them or practicing them.

However, please note that just as you can become a Hindu by conversion but you cannot become a member of the Brahim Hindu community or the kshatriya hindu community. Same is the case in the Islam where you can become a Muslim by conversion but cannot become an Arab Muslim or a Pashtun Muslim.

There are thousands of such examples.

Even in America proselytizing is being carried by Mr. Ali Jaffrey who is a Zoroastrian convert.


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