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  • 14.02.2019
  • by Tagis

Interview with Christina bellasoulshop.coms. Currently appearing in ‘Bat Out of Hell the Musical’ .

Christina Bennington ‘I Need a Hero’ - Obsessed: Jim Steinman - 8/19/19 - Lena Hall

Several decades in the making, the show is now playing at the London Coliseum. I just thought the whole show was really magical. Andrew: Wow. We must have both been inspired by Disney in our childhood. I think the first musical I saw was Beauty and the Beast.

For anyone that hasn't seen the show, can you explain a little about the story line and how your characters fit into it?

Apr 18, - West End Bat Out of Hell Star Christina Bennington on Finding Her roles to date has been as vocally demanding as the teenage Raven, who. Jun 10, - This week we have an exclusive interview with Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington about their lives whilst starring in Bat Out of Hell.

Andrew: I play Strat, he is the leader of this Lost gang who are all 18 and never age. We're set in this post-apocalyptic world; the island of Manhattan, due to some cataclysmic event has broken off from the rest of the country and floated out to sea.

On this island there's a dictator named Falco who Strat is rebelling against and doing his best to liberate the people of Obsidian, give them equality, make them all feel special and give them value in their lives.

As he is rebelling against Falco and this violent revolution, he suddenly realises that Falco has a beautiful daughter who's name is Raven Christina: We find Raven on the eve of her 18th birthday.

She has been watching Strat and the gang of The Lost for basically as long as she can remember. They have all the freedom and liberation that she's always wanted so she eventually manages to escape and meet Strat. From there it's all about love for the two. Andrew, you were involved in the show from the workshop stage, so what was that like and how was it for you Christina, joining a little later. Did you both know how big the show would end up?

C: Absolutely not!

It's my first time playing a role of this size and I'm so thrilled and feel very lucky. We have an amazing company and we all work really well together.

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I was lucky enough to cover Gina Beck in Show Boat and she was a wonderful mentor in showing me how to be a leading lady. Did you know Meat Loaf 's music well beforehand?

Jun 15, - Relative newcomers Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington were thrilled to land the lead roles in Jim Steinman's musical Bat Out of Hell. Apr 7, - Christina trained at Guildford School of Acting, Guildford before going on to appear in various roles including - Raven in Bat Out of Hell. May 24, - This week, Belfast-born West End actress Christina Bennington. Twenty-six year old Belfast actress, Christina Bennington has enjoyed West End Warwick on the hard rockers' new LP Another State of Grace and Irish dates.

Christina: Of course. My dad used to play it on car journeys.

So I was familiar with all the music, but it's definitely different to be given the opportunity to sing it and rediscover the music as an adult. Andrew: It's great music to sing and listen to - and to actually meet Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman through the process has been a dream. Andrew: The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic and futuristic Manhattan. The island has broken off from the rest of North America through a cataclysmic event and has floated out to sea.

BWW Interview: Stars Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington Talk BAT OUT OF HELL

The island is now ruled by a tyrant called Falco. I play Strat - an year-old, Peter Pan-like character who doesn't age and is the epitome of rock and roll and rebellious youth. With his forever 18 gang The Losthe is fighting against Falco and his overbearing militia. He then realises that Falco has a daughter named Raven and turns into a pile of mush as he falls head over heels in love with her Christina: And I play Raven.

She's lived a sheltered life, locked away by her parents. She watches the world through the window and when she finally gets to meet Strat, it's a meeting of minds. I can relate to Raven's need to follow her heart.

Andrew: Strat is a combination of so many rock and roll legends. However, he most strongly resembles Jim Morrison - a combination of innocence and complete recklessness.

He is a poet and a dangerous revolutionary. Playing in rock and roll bands for many years and researching a lot of old concerts, it has been a blast to bring Jim Steinman 's character to life because he is truly based on the blueprints of what built rock and roll in the first place.

Were you influenced by Meat Loaf 's style of singing?

Christina bennington dating

Christina: What's been so amazing for me is that through this process, I've been given license by Jim Steinman and our musical supervisor Mike Reed to find these songs in my own voice.

It's an incredible challenge doing these huge songs justice and Meat Loaf himself gave us amazing advice.

He told us to commit to the emotions and make the songs our own. Andrew: No one can sing like Meat Loaf - he's a vocal Olympian.

He landed on the moon first and we are following in his footsteps. This might not be very rock and roll but I do a lot of Pilates. Did you know from the outset that you and Andrew would click, given that your stage chemistry is so important? Honestly, from the day we met I think we knew it was going to work.

We have a very similar energy as people and are very open in how we work, and we know how to play onstage and what our boundaries are.

Is anyone else gutted Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington will no longer share the stage? 6 comments. share. save hide Are they dating? Will definitely be. Commercials: Benefit Christmas campaign. Christina is thrilled to be returning to the West End in Bat Out Of Hell. View my full profile at Global Artists or  Missing: dating ?| Must include: dating. Bat Out Of Hell the Musical: New York and Andrew Polec. In the thrilling BAT OUT OF HELL, @christinabenn plays an unconventional musical heroine: a fierce warrior disguised as an emo princess. Watch as @BatTheMusicalNY stars @christinabenn and @AndrewPolec sing tell us all about.

Do you need music before each performance to get in the zone? I play music I think Raven would listen to just to get myself mentally prepared.

What's on your playlist? Stuff like [English rock duo] Royal Blood, which is a band I think Raven would like, and also [Welsh folk band] Estron: those are the most recent ones. Were you a Meat Loaf devotee growing up in Northern Ireland? In what respect? Are you surprised, given roles that have included Magnolia in Show Boatto have landed this role?

Christina Bennington - All She Wants - (The Crazy Coqs Presents: The New Musical Theatre Showcase)

This is so out of my vocal comfort.


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