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  • 20.05.2019
  • by Kajiramar

Hi Mike - Carly the Prepster

College Prepster Apartment Tour

Biiiiiiiiig breath. I know this is a highly requested, and possibly even necessary , post. During our monthly calls, we just skip right past the page at this point! For the first few months, I barely could respond because every message served as a reminder. Sometimes hourly. Was I so sick for weeks that I could barely eat?

Wishing you lots of happiness together! On a side note, where did you get those espadrilles in your first photo? I had similar ones but wore them down to their breaking point. So glad you guys clearly came to a conclusion on how to handle your relationship on the blog!

The happiness that exudes from both of you is too adorable! Well done. Thank you for sharing with us. This is worth the wait! I have been so curious!!!! He looks like a really nice guy! I am so happy for you and thank you for sharing this part of your life. You are a picture perfect couple! Handsome fella, you guys make such a lovely couple! What a fun coincidence about the lake in NY. My heart is filled with joy for you!!

I am so happy you are with someone so wonderful, I have been reading your blog for years and while you never need a guy I am so happy to see how much he adds to your life and happiness!

I got too nervous to get drinks with (do people even “date” anymore?!) someone. I saw someone from college who I hadn't seen in a long time. What's it like to date an underachiever like Garrett? Most EMTs (& firefighters) don't have college degrees (he does, I know, which is odd given. Carly the Prepster / The College Prepster / Carly Heitlinger Also, someone asked her for dating advice a few weeks ago when she did that IG.

I also met a wonderful guy finally after many hard breakups, finding a good one is hard! Thanks for introducing him to us! Finally reading this! And happy to meet Mike! What a crazy coincidence about the lake. Such a small world! Never miss a thing! Sign up for notifications of each new post! Prev Post: Diary No. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

You too are so cute!!! You both look good together! Happy for you, Carly! Hd Reply. Thanks for sharing, Carly!!! Aww so cute! Love how you closed down the bar on your first date! So happy for you both!

College prepster dating

Your comments are going to blow up today! Congrats you too! Thanks so much for sharing, and congrats on two years! Have been following you sincebut this is my first ever comment on your blog Reply.

Aww so happy for you Carly. This is so precious.

You look so happy in all the photos! Oh my goodness you guys are so cute together! OMG I am so excited right now! Love you both so much!!! It is great to finally meet Mike! The pictures are lovely. You look so happy! Congratulations on two years! So happy for you!! I need friends like yours…congrats!! This is the cutest and greatest thing ever.

So happy for you! OH my gracious — the cuteness!!! Stunning couple!!! Love looks good on you two! So happy for you, Carly. Sweet story! The photos of your adventures are lovely! You two look so great together! You guys look so happy together! Congrats Carly! My heart is so happy! He looks like such a kind person.

So beyond happy for you two! You guys are so cute together and you look so happy! Thank you for letting us meet Mike. You guys are adorable together! Get it girl! Happy for you both! Loved this sweet post.

Let’s Get Real

You look so so so happy!! You deserve every moment. You two look perfect together! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for offering your authenticity and genuine advice!!! I think breakups are a universal life experience and most everyone goes through a few big ones in their life.

Just like Patti on the Millionaire Matchmaker says stay with meyou have to have your non-negotiables and learning through previous relationships definitely helps focus in on what those are!

Thank you for this post! This was amazing! This should be on a mandatory email list to every twenty something out there because its so freaking true!!!! Its insane that once you bave moved on and you look back to when you felt like death and you realize its the best damn thing that can happen to you, not only because it allows you to become better yourself but because you learn so many thins from it. And just like you said when you are in tht new relationship with all those lessons under your arm and it the relationship is SOO MUCH better, you are just like wooah.

I am so so incredibly happy for you, because you are the proof of how handling the break up with class is always the best answer. And if I could offer you any advice is to keep your new man private for a little longer, dont get me wrong after you said how cute he is I wanna see him, but at the same time you gotta cherish those momenta of privacy even more. I dont have a blog but I kepr my husand private for while, specially from social media we never went fb official because we have always felt it opens the door to people criticizing or just watching what happens with your relationship waiting for something to go wrong, its just how people are, and honestly we loved to keep everyone guessing.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant, I am just so happy for you and this post! Hey girl! After reading this, now I feel guilty for DMing you on instagram right afterward! I, too, told you that it will get better over time, and guess what…you survived and lived through it! When at first I was looking for superficial things, the demise of my preious relationship were those real-life stresses that only time reveals. Now that I am with someone who is the complete opposite, I no longer carry that stress and anxiety and it is so refreshing.

I wish you so much daily happiness! Carly, you are the best!! Great post, Carly. You lived that truth well before your break up as well as through it and post.

Five Tips for Dating ?? - Carly Heitlinger's Dating Advice

What a breath of fresh air and a great role model. Truly, thank you. Loved this post, Carly! We appreciate all your hard work. Well written Carly! I now know more about myself and what I want in a relationship. Thanks Carly!! As a follower for several years, I am so proud of you for writing this. Breakups are hard as hell and especially when you shared that part of your life with us all.

Keep your heart open and your chin up, you got this girl!

Carly, As always, your thoughts are so eloquently put. I think people often forget, especially with those who live public lives, that break ups are so personal. Every break up is different just like every relationship. But I think this post really highlights ways that anyone can deal with a breakup in the most graceful of ways. Great post.

Thank you for writing it! My heart really broke for you last December. I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you being so brave by opening up about this touchy topic. You are such a great role model, especially to younger women, and this post truly reflects that. Thanks for sharing. I have always thought that we are so similar, and all of your posts about anxiety have always helped me through, as I also struggle with an anxiety and panic disorder.

I also went through a terrible break up about a month ago. And everything you said is spot on. Such an insightful post, and I so admire you for holding to your dignity! Bless you and Happy Fall! Wise, thoughtful words, Carly. And your comments about keeping your head above the fray are spot-on. People choosing to air their personal grievances online are the downside of social media. Good thoughts as you continue on your journey.

Thank you for this post, Carly!

r/blogsnark: Swipe up to snark on your favorite bloggers, influencers and everything else on the internet. After my college bf and I broke up, I thought my life was over. 4 years of dating through college, and then a breakup. I thought he was the one. CINTHIA ALVAREZ, associate editor of the Prepster: Colin's got a whole treasure going on to edit the Princetonian in college and, later, the Chicago Tribune.

I have always found that those past breakups strengthened my heart for more of what life threw my way. I recently went through a break up and looking forward to your blog posts was something that really helped me to take things day-by-day.


You mentioned the breakup right around the time I went through mine, and I adopted a similar mentality to yours. If you were still able post every day, then I would survive, too.

Three months out from the breakup, this post was a great reminder for me to reflect and realize that it was a good thing to happen, no matter how painful, and that I have come a long way in terms of moving on and accepting it. Thank you, Carly! The ying and the yang. That relationship was a life we began building together having bought a house together, raising his children, a ton of mutual friends, largely couples that we even vacationed with.

That breakup proved who the true friends were and who were more acquaintances. That breakup paved the way for me to meet my now husband just married Oct 21!! I could not be happier than I have been for the last 5 years.

Kudos to you how you handled yours- you live a very public life and we are happy to see how happy you are today.

This is my favorite post you have ever written! Related: This is a great post. I love how honest you were. And relatable too. I have been where you have been and you are absolutely right, it does get better, it just takes time.

At the end of the day all you can do is keep moving and hold your head high.

Learn from the relationship, be grateful for the lessons, and move forward. Mad props, Carly for your courageous post.

Carly-thank you SO much for sharing this. Definitely a dose of encouragement for many. Yes, we get pissed off at the misspelled words and poor grammar. But again, she makes us lots of money and that's why we keep her around. She brings in double the money that Mackenzie Horan Design Darling did. I don't want to use the word "drop" but we've been passing on Mackenzie because she started asking for too much money.

Her ROI is nowhere near Carly's. Frankly, I think Mackenzie needs to go back and start refocusing on interiors instead of fashion because her blog was so much better. For the record, Mackenzie is a very sweet and very fun girl. We like her a lot at the office. We also like Sarah Vickers a lot, she's another very nice woman. As far as Garrett goes, he's not the major fratbro douche a lot of people seem to think he is.

Yeah, he doesn't come across well on film but he's pretty nice and friendly. He has a dry sense of humor, I wonder if that's why people think he's an ass. As far as the cheating rumors go, I don't know. I think they spend too much time together for him to cheat.

However, a few of my coworkers swear they saw him several times this past summer at Middle Branch with a tall blond. Oh, this is GOLD. I love the Jenny Humphrey reference because I can totally picture it. Going from wide-eyed and naive to ruthless in the span of a few seasons. And the intel on Garrett is also very interesting I find him to be kind of funny, personally - there's a lot of sarcasm there - but I still think he treats Carly kind of weird.

In the handful of situations where I've seen them together they always acted fine to me. I'm going to borrow the GOMI term "white knight" for Garrett for a second: He's the low man on the totem pole where his job is concerned. When it comes to things like shift bids, he's going to get the fewest hours and the worst shifts. This is why he has so much time on his hands.

Word around the office is that Carly is bringing in the mid-six figures a year so it doesn't really matter if Garrett works that much or not. Obviously, if they talk about how much they love their new purse one day and are selling it on instagram the next, yeah, we're going to be mad.

A year after it was featured on a post? Don't care. I do like that Carly kept her reseller profile low. We do keep close tabs on the bloggers we work with. Not only do we ask for stats, we'll watch their social media. We look for interaction with readers, reaction to the products, etc. Of course, we also read GOMI. As much as we love the comments on GOMI and here now, I guess, we really don't take them into consideration when we decide to work with a blogger.

It all comes down to dollars. If working with someone makes us money, we're going to do it. For everyone who says working with Carly will make them never buy my brand again, there are 10 people who do. If this is true, is there even a line where a brand will decide that the potential profit just isn't worth being associated with a blogger who crosses it?? That's kind of disgusting that brands would turn a blind eye to shitty behavior just to make a quick buck.

Businesses will work with all sorts of shitty people to make a buck. It's the nature of the beast. When we work with bloggers and sponsor a post, it's like buying an ad in magazine.

Is her behavior shitty? In the long run, Carly's behavior is pretty vanilla. She goes long lengths to keep her nose clean. The whole teacher thing was really off-brand for her. Knowing that they know how some of these bloggers come across and work with them anyways kind of cheapens the brand, imo. Not that they care what I think, but definitely makes me glad I don't click on bloggers' links! I would love to also know what the brand is - trying to think of overlap between the 3 bloggers where Carly would be pulling in the most dough.

I feel like her audience skews very young while Design Darling's is post-college with more disposable income. So true.

I'm trying to guess as well. Leaning towards LP because KS seems a little more out of reach to teenagers at least apparel wise? I don't know the first thing about teenagers, haha.

I'm leaning towards LP as well due to the username, and the fact that it's a brand that appeals to "preppy" teenagers and has worked with Carly, Sarah, and Mackenzie at some point.

I guess we'll never find out for sure though due to the NDA, which I can understand as I wouldn't want someone to lose their job over a silly Reddit thread.

I have to say that I'm intrigued by this information. The "Jenny Humphrey to Blair Waldorf" transformation is very telling about who Carly has become as her blog has taken off, and more importantly how she acts when she knows there aren't any cameras on her. I've always been curious about what Carly is like IRL once she's stepped away from her carefully curated online persona. As discussed on GOMI, it's pretty obvious that "The College Prepster" and Carly are two entirely different people - it's all about branding, and in some ways she's essentially playing a character.

Not sure if you're allowed to answer this due to the nature of the NDA, but how much does Carly charge per sponsored post? You're right, between an NDA and insider trading considerations, I'd like to keep my workplace in the dark. In person, Carly doesn't really come across as how she does on her blog.


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