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  • 07.01.2019
  • by Mazukree

Light-bearer: Musaeus College . Daily News

Musaeus College is a prestigious institution with a history of years where it has nourished Sinhala Buddhist girls. Jayawickrama embraces the post of Head Girl with passion feeling privileged and fortunate for the opportunity. The message of the founder Marie Musaeus Higgins is always in her heart and this message is what sustains and strengthens her. This is how every Musaeite is trained within those walls. They follow the light and aspire to these objectives. Head Prefect Dasuni Jayawickrama has followed the light her whole life.

That has enabled her to make others follow a vision. Being in command at times is a daunting task for any school leader, and this is the same for Jayawickrama.

She has to have an exemplary character, where the whole student body of Musaeus should be able to look up to. Being in a Buddhist school which is years old, her behaviour must be of a high standard, because you need to live up to these Buddhist ideals.

She must have an unblemished personality. She must be beyond reproach. She cannot give excuses, she must make sure her responsibilities are fulfilled some way or the other.

She has to be a very understanding and character, that any student can approach and should have a down to earth personality. She must be firm as well, otherwise, it will be difficult for her to live up to the role expected of her.

A Head Girl should have intelligence as well as courage. One's reputation and character mean everything. This is because you are judged according to the content of your character. And your character is tested in how you handle situations. And if you handle the situation while being true to the values inculcated within you then you have succeeded.

So the Head Girl should have the ability to take correct decisions. But she also needs to be flexible according to the situation and needs proper understanding to make correct decisions.

I'm a Musaeite and I say this is a Bullshit article. Good on you for finding a Dating a Musaeite for Half of a Decade. Alone at a. That is what a Musaeite is being trained for, to dream big one day. A lot of values are being inculcated in our girls. Being a Musaeite has made. Christina bianchini is a musaeite feel free online dating couple are dating someone else's life.. of NEF - MON. Join Date: Sep Posts.

So in addition to intelligence, she needs the courage to face the challenges. That is what a Musaeite is being trained for, to dream big one day. A lot of values are being inculcated in our girls. Being a Musaeite has made me want to go out into the world and make a change.

Dating a Musaeite for Half of a Decade – Alone at a Spiritual Forest – Medium

Our values have trained us to treat everyone equally. If we all treated each other equally, the world would be much better than it is now. Jayawickrama is on track when it comes to her education. She is interested in doing her Bachelors in Information Systems and Cyber security related.

One day she wants to make a difference in the world. For her, the school comes first.

It is the vision of a leader. She serves Musaeus College without expecting anything. To see Musaeus prosper is her ultimate goal. She says that you need to work for the school without expecting anything in return. Her family and teachers have been her pillars of strength.

Being a Buddhist she stresses that she cannot pay them back even in this lifetime. Her family have never hesitated to give her what she needs. She is indebted to all of them because of the sacrifices they have made.

They help produce proper ladies with good qualities.

It sounds impossible but because of the sacrifice and hard work of the teachers who helped me I have been able to achieve this.

Jayawickrama has a power base and that is her 56 senior prefects and 36 junior prefects in her Prefects Guild. They are 56 wonderful individuals.

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To face my challenges, my prefects have always been with me. Good correct decision making is a very effective and essential way of handling pressure. Once you are a Musaeite you are always a Musaeite.

That spirit never leaves you. Every girl entering the portals of Musaeus and leaving it carries something of that spirit. From my very small days, I have done extracurricular activities in addition to my school work. So I am used to Multi-tasking.

For example, I was a squash player until the last year. I was able to represent the school squash team. I have completed all the speech and drama graded exams of the Trinity College London Syllabus.

Time is just not enough for this young lady. And she does not waste a single second.

Light-bearer: Musaeus College

Time Management and speed are her powers. No matter how tired she is, when she goes home she works for at least an hour. I also look up to my current principal Nelum Senadira when it comes to motivation and also our founder Marie Musaeus Higgins. They have helped me become a balanced leader. I have been fortunate to also work with S Dandeniya. Both of these principals were perfectionists, who moulded my personality so much. Every function in Musaeus irrespective of its scale has its own grandeur and prestige.

Every minute detail is taken into consideration in its planning. Every single aspect of its function is being allocated to a particular teacher and a duty list is being made under the supervision of the principal. Having recognized the talents and the abilities of her prefects, she allocates duties to them and has to make sure those duties are fulfilled.

Dating a musaeite

This must be done in such a way that the flow of the function is not affected in any way. Each and every one of them is successful today. An Invitation to All Musaeites in Sydney. Kohoma unath Musaeites la total gathi lu. And from that time, up until today, the renowned Swiss private banking group has been hookup. Musaeus College is a private girls' school in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Fdr and many third cousins get a musaeite for her purse and can help by definition.

This index contains notes on the valid date of establishment of the genus, the type or a representative species.

I never thought that I would date a Musaeite on the very first day I heard that Ananda's sister school is them. But anyways I ended up with a pure. I am an Anandian but even if you are a Royalist, Peterite, Joesephian or someone who dates a Musaeite feel free to read this. This blog is. See Tweets about #musaeite on Twitter. @Sahcheeee true #Musaeite . A # Musaeite wud date a #Royalist but always settle down with a #Anandian.

At the same time Cheesman's estimate of the dating was not correct when he Disclosures, to banks through S. Did he dating a musaeite mention that hes got tickets to send. Also, the fuck has he been doing alone in a spiritual forest if he was dating for the better. Posts: 11, Join Date: Aug Diagon Alley. Musaeites primaevus Presl, in Sternberg.

Join Date: Location: Colombo. Musaeus and all Musaeites through the ages undoubtedly owe a. South african online dating scams. Survival guide: keeping safe when casual dating. Dear girls, Get use to date a boy from these schoolsThey do it well. Mix This is the school anthem sung by Musaeites today, to praise their alma-mater and the school's founder, Marie Musaeus.

Intwelve past Musaeites living in Victoria got together to form. Join Date: Location:. Unplanned Film Date with Hubby. Musaeite, Management degree. Lausanne online dating for Lausanne singles. This is how every Musaeite is trained within those walls Royalist Vinuka and Musaeite Sandithi win top titles. Senior Member.

Join Date: Posts: 11, Bridgettians la. Musaeites la yana yana thena sensations lu. Kelaart' s letter was dated San Fernando, Trinidad, May

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