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  • 18.02.2019
  • by Mulkis

Top 10 shapeshifters in fiction . Children's books . The Guardian

TOP 10 Shapeshifters in the Universe

It's not exactly lying as Wade's actions are all motivated by love. Sure, he may look like a sculpture made of dried bubble gum and he has some serious personality problems, but Wade Wilson has a lengthy list of love interests over the years. The sense of humor and abs probably help. He's been married a handful of times. The guy gets around. Let's take a look at the ladies of his life who could look past his skin texture.

Samantha's genetics research can cause this in herself and her test subjects if the DNA gets too unstable. Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead : Fluttershy 's were-creature transformation kicks in automatically when in a certain environment under the full moon.


Films Animation. In The Cat Returnsthe Fisher Kingdom effect of the cat's world lingers on protagonist Haru; even after returning home, she still turns into a Cat Girl whenever she's around the Baron. It goes away when the Care Bears accidentally wake him up. Films Live-Action. The T from Terminator 2: Judgment Day suffers this after recovering from being frozen and shattered in the foundry.

It's a series of deleted cutscenes showing the cyborg keep losing control of his colors and changing to the environment that he walks on.

Occurs in just about every incarnation of The Shaggy Dog. Madison in Splash turns back into a mermaid whenever she gets wet, as demonstrated in the scene where the mad scientist Walter sprays her with a hose. The Nutty Professor : Quite a lot happens in the '90s remake, especially at the end. Ladyhawkea story of two lovers. By day, she is a hawk. By night, he is a black wolf. And as long as a day is followed by night and a night is followed by daythey can never meet.

In Beyond Sherwood ForestAlina turns into a dragon whenever sunlight falls on her, then she reverts when she is in the dark.

In The Wolfmanmuch as he would like to, Lawrence is unable to stop himself from transforming and is completely subject to the phases of the moon. In Zeligthe titular character played by Woody Allen is discovered to have this ability and called "The Human Chameleon". The reason for this is not because of any magic, but due to his psychology that stemmed from not being able to admit he had not read Moby-Dick.

This resulted in him being so desperate to fit in that he changes opinions, facial hair, race, but not genders.

They will transform whenever that happens, whether you like it or not. Happens at one point in The Screwtape Lettersby C. In a letter to his idiot apprentice Wormwood, the titular bureaucrat devil Screwtape works himself up to so much anger that he accidentally transforms into a giant centipede.

In AnimorphsRachel has an allergic reaction to a crocodile morph, and the book "The Reaction" deals with her uncontrollable changes back and forth. One book has Marco changing into hybrid morphs whenever he is stressed out. At the worst possible times. As seen in Maskeradehis morphic field remembers the shape and shifts back to it when under stress, much to Greebo's consternation. In The Last Continentthe Librarian catches the flu and, again, because of a weakened morphic field, changes shape every time he sneezes.

Werewolves have to transform in the light of the full moon, but beyond that they can change whenever they like. There's a variant in Lupine from Reaper Mana wolf who transforms into a human at the full moon. In Katie MacAlister's Aisling-Grey-Series, Drake Aisling's mate and dragon-in-human-form shapeshifts only when he orgasms, otherwise he isn't able to willingly shapeshift anymore. Sewer Jack of the Wild Cards series turns into a huge alligator under stress.

His life has a lot of stress. If you're in The Dresden Filesthere's a couple choices for shapeshifting. There's some nifty Black Magic belts that turn you into a wolf and corrupt your souland then there's loup-garous.

As in, Nigh Invulnerable Berserker Super-Werewolves that change every lunar cycle no matter what and need the type of power that could restrain an archangel to hold them. There's a reason that all Harry has to do to communicate to Murphy in a later book that the police can't help with the problem they're dealing with is to say it's 'worse than the loup-garou'. In Marie de France's lai BisclavretBisclavret must change into a wolf every week, and can not change back without his clothing.

In the Chivalric Romance The Swan Childrenthe children are born to a swan maiden with chains about their necks. When these are removed, they turn into swans.

In JK Rowling's Harry Potter books, involuntary shapeshifting at the full moon is part and parcel of lycanthropy. Boggarts are capable of voluntary shape-shifting which they use to become something frighteningbut the spell used to counter these creatures causes them to involuntarily shape shift into something funny.

Lawrence Lamb meets a little russet man who puts a spell on him that causes him to transform into different animals uncontrollably - first a horse, but also a seagull, a goldfish, a cat, a lion, a dog and a kangaroo. A Torchwood spinoff novel reveals that this has happened to Torchwood employees so often in the past that they provide an informative pamphlet on what to do last updated It notes that if you're capable of reading the pamphlet, you've already passed the biggest hurdle by not going utterly mad from the revelation or dying from incompatibility of nervous systems.

As opposed to the Baleful Polymorph his brother got. In Sarah A. Hoyt 's Draw One in the Darkboth Tom and Kyrie shift under the influence of emotions and the moon.

A bond between them. At the end of AwakenedRephaim is given a human form by Nyx, but he must become a raven again during the day. In Susan Dexter 's The True KnightSavrin, pushed into the river, turns into an otter until a wizard catches her and pulls her out, whereupon she turns back.

a Trademark - ShapeShifters is a comic book, graphic novel & video animation series featuring action Get a ShapeShifters mug for your girlfriend Julia. 6. Carol Danvers on the cover of Captain Marvel #9, Marvel Comics () . other series, she wasn't somebody's girlfriend; she wasn't somebody's daughter. . Every skrull can shapeshift, perfectly mimicking both animate and. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter) Frobisher, the Whifferdill companion of the Sixth and Seventh Doctors, frequently used his River Song once dated a shapeshifter.

Later, he pushes her in again to save her, and she turns to an otter again, and nearly drowns in her clothes. When Titch rescues her, she turns to a duck and then a salmon, trying to escape, but remembers nothing after.

In The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender, the protagonist who herself has the ability to taste emotions Rose's brother Joseph disappears into thin air throughout the novel, at one point right before his high school graduation. Near the end of the book it is revealed that he involuntarily turns into pieces of furniture for varying periods of time.

At one point, he simply turns into a chair and never turns back. The werewolves from Wolves of Mercy Falls Series. Shifting all depends on the temperature. How cold it needs to be for a werewolf to shift from human to wolf depends.

In The Girl from the Miracles DistrictNikita's berserk form is triggered by high adrenaline levels. She has a spinal implant that helps keep them in check, but it's far from a perfect solution. The Crimson Shadow : Greensparrow made a pact with a dragon to share his body in return for magical powers. Most of the time he can control this, but the dragon forces him to transform occasionally.

In the Sonja Blue series, people who become vampires experience some moderate involuntary shapeshifting when they first transform. Not a lot, but enough to hide their previous identity. It conveniently includes fingerprints.

This is why nobody knows that Blue is actually the long-lost heiress Denise Thorne. Live-Action TV. In the first episode of Angelthe title character immediately guesses that Doyle is a demon. He insists that he's not then sneezes, causing numerous spines to come out of his face.

Doctor Who : Time Lords can "regenerate" when dying, an Emergency Transformation that revives their body with a new life and a new actor. It is unclear whether or not the regeneration process is voluntary or if it happens automatically; in one episodethe Master voluntarily refused to regenerate, choosing to let himself die. Also, regeneration does not seem to be a particularly traumatic experience in Time Lord society, with its members casually congratulating each other on their new appearance.

It's only the Doctor who seems to have a particularly tough time of it. Saibra from " Time Heist " assumes the appearance of anyone she touches, for as long as they remain touching. She can choose to retain the appearance for as long she likes after they stop touching, but she can't choose not to mimic a person while they're in contact. Galidor : The main character's special ability allows him to exchange his limbs with other beings, an ability which works properly a very small percentage of the time.

Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde has this as the theme, the main character is a girl who uncontrollably turns into a furry yeti-like thing at inopportune moments. Kaamelott : Merlin, as a druid, can turn into various animals.

However, much like the rest of his magiche doesn't control it much and follows whatever animal spirit governs the week. Legend of the Seeker : The king in "Cursed" turns into a monster by night to stop the D'Harans invading.

He can't stop it, even killing his wife unknowingly. After he dies, his daughter receives the curse. The Magicians : Kady, Penny, Quentin and Alice turn into geese at the end of their test, flying to Antarctica in that form. Later Quentin and Alice become foxes in Antarctica-they even have sex that way.

In one episode of Mystery Science Theater"The Undead", a witch named Lydia who transforms into a bat in the movieappears on the Satellite of Love. As she tries to deliver a scary speech to Mike and the 'Bots, she starts shapeshifting into all sorts of things, uncontrollably.

The funniest one is when she very briefly shifts into Pearl Forrester, who looks very confused at her new surroundings.

Dating a shapeshifter comic

Vrak from Power Rangers Megaforce is a rare unintentional example as a result of meta events. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine : Odo's race, the Changelings, cannot maintain solid forms for extended periods of time, with Odo himself having to occasionally return to his native liquid form, usually once per day. His main piece of furniture? A bucket to sleep in. In one later season, Odo is locked into his humanoid form as a punishment for being the only Changeling to kill another Changeling.

He got better. In another he's the victim of a device that prevents him from shapeshifting while it's active, as a form of torture. What happens to him isn't pretty. In "The Alternate" episode, he unconsciously transforms into a monster several times after being exposed to a strange gas on an alien planet.

Sam Merlotte from True Blood normally has complete control over his transformations, except during the full moon or in the presence of Maryanne. The British TV show Woof!

In European folklore, there are two kinds of werewolves the merely cursed and the truly evil. Aconitum spp. The latter deliberately turn themselves with evil witchcraft, which typically involves wearing fur of a wolf on their back. Puppet Shows. Fraggle Rock gives us Skinfred, a one-off Empathic Shapeshifter whose physical appearance changes depending on what other people think about him ; it's impressive how upbeat his personality is given this form of being Blessed with Suck.

Red and Wembly like him, think he's very cute and friendly Ma Gorge does not like him, thinks he's creepy and scary for living in her flooded basement, and wonders if he's actually a giant, fanged, two-headed monster.

Guess what happens next. Skinfred: "Aw, I hate having to be a monster! Eric from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues had a superpower that would forcibly transform him into an array of powerful monsters.

Once his player dropped out, causing him to disappearDestiny inherited the power. They are both villains For the Evulz rather than for money or power. Tabletop Games. There's many spells one can learn to transform others.

The Tau's Kroot minions in Warhammer 40, assimilate the properties of whatever they eat, whether they want to or not. This means that all Kroot must eat sentient creatures or devolve into beasts themselves. Magic: The Gathering : Changelings are every creature type at once.

This includes anything from squirrels, whales, to Gods. That being said, they are affected by anything targeting a specific kind of creature, be it beneficial or downright fatal. A typical Sliver does not itself possess the ability to shapeshift except if that is its ability.

Their shifty-ness comes from the fact that they tend to share their inherent abilities with other Slivers. If said ability is having, say, an extra arm, a pair of wings, or even a second freakin' HEAD, that ability is passed to any Slivers nearby, be they allies, neutral, or hostile. The shared ability is also lost when the source Sliver either leaves the area or dies. In a single battle one may encounter Slivers spontaneously sprouting and losing all manner of appendages and protrusions.

This power is was completely beyond their control. Que a bit of Fridge Horror for them when one considers how bad growing pains can be; imagine having an extra limb suddenly pop out from your chest within seconds, complete with the sound of snapping tendons and straining muscle.

Video Games. Kingdom Hearts : Due to a Heroic Sacrifice from the first game, when Sora transforms into his "Drive" formsit may occasionally "malfunction" and turn him into "Anti-Sora" who looks very similar to a Heartless instead in Kingdom Hearts II. Riku transforms into Xehanort's Heartless to tap into his power.

He regains his normal form because exploding Kingdom Hearts' power 'purified' him of the foreign influence. He has varying degrees of control over it, although in Dirge of Cerberushe can't control his Chaos transformation when the Protomateria is pulled out of his body. Ouendan : Goro Okami wolfs out at the sight of round objects be it a bald head, eggs, a baseball, ear rings and eyes.

The Many Loves of Deadpool: 13 Ladies Who Loved the Merc with a Mouth

He fears that this will freak out his date but in the end, she finds out and loves him even more. Cave Story : During the closing credits, Sue and Itoh are returned to their human forms, only to revert back to their Mimiga forms when they sneeze.

Whether or not this becomes a recurring problem is never explained. Castform also has the ability to control the weather. Giratina can only assume its serpentine Origin Forme when within the Distortion World or when holding the Griseous Orb, an item from that world. Shaymin can only transform into its Sky Forme after exposure to a Gracidea flower.

In Prince of Persia: The Two Thronesthe Prince acquires a "Dark Self" that takes over his body during times of extreme danger though the player is still in control of the Princeand can only change back if he touches water.

The Elder Scrolls In every game starting with Daggerfallthe Player Character can catch one of the diseases which leads to vampirism and then undergo this to become a Vampire. After this happens, you risk damage or at least weakness from sunlight and, depending on the specific vampire bloodline, either magically drain health from NPCs or drink blood from sleeping NPCs. In Oblivion and Skyrimwhile the transformation itself is still involuntary, it is possible to avert Glamour Failure and maintain The Masquerade by feeding regularly, which allows you to maintain a mortal appearance.

This is also true for becoming a werewolf in each game where it is possible, with the exception of Skyrim as the particular type of lycanthropy there allows for voluntary transformations.

In Daggerfallyou transform one a month and must kill a sentient being during that night. In Morrowind 's Bloodmoon expansion, you transform nightly with the same "kill a sentient being" rule.

another form. Aimee Carter, author of the Simon Thorn shapeshifting series, picks the best. Mystique, from the X-Men comics and movies. In mythology, folklore and speculative fiction, shapeshifting is the ability to physically transform In the X-Men Marvel Comics and films, the character Mystique is a blue female mutant that can transform into any sort of person. She can also. Nimona is a fantasy webcomic by the American comics writer and artist Noelle Stevenson. The titular character Nimona is a rambunctious young shapeshifter and the sidekick of the "Fox Carves Out Dates for 6 Mystery Marvel Movies".

In either case, failure to kill someone while transformed causes you to awaken the next morning in a severely weakened state. In the Jak and Daxter series all games but the firstJak is infected with a substance called Dark Eco and transforms into a hulking, monstrous version of himself when sufficiently angry or distressed.

He eventually learns to control it to some degree. The same thing happens to Daxter during The Lost Frontier. Baldur's Gate II contains many examples of shapeshifting, mostly voluntary class abilities or offensive Polymorph Other, aka Baleful Polymorphbut there are several involuntary ones as well. The best example is the Slayer transformation, which can be triggered voluntarily but also happens involuntarily after certain events or dreams. Another example is the description of the Shapeshifter class, which specifies that the Shapeshifter has voluntarily inflicted themselves with the sort of lycanthropy that causes involuntarily shapeshifting into a Werewolf, but then studied for many years to learn to control said transformations to make them voluntary, at the cost of failing to learn any other shapeshifted form.

The party can seek out Seeds of Reasoning, giving him the ability to control his monster transformation and prompting him to join your party. You can become one temporarily in NetHackby wearing a ring of polymorph, or permanently by eating it. Combining it with a ring of polymorph control does exactly what it sounds like, making you a Voluntary Shapeshifter instead. Moshi Monsters has the two species Little Red Riding Wolves who are wolves that turn into little girls whenever the moon is full and Wonky Wizards wizards who have Power Incontinence and sometimes turn into Pixel-Munching Snafflers, another type of Moshling.

The second season of Heroes Rise features a protagonist who wakes up each day as a different animal-human hybrid. This is never painful or debilitating but often really inconvenient. Sometimes the hybrid is great for fighting crime, like getting the toughness of a tardigrade, other times you're going to have to sit there being a half-octopus and commiserate with your sister.

This was originally done because Aylee's first form was too close to the Xenomorphs from Alien to be copyright-friendly, but has since been used as an important plot point or simply an excuse for a gag. Kieri, an angel in Slightly Damnedwas cursed by a guardian and turned into a snow bunny subsequently nicknamed "Snowy". The curse is weak enough for her to generally control it, but she does regularly transform "poing!

Or if she just needs some puppy dog eyes. In El Goonish Shivethere are multiple examples. Elliot, for example, has shapeshifting Gender Bender powers, but he's at a stage where his body doesn't know its limits, so basically, he needs to transform every day to burn off excess magical energy, or else it'll overload at some inopportune moment, causing him to involuntarily transform with barely any warning. Eventually becoming a human once they arose, at that point she blended into society and met Saker, another being who had lived throughout the ages.

Comedian Ryan Singer Genuinely Believes His Ex-Girlfriend Can Shapeshift. Danny Gallagher | May 20, | pm. Comics are a cynical breed. Their goal. The Involuntary Shapeshifter trope as used in popular culture. A character possesses some manner of Shapeshifting ability, but not the conscious ability to . Since Vanessa was a mutant shapeshifter, the two ended up working together It was under this scenario that Deadpool enacted his first in-comic heroic action with him through disguising herself as various women interested in dating him.

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