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  • 07.01.2019
  • by Milabar

Exactly What To Do If He Hasn’t Texted You In Two Days

He Hasn't Texted In a Few Days - Here's What You Need To Do

It was the reigning theme in the best-selling book by Greg Behrendt. Sometimes, but not every time. I dated a guy who would text me, or call me every day. Then I thought, has he lost interest? Long story short, I called him, no response.

On my fb status I put all guys in Vegas are the same and he said not this guy and from there we started talking in messenger. So like he began flirting and I gave the phone to my friend for her to help me flirt back. But I was kinda shocked how flirty she was and I was embarrassed so like I told him and I feel like he got mad…. I am confused I was with a man and I heard from him yesterday afternoon and he never text me back.

I called his phone to see if he was ok and the phone was off. Then he text me and said he will text back in a few then I hear nothing. Then he tells me he is talking to the judge which he was in court the night before. He said he would text me to tell me everything then once again I have not heard from him since then and not at all today any advice??

I said drive safe. Its been 2 days.

The Worst Thing You Can Do When He Hasn't Called

I personally feel its too soon to be dealing with wondering if a text or call is coming. He was so into me, texring me every hour and every day and then suddenly went ghosting. Oh this story same like my case. I love him much. Althougt we didnt meet in real, At first he gave me sign that he likes me. But right now he is rarely to text me. He said that he is busy nowadays cause of his work. I dont know, sometimes we really could not control man by online.

But i still love him. Hell with him he having text in two days move on find another stop rushing get to no these men half just wanna have sex … Live life find another hell 3 more of him lol. Hi, I just need to understand. Things were going great. Text messages were too good to be true. But no picture was sent.

We both fell kind of for each other on our first message. The text stopped all of a sudden for no reason. My last message was that i will be waiting if he want to call and talk.

I understand he has kids who are living with him. I feel like an idiot. Tweet Tweet. Why Do Guys Stop Texting? What Does It Mean? Gloria April 2,am.

Reply Link. Michele Hood September 13,pm. Leah July 1,am. He came up to me and we chatted for a couple minutes. He was attractive and he sparked some interest in me but my friend and I wanted to go meet up with some other friends so I told him we had to leave.

My friend told him which bar we'd be going to if he wanted to come find me later. Not even 10 minutes later do I find him where we were and we spent the rest of the night talking and hanging out. He and I ended up splitting off from the rest of the group to go for a late night swim at a nearby lake. We talked and laughed and kissed and it was a great night.

He told me he was only in town 3 days and then would be working in Alaska until early July. He said he was mad about the bad timing in meeting me because we wouldn't get to see each other again for at least a month. He said he was interested in taking me on a date when he returned so I gave him my number.

He texted me the very next day telling me that he had a great night. A couple days later he sent me a video from his plane to Alaska and he said again that the timing in meeting me really sucked but that he'd like to take me out when he gets back in town in early July.

I told him I was interested in that. A week later he texted me a picture of a sunset in Alaska and he asked me how I was doing.

He Hasn’t Called, Now What…

I replied and after that I haven't heard anything. That was a couple weeks ago and now it's July 10th. I don't know if he's back in town yet or not and it's weird because I was so sure he was interested, we didn't talk much while he was away but I didn't see much a point in that because we could get to know each other when he returned. I'm at a point where I'm not sure if I should give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's not back yet or that he's just busy and will contact me soon or if I should forget about it all and write him off at this point.

Advice would be great, thanks! I met a guy online and we messaged each other every day for like 3 weeks. It was going good, he said he couldn't get me out of his mind, he was falling too hard and fast and I maybe his dream woman but I could take advantage of him.

I did tell him that I was going to make him come see m e one day, just joking of course- not sure if the make you went over well. Last time we spoke he asked me to tell him about a fantasy, so I wrote this long message and stopped and said there's more and sent a picture and said are you paying attention??

It's been 2 weeks.

I don't want to appear needy I just liked his attention Im in such a state of confusion with a man I don't know what to think or believe anymore. We met online three years ago and have been on and off the whole three years. We will be hot and heave for three or four months and then he just fades away.

Then he shows up a few months later like nothing was wrong. The third time yes, I am ashamed to say that he was gone a year because he had met someone else and I guess stuck it out with her.

He came back into my life Dec 1st and we have been right back hot and heavy again. Constant calls and texts, three or four nights a week together, wonderful fun times. I actually started thinking he was more serious this time because he has seemed to have changed some.

We shared New Year Eves together dancing in his living room, Valentines weekend together, and it just kept getting stronger and better. Well, I think he is slowly fading again but I cant be sure if it is that or work or the fact we got to close this last time.

He has been quiet for two weeks now with some texts here and there to check and see how I am and what I am up too. It started this last time because we had this extremely serious talk about his childhood and his mother passing away and his job oilfield slowing down. It was tears and talking and for me an amazing experience. The following night I stayed again and had the dreaded relationship talk. He said he knew how I felt about him and I told him that yes I did care for him and that I did love him.

I told him then I didn't want to talk about it anymore but he did. It ended being a pleasant conversation. He admitted he cared about me love wasn't mentioned that he knew I was good for him and that he knew I would be the right one by his side. So, if all this is happening, why is he fading away again? I read that I shouldn't text or call him and I don't. I give him his space.

How many times have you waited for a man to call only for a full 24 to go by without a word. It's frustrating but its par for the dating course. Keep cool. Whenever one of us had just gone on a first or second date, or had That the real reason he hasn't called is because this guy is just not that interested. .. him on the phone with me and gave him advice that he should think. If he hasn't texted you, you can assume that he's exactly where he was when you last talked. If he Sponsored: The best dating/relationships advice on the web.

It just breaks my heart and sometimes I even feel there could possibly be other women, he just isn't ready to commit. What do you want for yourself? Can you live like this? With this off and on again situation? He's shared his issues, but they are HIS, not yours and while it's noble and wonderful that you understand him and want to be there, this isn't about him but you and what you can and can't live with.

You choose what you want always regardless of what he does or doesn't do. The only person who can give an answer to your question is him, no one else. We can all have our theories, but in the end, we're not him. Ask him and decide what to do based on your own desires and that information. I hope you gain the clarity to decide what's best for you always. I know in my mind the right thing to do. Its my dang heart that wont listen.

Im tired of the waves of happy to sad while he does his hot to cold. I know I must be living in a cloud to think that one day the loyalty will matter. I just want to be happy with someone.

I guess that's what we all really want. Just wish it wasnt so hard to come by! Thanks again for your advice! You're finding out his comfort zone, Taylor.

He's doing what works for him. He can get just that close, and then he has to fade away again. And then repeat the pattern all over again. The question is, is this working for you? That's the part where you come in. And it's why it's so confusing. Yes, it works for him. But if it doesn't work for you, then how can you continue to live on his terms like this? Thanks for your reply.

It only works when things are good! When he pulls away I crash right back into wondering why. I know that only time can heal these pains when you need to let someone go for the better of yourself. Its just a hard road getting there. I have read so many replies on other sites on the same type of issues and it blows my mind the women that go through this. That put themselves through it. I never thought I would be one of them. I know im not alone but it sure doesn't make it any better! Your articles are like life to me atm and whenever I get relationship anxiety they reassure me and encourage me to stay true.

Once again I am single. Have been seeing a guy on and off for 2 years he was my bestfriend for 15 years sucky part. Because we really have lost an amazing friendship.

I made it clear from start I wanted a relationship leading to marriage. He said he was a loyal commited man. One week he's the perfect boyfriend. The next I dont exist, when he has his kids. I try to break up because I know the whole dynamic triggers the worse in me, I become needy and codependent when everyone else sees me as this super confident strong person and I feel super drained and it takes all my attention off my kids; but he begs me to come back. He knows me so well its like he waits till he knows I am weak and sends flower chocolate s anything to get me back.

In between our breaks I started seeing a nice guy. He was accepting of my circumstances. We had 4 nice dates, constant texting. Then valentine's day came and he didnt get me anything and stopped texting for a week. I thought it was all over red rover. Of course my ex sent me flowers and a poem and I went back With the promise he would move in in 6 months married in a year.

Two months went by I could see him withdrawing and I ask him r u still moving in. He said probably not. We broke up two days latter, its like I couldn't do it anymore- I couldn't keep hoping for something that was never going to happen.

My main regrett was if I stuck with the other guy we could have been together 3 months. Back to the other guy. After valentine s day and week no texting. He texts asking me Out. I said sorry not interested but want to stay friends.

He got all upset asking what had he done wrong "i thought u were the one. We r still friends. Hes asked me out once a week for the two months I was back with my ex.

We recently had a major catastrophe. My ex was no where to be seen he went to beach to check out how high waves were but didnt drive extra 15 to make sure we were alive came a few days latter when most of the clean up was over. The other guy texted and called to make sure I was ok and offered to Help. He still hasnt meet the kids and I had only broken up with ex a week so I thought it wasnt appropriate for him to come over. He expressed how he wished I was ready, because he was.

He also said he wished we stayed together so he could have been with me through the storm because he knew how scary it would have been for me and kids. I dont know where to go from here. I am scared my ex will come back and sweet talk me with our 15 years history.

But I am also unsure when to start with this new guy incase of rebound or dragging junk into a new relationship. I still miss my ex but never want to go there again and the whole time I was with my ex I was wondering what it would be like if I was still with this guy. Then i am also worried about being sweet talked by this guy and not seeing reality like with my ex.

How do i know hes geniuen not just telling me what i want to hear like my ex. What do I do? No one can sweettalk you into anything if you don't allow it.

Focus on you and your kids.

Learn why he's not calling CLICK THIS to get my system FREE. Here is her letter to me: Hi Bobbi: My date for Saturday hasn't confirmed place or time. If I don't. You had a great date, so why hasn't he called you? off as confident, but we too Google and ask our friends for dating advice on the daily. He. Here are reasons a man hasn't called and what you can do to change She's the Boss The date was two days ago and you still haven't heard from him, Here are a few as well as advice on what you can do to change the.

As for how to know if someone is genuine, you let time show you who they really are. If they say nice things, focus on the actions that back them up, otherwise ignore them. If they say negative things, take them at their word. Think clearly about what you truly want for your life without putting a name or either of them on it.

And then see if any of them is giving you exactly that. My guess is they aren't. Take time to find out why you're "becoming codependent ". Always go inwards. Our problems are never outside of us. We have to look inside. I'm so glad you're finding some calm for your soul here, Coastie. Thank you for your beautiful words. Let what you can live with - and what you can't - be your guide here. Ask yourself if this is working for you - as often as you need to. What matters is your sense of peace, your happiness, and living your life with the least amount of regrets.

You can't be sweet talked if you refuse to let yourself be. You'll know someone's genuine over time by the way he behaves, the way he lives his life, the way he shows you who he is - and who he isn't.

Remember that you're the one doing the choosing here, and this - whatever your particular "this" is - has to work for you as much as it works for anyone else. You and your kids are what matter more than anyone else, and someone who's right for you will understand this, too!

Sometimes I felt like he was trying to control me emotionally But I m not sure. Have u any idea or signs of controlling bf???? I really needs ur help and one last thing we are together for about 2yrs plz plz help me. Hi Jane, Why some guys are too complicated to understand? My bf also like this sometime I can't understand his mood its so hard and also sometimes when we had a fight he behave like I doesn't exist this. I dont like this type of behaviour of my bf,have you any suggestions which will help me????

I am so glad I found this page. What you have said resonates with me a lot because I am a horrible dater and haven't had a good relationship that has lasted over 6 yrs ever. I met this man 3 weeks ago and have been out with him a bunch of times and it felt as if things were going great.

Calling and texting is spearatic. It's been 2 days since I heard from him, which I know is not long, but am I wrong in thinking, if THEY say I will call you tomorrow, they should call you the next day and not wait a couple days, especially if on the weekends they call and text continuously?

So glad, Meryl. There's only what works for him and what works for you. See this as you finding out more about someone and him finding out more about you. His actions will show you what works for him and where he's at, and then you get to decide if this works for you. It's a mindset that helps you remember that you're the one doing the choosing here when dating.

You're not a horrible dater! Don't let that label rest on you. I suspect it's the men you've dated that haven't been on the same page as you.

Another article here you may enjoy is all about the whole point of dating. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you; it only feels this way when you're with the ones who aren't on the same page as you. Hello Jane, what a great article. It's refreshing to feel like you're being told the truth instead of some vague hopeful lie!

I am trying to remind myself that I need to date more. I went on a date with a guy about 10 days ago, we hit it off, he asked twice to extend the date which we didhe asked plenty of questions, got bashful, ended up kissing me on the lips and on the forehead!?

Our date ended up being about 5 hours long! I didn't hear from him for a few days so I texted him to ask how he was etc, he replied and then asked how I was, to which I replied and then hinted yet again embarrassing to look back on now that it would be good to see him again when he gets back from holiday he went away for 3 days out of the country. He didn't reply to that, but then snapchatted me when he wa getting on board the plane to come home.

I didn't respond to that cause I didn't think the snapchat was meant for me. We've no spoken at all, but he still views my snapchat 'stories' Why would a guy do this - he's clearly not interested, right?!

I think I need to read your article again!

As a guy I'll provide an answer that's not emotionally clouded. If a man doesn't call it's either because 1 he's simply not sexually attracted, 2 he's "playing the field" with multiple women, 3 he's attracted but feels there's no point in pursuing further, e.

It really is that simple. This article has really helped me with my situation. Here's the deal: I met this guy on an app. He replied to something I posted and we hit it off right away.

At first it was more of a friendship thing. We had so many things in common, and he was so sweet. Absolutely everything I've ever wanted in a man.

Here's the difference between my situation and everyone else's: turns out he's married. He's young, and doesn't want to be married. He's expressed various times how "bored" he is with his wife and how he wasn't ready to marry her, but they had a child and he felt that it was the right thing to do. We kept messaging back and forth for a few days before the conversation started going another direction. He was flirting, and trying really hard to impress me.

The conversations really started heating up, and he showed up at my workplace after I got off of work. We hit it off immediately and ended up in the backseat of my car. I felt it was an electrifying experience, and after we had no idea what to say. We were both satisfies and felt the spark, but didn't know what to do.

We spoke for a little and he left. As he hugged me good-bye he said "keep in touch, please".

I messaged him the next day, and we spoke for a little. When I mentioned the day before though, he didn't reply. I left it at that. The day after that I messaged him again, that was Thursday. Today is Sunday and still no reply. I have been beating myself up about this. Was it me?

Is he scared? I know I shouldn't be thinking about a married man, but it hurts to think of all the sweet things he would tell me. How he said that regardless if we had sex or not, he loved having conversations with me. Did our sex ruin a friendship that could have been?

The silence is killing me, but I know if I message him again and get no response, my heart will break even more. Help :. Jane, this is such a comforting post to read.

Especially your comments to the other women, that if the guy is right for you, he'll make it known. I had recently reconnected with an old acquaintance that I've known for years, we saw each other briefly at a presentation he was giving, it was the first time we had seen each other in at least three years.

He was moving out of state for a new job that week. I had always had a good opinion of him from when I knew him in the past and always liked him. He recently emailed to say it was nice to see me, and asked me what I was up to. We emailed back and forth a couple times, the last email he casually mentioned in the end of his email I should make a trip out to his new city.

I enthusiastically responded that sure, I'd be up for that. Since then, almost a week ago, it's been silence. Why would he write that if he didn't mean it?? He's the one that reached out to me first. I've been agonizing over every word in my email, if I was too casual, not casual enough, did I scare him away It's been torture. But your article just goes to show that if I'm not being too overbearing, I've left the ball in his court, that it's up to him to step up to the occasion if he wants to email back or try to even get to know each other better.

I just have to keep living my awesome life, and he must know that I'm somewhat interested, and he has the opportunity to pursue if he wants.

Thanks so much! And i still cant stop thinking about him because i always see the good and only think of the nice gentleman side from when we spent time together. Like in the week before the date when he was texting me every day he asked me what my idea of heaven is, which i thought was quite deep for a guy. I just said spending time with friends and family, the simple things When i asked what his was he said he would have to give it some serious thought My housemate, who is a lovely decent type of guy, thinks if i havent heard from him by 2 weeks i should text to ask him if he has figured out what his idea of heaven is But i dont see the point, if it gets to 2 weeks then he cant have been thinking about me But its annoying cos hes the type i could trust if i was with him He goes to bed early in the week cos he has a tiring job and he goes for a beer with mates sometimes on a weekend rather than out pulling girls in clubs Im trying to stay confident and had a couple of good days but now im feeling like he had beer goggles on at the festival and he wasnt attracted to me when sober But then that sounds silly cos he was affectionate on the date and his eye contact was good etc Grrrr dont know why im having a wobble today Thought angel had sorted me out haha.

I get it.

He Hasn't Called Since Our Last Argument

We drive ourselves crazy trying to dissect every single minute detail. I've done it so many times. The fact remains: he hasn't called. He said let's leave it.

That is a fact. When someone is genuinely interested, no matter how busy they are they make time. Have you ever seen the movie: he's just not that into you? What Alex tells Gigi is exactly right. If a guy doesn't call it's because he doesn't want to call. If a guy isn't asking you out, he doesn't want to ask you out. No exceptions. It's that hope that we keep holding onto, our fantasies what don't allow us to just see and accept reality. And it sucks.

It really really does.

Dating advice he hasnt called

And even if he did call later in the month, consider this as a huge red flag. Guys who come around are the exception, not the rule and exceptions are quite rare. So, just give it time. You'll be fine. Just be clear on reality and remember you don't want to be with someone who doesn't want you.

Your right marie, it is helpful to speak to people who dont know you so they cant judge on what you have been like in the past. I am going with the same attitude Still a bit up and down cos i really like the guy and tempted to text him after a week cos i think it is cruel how he left it with "can we leave it a while" and although i have deleted his number its still in the call list on my phone But i dont want to chase, i guess he wouldnt leave it that long if he was genuinely interested Same with your guy i guess.

Becky - I did the same thing on Monday. I deleted his number Sunday and thought ehh this will keep me from trying to contact him on Monday. Except I hadn't realized I had it in my call log. Which is how I got to texting him on Monday evening yes, its Wednesday still no reply. Its funny how we have to trick ourselves. I have finally deleted him number from my phone completely. I can't believe how upset my situation has gotten me and from reading your post below - you seem to be just as upset.

I literally get angry at myself and re-evaluate how I could have done this or that different. Then I get sad and feel bad about myself. Which is absolutely absurd because I was just fine weeks ago before we exchanged numbers. Someone told me. To girls, its an eternity. It's driving me crazy! I kinda feel like the more time that passes the more annoyed and turned off I will get anyway okay maybe I just hope haha!!

Be kind to yourself, Maria. It's not your fault you feel the way you feel. I completely understand the feeling because I have also gone through it. It is just horrible to wait for someone to reach us. Just always remember you are beautiful and amazing and you deserve better than waiting for some guy to call you. We deserve a man who does what he says and says what he does. A man that is willing to walk with us and not have us for a second doubting his words or intentions.

We deserve all the love in the world. I think it is really hard to understand that sometimes a rock is just a rock. We can't turn it into something else not matter how much we want to. We would love for this guy to be it, but he's not. He just isn't. If he were you would be right now in a committed, healthy, beautiful relationship with him. He's not a bad person, but he's just not the one for you. The faster you walk away from him, the sooner you'll make room for someone better to come along.

I met someone on a dating site and chatted back and forth for about 2 months before exchanging numbers. From the day we exchanged numbers I heard from him every day even if just a few lines. We have been out 4 times over 3 weeks — each of the first 3 times just us two spending hours talking and laughing and talking some more until the places literally closed, even as late as 2am or 4am and sometimes continue the conversation in the car.

The conversations were deep and real too, about family, views on certain matters, relationships, work, goals, etc. The last time we went out he invited myself and my friends to a place with his friends and even insisted on paying for all of us. We had an amazing time. He was by my side the entire night, dancing, kissing, talking to me.

His friends were telling me how great of a person he is and not to hurt him etc. I got along well with his friends and he got along with mine.

A guy hasn't texted in three days and you are freaking out about what to do. more: The Real Reasons Guys Disappear After A Great First Date . Tagged as: dating advice, did i do something wrong, guy hasn't texted back, guy hasn't texted in 2 For the past two days he hasn't called to find out why I didn't call back. MORE: Exactly What To Do If He Hasn't Texted You In Two Days If he's come across some crappy pick-up artist's advice, then he may be toying with A lot of women have an unfortunate tendency to focus on what a relationship could be. If he hasn't called and you really want to talk to him, if he's the right guy for .. I need advice, I went on a date with a guy after over a month of us.

During the night, he mentioned wanting to hang out on Monday. He ended up driving me home because he wanted me to stay a bit longer and my friends wanted to leave. On the ride home we were rehashing the evening and I mentioned what he friends had said to me and told him that I really liked him.

I was being honest! It was the truth. We said our goodnights and texted me to let me know he got home okay.

I briefly chatted with him on Saturday morning. I sent him a good luck text Sunday morning because he had a long day to which he replied nicely hours later. That was all I heard from him Sunday. And even with a bit of doubt, I got up Monday morning and showered waiting to hear from him. I sent him a message around 4PM asking how his day was going thinking maybe he forgot about the brief mention of Monday plans and its now Tuesday afternoon and I still have not heard from him.

I have relived every scenario, came up with every excuse, explanation, possibility imaginable as to why the complete in his behavior. The reason I keep coming back to is I scared him away by letting it be known that I really liked him. I am normally a honest and confrontational person, you know, no BS kinda girl and part of me really wants to ask him what is up like what happened? But I am fearful that he will ignore that message as well and it would make me feel worse.

In the same breath, what do I need to hear him say I scared him away by telling him how much I liked him? I doubt that will make me feel any better. You just said it at the end: you were being you. You didn't scare him away. You didn't do anything wrong.

You let him know where you stand. The ball was in his court and he has already shown you he's not able to give you what you want. Better sooner than later. You have your answer. Don't let him string you along. He knows how you feel and you showed him what a beautiful woman you are.

It is time to show him you know your worth and you won't let him play you. Thank you so much Angel. You are so right. I guess the feeling of rejection makes you doubt yourself and that's the worst part.

But you're right. I have decided to just let it be. I don't need to chase anyone. He should pursue me at this point. And if he doesn't, I can't beat myself up over something I don't even know if I did or didn't do! And maybe one day he will kick himself for ignoring me and hoping "I get the hint". I'm sure the more time I let pass, the easier it will be!! Thanks Jane. Trying to remind myself that I am who I am and I love me for me.

I can't change who I am because I'm afraid it might not be right for some people. On the other article which is how I came to find this one I like the part where it states if they don't agree with something you did but you do, it doesn't mean you're not right it means you're not right for each other.

It's so true! Just a follow up! So, my story above Finally, I couldn't take it and felt like I needed to have the last word to feel better.

I sent him a text with a joke. I must have been busy every time he called. Although Im not sure what happened bc it seemed like we had a good time together but its all good and it was nice meeting you. I then texted him in the morning and asked if he was in the hospital.

I was concerned about you bc you were so sick when I left. Im sure now you are no longer sick. I called you and texted you a couple of times earlier this week thinking Id hear back from you by now. He has told me his focus is on me. I dont know what to think. Any thoughts…. You are an exception trust me. However the moment he pulls back, pull back as well otherwise the female will lose her mind. Thoughts of being a failure and if she need some deliverance. You are an exception to liking the women coming on.

This is a great topic. I met a guy, via one of the top internet dating websites. We emailed each other for 4 days straight, then we exchanged phone numbers. We talked and texted each other everyday for 5 days straight. We had so many things in common. The conversations were good, we joked and laughed.

So I asked him if he would like to go out. He said yes. He suggested lets met for coffee first. This is a set up to see if he wants to continue and do something after or this was not going to continue.

We met, he was all smiles and gave me a big hug. Had coffee then dinner. After the date we hugged and he kissed me on the cheek.

We both had a good time. We texted and called for 3 days straight. On the 4 day just a texted no phone call. Day 6 I sent a good morning text he replied good morning. No phone call. Next day no text no call. At this point I could not understand what in the world is going on. It was driving me crazy, I could barely sleep or eat. So far I have gone on 6 dates with one woman who first approached me and we definitely had mutual attraction and no awkwardness.

Day trip country drive, dinners out, jazz club, neighborhood club with dancing, etc. Nothing that was vague or last minute. She always responded well to these invitations and we never ran out of things to talk about in person. Dates are 2 to 3 weeks apart or possibly longer because of work schedules. In the time between I initiate the phone calls and rarely check in with a text msg first unless I want to move it to a phone call asap.

She never does make those calls — I take her literally like I would anyone. Yet everything sounds fine between us. I make it a point now not to call unless I have a definite invitation in mind to which she can say yes or no. So maybe this is just a bad habit she is unaware she is using.

A month ago when she was sick I sent her flowers and chocolates and got a thank you call within hours and we were on the phone for an hour just chatting like nothing was wrong.

If there is a sign of progression, no matter how stretched out, I hang in there. Ladies have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs once in a while. Thank you for reading and leaving your comment. I would only make two suggestions.

Most women are looking for men to take the lead. Call her on her bullshit. We teach people how to treat us and for her not to recognize your kind gesture is not ok. The relationship is just beginning. Speak up about what you want and keep in mind to leave your emotions at the door. You have to have the guts to ask the tough questions and you speak up. Alsoin my experiencewhen they suddenly stopped calling or cut on calling : it is they either have issues at work stressissues with health, issues with family and relatives OR they could be dating someone else.

Again — what can I do here? Fine with me. Men come and go. Just shrug it off like a dust and move forward with your life. There will always be someone else. Am presently having such issue, I met this guy at my office we talked exchanged numbers and became friends. Although he is coming to the city I am to see me and do some business transaction. What should I do. Thank you so much for your comment. If I were in your shoes I would get very clear on what you need in order to be happy.

If you want more, then figure out a way to keep communication open. If you like him, I would make an honest effort to teach him how to treat you. Tell him and instruct on what you need to feel loved. I understand that but if you want a relationship with this man you have to recognize that you might have to set the tone and not just follow his lead.

I met a guy on tinder, things were going well a little over a month then we decided to start dating. Whenever we hook up I feel special but once I leave I feel empty. Thank you for reading and for your comment. The other addictive feeling is validation. Again, this is common but you have to realize that his lack of communication is not a value judgement.

If I were in your shoes I would start seeing other people. I would tell him that you think he is wonderful but as it stands you need more attention and validation than he is able to give. Its far better to say what you need and recognize his inability to give it than to pout or whine, or ask repeatedly yet still live without it. Me and this guy were talking on okcupid for a week about 9 messages each before I gave him my number.

I was the one who initiated the first conversation, and he introduced himself to me.

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