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  • 07.01.2019
  • by Zolozragore

ICR8 Advance Income Tax Rulings and Technical Interpretations – HTK Academy

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The Directorate provides income tax technical interpretations Technical Interpretations and advance income tax rulings Rulings. In addition, as part of its Rulings service, the Directorate provides consultations in advance of a Ruling request Pre-ruling Consultations. This Information Circular describes these services. It is applicable to a Technical Interpretation, a Ruling or a Pre-ruling Consultation requested after its date of publication November 1, A Technical Interpretation is generic in nature.

The Directorate will generally not issue a Ruling confirming the application of a provision that is conditional on the existence of facts including an intentionespecially where the facts or intentions have to be inferred from circumstances. However, where the Directorate has considered that it was provided with sufficient supporting facts and evidence to confirm the existence of the relevant facts and intentions, Rulings have sometimes been issued on provisions involving primarily a determination of facts.

Examples include Rulings on:. Rulings are usually responded to on a first-come-first-served basis. A Ruling should be requested far enough in advance to ensure that the Directorate has sufficient time to review and process the request before the completion of the proposed transaction s.

A request for a Ruling will be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt. Having begun work on a Ruling request, if it is determined that additional information is required, the additional information will be requested and, when necessary, the file will be put on hold until the additional information is received. Where the request for additional information has not been responded to within 30 calendar days, the file will be closed and the taxpayer will be billed for the hours worked.

Where this is the case, the taxpayer will have the opportunity to submit representations before a final decision is made. At any point, a taxpayer may choose to withdraw the Ruling request. A copy of all Rulings and withdrawals will be provided to the applicable compliance area s of the CRA. All the facts, proposed transactions, purpose s of the transactions and other information described in a Ruling may be the subject of discussion within the CRA at any time and may be later subject to an audit.

One of the objectives of an audit may be to confirm that all of the relevant facts were accurately presented in the Ruling and that the proposed transactions were carried out as described in the Ruling.

Information not described in the Ruling or modifications to the way in which the proposed transactions were carried out will be brought to the attention of the Directorate. The Directorate will determine any resulting impact and whether the CRA remains bound by the Ruling given.

If there is a change in the facts or proposed transactions described in a Ruling, the taxpayer may make a written request to the Directorate to obtain a supplemental Ruling to confirm the tax implications of the new facts and proposed transactions. However, new authorizations, consents, and undertakings see Appendices B to F will not be necessary if it is confirmed that those from the initial Ruling request also apply to the supplemental Ruling request.

As part of the Rulings service, the Directorate offers the option to request a Pre-ruling Consultation. The purpose of the Pre-ruling Consultation is to reduce the costs that a taxpayer might incur to prepare the more detailed submission required in connection with a request for a Ruling that the Directorate is unable to provide. At the conclusion of a Pre-ruling Consultation, the Directorate will inform the taxpayer whether it will consider the issue further in the context of a Ruling request.

The fact that the Directorate will further consider the issue does not indicate that a positive Ruling will be issued. Within 5 business days of receipt of a request for a Pre-ruling Consultation, the Directorate will contact the taxpayer to indicate whether the Pre-ruling Consultation request is accepted.

Agreement to participate in a Pre-ruling Consultation does not constitute the commencement of the Ruling process and it will not affect the priority given to a Ruling request that is subsequently submitted. The Pre-ruling Consultation will generally be provided via teleconference, although a meeting may be arranged, by exception. Any comments provided by the Directorate during the teleconference or meeting will not be binding on the CRA. A reasonable number of representatives on behalf of the taxpayer may participate in the teleconference.

The Directorate will not provide any written comments in connection with a Pre-ruling Consultation. Requests for Rulings, Pre-ruling Consultations and Technical Interpretations may be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Directorate at:. The CRA does not provide assurance with respect to the protection, confidentiality, or security of email or facsimile transmissions. However, the Directorate will receive requests for Rulings, Pre-ruling Consultations and Technical Interpretations, along with supporting documentation, by email or facsimile provided that the taxpayer accepts the risk of the loss of confidentiality due to the unsecure nature of email and facsimile transmissions.

The fee for a Ruling is set by Order in Council. No deposit is required for a Ruling request. All time spent processing a Ruling request will be included when calculating the Ruling fee, even if the Ruling request is withdrawn. The fee for a Pre-ruling Consultation is the same as the fee for a Ruling.

All time spent processing a Pre-ruling Consultation will be included when calculating the fee regardless of the outcome of the Pre-ruling Consultation. If a Ruling request is subsequently submitted by the taxpayer, the hourly fee charged for the Ruling request will take into consideration the hours spent on the Pre-ruling Consultation.

The deposit is refundable to the extent that it exceeds the fee for the Pre-ruling Consultation. Where the taxpayer has authorized a third party representative, the representative will be considered to be the person submitting the request.

In addressing a request for a Ruling or a Pre-ruling Consultation, the Directorate is not limited to considering the provisions of the legislation in respect of which the Ruling is or might be requested.

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The proposed transactions may raise issues involving provisions of the legislation not specifically referenced. The time spent analyzing these issues will also be included when calculating the fee.

The payment term on interim and final invoices is 30 days. If payment is not received within 30 days, interest is calculated at the prescribed interest rate that is charged by the CRA on overdue taxes. The Directorate distributes its Rulings and Technical Interpretations through various publishers of tax information. The documents are severed to protect the identity of the taxpayer.

Rulings and Technical Interpretations are released to the publishers of tax information for information purposes only. In relying upon them, taxpayers must use caution because:. In the context of the BEPS project, countries agreed to exchange information on the following types of rulings that are relevant to the Directorate:. If a Ruling falls into one of the above categories, a summary of its contents may be exchanged with the countries of residence of the immediate parent company, the ultimate parent company and certain other parties.

These countries may then ask to receive relevant portions of the Ruling in more detail. As such, taxpayers making a Ruling request must include sufficient information to allow the CRA to identify the relevant parties for such exchanges. Failure to provide the required information may lead to a delay in or refusal to process the request. Pindividuals have a right of protection, access to and correction or notation of their personal information and the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada regarding our handling of their information.

Please ensure that you complete and include a copy of the following appendices with your Ruling request:. The checklist in Appendix A can help you decide what information must be included in your application to the Directorate. Instructions for completing the Ruling request template appear in square brackets [ ].

These instructions should be removed and replaced in your final Ruling request letter with the appropriate information as described in the particular instruction.

We are requesting an advance income tax ruling Ruling on behalf of the above-named taxpayer s. We confirm that, to the best of our knowledge and that of the taxpayers involved, none of the proposed transactions or issues involved in this Ruling request are the same as or substantially similar to transactions or issues that are:.

The following examples of abbreviations, terms and expressions, and generic names, illustrate the format and style to be used in this section. Generic names should be used to describe each of the relevant parties to the Proposed Transactions.

The following examples are meant to illustrate format and style for this section. The particular references to the Act and the content of these sample Rulings may or may not be applicable to your particular Ruling request.

It is acknowledged that any Ruling s given by the CRA will be based on the Act or the Regulations as it reads as of the date that the Ruling is issued. Furthermore, we understand that such Ruling s will not take into account any proposed amendments to the Act or the Regulations which, if enacted subsequent to the date of the issuance of a Ruling letter, could have an effect on any Ruling s provided in such a letter.

Such Ruling s will be binding on the CRA provided, among other things, that the Proposed Transactions are completed within the time limit to be specified in the Ruling letter. Describe the concern or doubt regarding this interpretation and how it will be resolved by the requested Ruling.

Include references to all relevant:.

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Describe whether or not the reference cited supports or challenges the specific Ruling requested. The GAAR applies after the application of the other provisions of the Act, including specific anti-avoidance measures. Remove all customized formatting from the required electronic copy of your Ruling request Microsoft Word formatto help us process your request more efficiently.

Ruling requests can be directed to a particular Division within the Directorate based on the primary tax technical area that is the subject of your Ruling request. Using the chart below, identify the appropriate Division to direct your Ruling request to and insert the title of this Division into the attention line of your Ruling request.

Give the name s of the person s that the Directorate can contact for your Ruling request. Include the mailing address, telephone number and email address for the contact s. Include a general statement of the subject of the Ruling being requested. Upon signing the Ruling request, the taxpayer or authorized representative is attesting to these representations.

If the proposed transactions or issues involved in the Ruling request are the same as, or substantially similar to transactions or issues that were the subject of a Ruling request previously considered by the Directorate previous Ruling requestprovide a detailed description of the facts and circumstances surrounding the previous Ruling request.

The first portion of the Definitions section includes standard statements applicable to all Ruling requests. Statements are also included to define the base currency to be used for monetary amounts, and to incorporate the interchange of the singular and the plural where necessary in the Ruling request.

These statements should be included in your Ruling request. Quotation marks or bold highlight can be used to identify the particular term, expression or relevant party that is being defined. Provide a concise description of the specific meaning of each defined term. This can be helpful if there are a significant number of parties that need to be referenced in the Proposed Transactions.

The addition of a number or lettering system can distinguish between multiple individuals with the same generic name. A and Mr.

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Include details of the relevant parties involved and a description of the organizational and the ownership structures. If appropriate, consider using descriptive sub-headings to identify facts based on, for example, the relevant parties or residency. You may need to include an estimate in respect of, for example, an amount or date, where it is not possible to verify the statement with reasonable certainty.

If you include an estimate in the Facts, you must identify it as an estimate and include the reason why you made the estimate. The Facts should not include any names, abbreviations or terms and expressions that have not been identified in the Definitions section. Do not include as a fact, a subjective judgement or opinion, or a statement that is subject to contention.

For a mutual fund trust describe the undertaking of the trust.

You may find the relevant information in the following documents: Articles of incorporation or other such constating documentsfinancial statements, corporate income tax returns T2 and other income tax information returns, trust or partnership agreements and other relevant agreements, contracts and documents, etc.

Explain the relationships among the relevant parties involved in the Proposed Transactions.

Provide a complete description of the horizontal and vertical structure, as the case may be, identifying controlling and non-controlling interests and any relevant foreign entities including foreign affiliates. You may find the relevant information in the following documents: Organizational charts, corporate income tax returns T2 and other income tax information returns, trust or partnership agreements and other relevant agreements, contracts and documents, etc.

Provide the number of issued and outstanding shares for each class. Indicate the number and percentage of shares held by each shareholder and identify the tax attributes of the shares including: the paid-up capital, the adjusted cost base and, where appropriate, the fair market value. Indicate the percentage of units held by non-residents. Provide the number of units of each class that are issued and outstanding.

Identify and describe all significant transactions that were completed or partially completed prior to the time the Ruling request is submitted. The transactions that are to be included are those that are necessary to achieve the purpose of undertaking the Proposed Transactions and that may be part of the series of transactions.

This section may include, for example, the formation of an entity incorporation of a corporation or the formation of a trust or partnershipshare capital reorganizations or share subscriptions, or any loans, transfers or distributions of property that may be considered to be part of the series of transactions.

The details of the proposed transactions should be reasonably certain before applying for a Ruling request. If appropriate, consider using descriptive sub-headings to identify transactions which operate together to effect a particular tax outcome or result.

For example, in a corporate context such headings may include: Incorporation of Subco; Subscription for shares of Subco; Transfer or distribution of assets; Cross-redemption of shares, etc. Include in the additional information, written representations or assurances that confirm certain matters that may be applicable at all relevant times during, or subsequent to, the implementation of the Proposed Transactions.

The additional information section may include, but is not limited to, representations or assurances relating to the following matters:.

The above list of examples is not exhaustive as the information to be included in this section can vary significantly between Ruling requests. However, it is important that any such matters that may be relevant to the Proposed Transactions be clearly identified.

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If it is determined that additional information is required, this information will be requested by the Directorate. This can cause a delay in reviewing your Ruling request. Refer to Rulings previously issued by the Directorate for examples of the content and the presentation of a statement of purpose.

Be transparent and complete in your description of the purpose to avoid unnecessary delays or, in some circumstances, the inability of the Directorate to issue a Ruling. It may be the case that a proposed transaction that achieves a particular tax result is separated into its component steps for the purposes of providing a complete description in the Proposed Transactions section.

In this situation, it may be appropriate to provide one statement of purpose in respect of these proposed transactions.

For example, the proposed transactions might include the creation of a new entity. This transaction may be described in terms of its component steps such as the incorporation of the entity and a subscription for its shares. In this instance, the Directorate may find that it is appropriate to accept a description of the purpose of the creation of the new entity, rather than the purpose of each component step leading to the creation of that entity.

This can cause an undue delay in the issuance of a Ruling. A Ruling cannot be issued if there is uncertainty as to the reason for a proposed transaction or transactions.

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A Ruling should always be in the form of a statement of the application of the Act, rather than as an open question of interpretation. Refer to Rulings previously issued by the Directorate for examples of the content and presentation of a Ruling.

Provide a separate statement for each Ruling being requested. A requested Ruling should clearly identify the relevant provision s of the Act or the Regulations, and how the particular provision s are to be interpreted in the context of the Proposed Transactions.

For example, a Ruling can confirm that a provision will or will not apply to a particular proposed transaction or to the Proposed Transactions as a whole. Rulings give assurance on the income tax treatment of proposed transactions where there is doubt regarding the interpretation of the legislation in the particular circumstance.

Accordingly, the taxpayer or the authorized representative must include a submission to support each Ruling requested. The Ruling represents the specific statement that is binding on the CRA with respect to the recipient taxpayer s. However, the Ruling response letter will provide for restrictions on any issued Ruling s if there is a material omission or misrepresentation.

Additional restrictions that may apply to your Ruling request are discussed below in the Comments section. Such comments are statements which may be added to the Ruling letter to further limit the application of an issued Ruling. The following Example provides a list of comments that have previously been included in Rulings issued by the Directorate. This is not an exhaustive list of the comments that may be applicable to your particular Ruling s.

Unless otherwise confirmed in the above Ruling snothing in this letter should be construed as implying that the CRA has confirmed, reviewed or has made any determination in respect of:. For all relevant parties in respect of which a Ruling is requested, provide the following information:.

Paragraph references in the Submissions supplement must correspond to a specific Ruling in the Rulings Requested section. The taxpayer or the authorized representative must provide a submission to support each Ruling requested. It is essential that the taxpayer or the authorized representative provide their interpretive views for each relevant authority.

These views must be specific to the Proposed Transactions identified in the particular Ruling, and the analysis must include all authorities that both support or challenge the interpretation being put forward by the taxpayer or the authorized representative. It is not sufficient, for example, to simply restate a particular provision of the Act without including an analysis that describes the tax implications of the application of the particular provision in the context of the facts and circumstances of the Ruling requested.

It is also not appropriate to merely provide a reference to a Ruling that was previously issued by the Directorate, without including an analysis that describes the interpretative principle s of that Ruling in the context of the particular ruling request.

Providing the required submissions with your Ruling request will help the Directorate to review and process it efficiently. In broad terms, this involves an analysis of the following:. More specifically, the matters and references described below should be carefully considered in the context of the Proposed Transactions.

However, it is important to note that the comments described below are general in nature. Accordingly, there may be other provisions, cases or commentary not described below that are relevant to the specific Proposed Transactions. These additional authorities should also be considered by the taxpayer or authorized representative and the analysis in respect of same included in the GAAR Submission. In particular, the following court cases, among others, establish a number of guiding principles that should be addressed in an analysis of the application of the GAAR:.

Unless a new representative is being authorized, this authorization will also apply to a supplemental ruling request. For purposes of the above request, [name of taxpayer] hereby authorizes the following individual s to communicate with the Canada Revenue Agency CRAincluding any related matters that arise during the consideration of the request:. This representative authorization must be signed and dated by an authorized person for the taxpayer such as an owner, a partner of a partnership, a director of a corporation, an officer of a non-profit organization or a trustee of a trust.

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