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  • 02.01.2019
  • by Akirisar

dating would include on Tumblr

He Does These 4 Things If He Wants A Relationship

Originally posted by martziplier Originally posted by milesgmorales. Not necessarily an avenger but she is like a daughter to Steve or Tony, that would be lovely! She already got you stuttering? Steve already knew what Bucky was about to ask him, he saw it coming.

You accept every flaw I have. Cute moments with your boyfriend Peter Parker would include Peter always walking you home after school, even though you were fully capable of walking alone. His excuse being he liked keeping you company and he always was persistent about carrying your backpack too.

Having a Polaroid camera, and taking a bunch of pictures of peter and him of you. Especially of those cute, spontaneous city dates, you guys too often. Hanging out with Peter in the snow and accidentally slipping and breaking a arm, so he immediately appoints himself as your personal caregiver.

At the emergency room, Peter being terrified while waiting for your parents to arrive because he feels guilty and thinks your parents are going to blame him.

Finding it really hard to make out with Peter on his bed with your broken arm, so it always ends with you guys laughing and cuddling instead. You, one day accidentally ripping your jeans while at his house, and him having to help you out of them since your arm is still broken. Anytime his hand brushes over your leg, he blushes intensely and apologizes even though you reassure him its okay.

Anytime you mention you want any type of food from the anywhere, Peter usually shows up with it at your door at a nearly impossible timing.

Dating him would include

Out of nowhere he starts acting really weird and breaking almost everything he touches in biology class. The two of them get along quite well, and aid each other in whatever little endeavors they get up to. Phantom has a limited ability to control smoke, though Mare can control that ability to a much greater extent. By fueling the orb in the staff with talented souls, Phantom could be just as successful as any musician, dancer, author, artist, or magician depending on which souls he collects and uses.

The catch is, they have to give him their soul for it to work. Of course, not many would willingly give up their soul, so Phantom decided to trick people into handing over their souls through contracts. He can never be fully satisfied by any of the power he receives. He can always do better, be more efficient, be more powerful. He never has enough souls. In his private quarters, Phantom has a large shelf filled with containers, orbs, and jars of varying sizes where he stores many different souls.

Some souls are just used to power his staff, others are much more precious to him. The orb on his staff sometimes draws him to very powerful souls. He mostly preys on people desperate to get their names out there, since they are easy pickings.

Not only can he get these people to sign a contract in a fraction of the time, but they are most common to find. Unfortunately, people who have already found their style and are comfortable in their careers are less likely to seek a deal with him.

Phantom also collects little trinkets to decorate the place with. Some with magical powers that he wants to try out sometime, others that fit the red aesthetic he maintains in his establishment. Art, sculptures, photographs, you name it. He especially loves antique items such as old carnival posters, vinyl record albums, etc. You can also bet on him having a beautiful crystal chandelier hung up somewhere. To attract the people he needs, Phantom has a building that encompasses a hotel, a casino, a bar, and a small stage room.

The employees of the place are people that Phantom knows very well, souls of which he owns. It will always give you the most effective advice on how to improve your skills or give you new ideas, which is why Phantom uses this particular artifact to draw in souls. Phantom loves the satisfaction he gets after recognizing the look on their face that signifies they are hooked. They want more. Phantom never calls anyone by their given name, he always calls them by an unique nickname.

Dating Sirius Black would include. lemme just say Sirius is BOYFRIEND MATERIAL; when you first meet him he has the looks of a bad boy and the attitude of. The infamous Quicksilver?! Dating him would include: • He's a smug extroverted loser. • You're relatively alright with people. • Meeting him in. Dating Kylo Ren Would Include: Lots and lots of Kylo cuddles; Especially when he's upset; Because being near you calms him down; Pointless.

Each nickname is recorded on their respective jars, along with other miscellaneous information he gets from their contract with him. Phantom will play his favorite songs, and put his smoke-controlling abilities to good use for the performance which is the only time he really uses it. He has interesting relationships with the other egos. At first he started off on a good foot with Dark, until he realized how powerful his merged soul was according to his staff.

Anti likes hanging out at the hotel every once in a while, chatting with Phantom until he outstays his welcome as he starts cheating at the casino; short-circuiting the slot machines so he always wins. Sometimes both. Perhaps enough to want to be in a committed relationship with you, though Phantom never stops wanting to add you to his collection.

Heart, soul, and mind. Which at first goes against all his instincts. However, he finds out that there is a delight in giving as in receiving.

Just to treat you to something nice after dealing with all that harassment. Phantom is sure he can find another way to draw in souls if you take him up on that offer.

Phantom Headcannons + Dating Would Involve

Phantom absolutely loves singing to you, and seeing the effect it has on you. The first time he played his special song for you, he closed off the stage room to his guests so you were the only one in the audience.

He performed the song to the utmost ability he could, making smoke set onto the stage gradually and using red lights to set the mood. Phantom insists you dance with him at some point. Phantom loves spending a night of fun with you at the casino. He prefers to skip the foreplay and get into the main attraction. He enjoys the attention either way. Have fun dealing with him whispering the more sexier lyrics of his songs in your ear whenever he can i.

Tyler shows you how much you mean to him through other actions; The way he presents you to . Requested- Can you do dating Regulus Black would include?.

A nice walk around the park, grabbing a bite to eat at a diner, sharing an ice cream, going to a local fair.

Niko would love to go roller-skating with you whether or not you know how. This man can make anything look cool.

He loves making his friends laugh, and hearing your laughter makes him happy. Cool Patrol Iplier has nice manners for someone who grew up on the rough side of town. He also never fails to find a new way to compliment you each time he sees you. And every other chance after that. Dating Calum Hood Would Include Dating Tony Stark would include A surprising amount of cuddling Making breakfast in the morning and bringing it in to him.

For a man who can probably afford all the bacon and eggs in the tri-state area, he gets very excited when you bring him food. Gestures like that mean a great deal to him. Dating Fred Wesley Would Include Dating Sirius Black Would Include Dating Pietro Maximoff Would Include:.

Pouts when you don't give him enough attention. - “You're such a loser”. - “You're dating this loser, so who's the real loser here?” - “You do. Read Dating Him Would Include from the story 5SOS Preferences Book Two by Uni_corn_Bat_Man (Bat Man) with reads. preferences, 5sos, cute. Dating Colby would include notes:: real quick, i honestly have no idea you get mad at him the first time he asks you to play the ouija board.

Cute dates, such as ice-cream, frozen yogurt, etc. Going to the carnival together and him winning you a giant teddy bear, Kudos to werewolf powers. Kissing you on the top of the Ferris-wheel, after you freak out. Him not being a dick to you. Wearing his clothes. Him practically making you wear his jersey to show everyone your his. Lori loving you. Being his anchor. Staying at his house. Watching him work-out.

Loving Each Other Forever. Dating Dana Would Include. Dating Gladion Would Include What do you want to talk about? You are the most stunning of them all, Gladion! You left work early! Instead, he perceived your sentence as a tease and decided to make the situation take another turn. Originally posted by coldsflash. Gentle teasing. You were a little nervous around him before he asked you out.

Making way too many cold jokes. Him being really protective of you. Not just because he cares about you but also because he knows how harsh the world can be. He wants to shield you from all of that, despite how linked he can be to some of that darkness. Evenings in for date nights. He places soft kisses on your lips, capturing them with his own right before your favourite parts of films. He holds you close, being much more affectionate in the safety of your own privacy than in public.

Or else the two of you cooking together, trying to make your favourite meals — sometimes still ending up ordering takeaway.

Essential Dating Advice For Men: 4 Things Every Man Should Know About Dating Women

Complete loyalty. The two of you may not always see eye-to-eye on morals and things, but you love each other deeply. You trust each other deeply. I mean Look at it. Originally posted by pegginglucas. Originally posted by rxxbinc. Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines. You trying to get him back by leaving your mark on him but forgetting that it goes away almost instantly.

Him being so scared to say he loves you at first, because you are the first real love he has ever had. Originally posted by faroplague. Originally posted by thestylesgifs. Originally posted by prettylitteteengirl. Dean may be mad with you but he loves you still too much to not hold you at night.

Your arms would be around his neck, holding him close. Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel. Part 1.

Originally posted by h-e-a-r-t-crystallized. Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers. Originally posted by yoitsprettymuch. Log in Sign up. Friendship with Mark, Ethan and Tyler might include. Dating Alex Ernst would include Dating Miles Morales Would Include. Dating the Shelby siblings would include. Dating would include — Twenty One Pilots. Originally posted by rhcpchili99 Tyler Joseph: He plans a ton of different dates whenever he has time Ever been in a pillow fort? I hope good. Can I make it up to you, love of my life?

Thank you, darling. How did I get so lucky?

We talked about this, Josh. Wait, I get you your favorite snack. Just relax and enjoy yourself. More than you can imagine. Dating Zach Would Include These are actually really fun to do, and I have no idea why. Lots of dates at random locations. Him always attempting to balance spoons on his nose, and failing.

Long nights full of conversations about the future. Being shown off to all of his friends at parties. Him flexing every time he takes off his shirt around you.

Being treated like his queen. Listening to him talk about his feelings. Having your own thoughts and feelings pried out of you. Watching him play basketball. Mostly because he looks great in that uniform. Never being let out of his sight.

Like, he mostly just turns red and mumbles to himself. Being forced to go to every single event the school has. With Zach, you always end up having a great time.

Being the only one who understands how easy it is to be lonely, even with friends. Lots of different colored boxer-briefs. Him not being able to say no to you about anything. Dating Ethan Would Include Dating Klaus Mikaelson would include:. Of yourself.

Dating the characters of Stranger Things would include. Dating Regulus would include Dating Dimitri Belikov would include:. Dating Jack Kline Would Include:. Dating Chuck Shurley Would Include Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include So many competitions. Tender, slow, hard, fast, against the wall, on the couch, cuddling, fighting, angry, sweet… You name it.

Dating Tom Hiddleston would include but not be limited too …. Dating Brandon Arreaga would include:. Dating Kim Minseok Would Include Him being the best listener and always having the greatest advice with whatever problems you have.

Plus his Aegyo is on point. Especially those high notes. He would adore cuddling with you. Working out together.

Him being the most amazing and encouraging boyfriend in the world. At nighttime. Originally posted by veriloquentmind He loves cuddling in bed. He loves holding you in his arms and running his fingers through your hair. He loves nothing more than holding you because it makes him feel secure and like everything is perfect in his life.

Call him Daddy or he might just have to punish you. Dating Tyler Would Include Dating James Potter Would Include James Potter james potter imagines james potter x reader dating would include dating james potter would include harry potter imagines this one's short sorry harry potter.

Ask thirdhostage a question tony stark tony stark x reader tony stark imagine tony stark fanfiction dating would include jealous iron man imagine Iron Man iron man fanfiction iron man x reader reader insert marvel marvel fluff marvel preferences marvel imagine Avengers avenger preferences avengers cast avengers imagine.

Dating Theo Raeken would Include. Originally posted by its-alaquanda-bitches Fighting over the silliest things. Always protecting you during pack fights. Him constantly being turned on whenever you wear something exposing. Going to clubs all the time. Flirting constantly. Biting your lips when caught up in a hot makeout. Understanding him like no one else. Defending him whenever the pack threatens and accuses him.

Always jealous whenever he sees you with other boys. Hugging you tightly and giving you kisses on your forehead.

octaviackles. dating stiles stilinski would include: him always sending you a 'good morning beautiful' text; being equally sarcastic; having star wars marathons. Read Dating Him Would Include from the story Magcon Preferences and Imagines by Riburns (Rachel) with reads. magcon, preferences, fiction. Aaron. Dating Jack Kline Would Include image. Originally posted by myheartofmusic. • Helping introduce Jack to new things and teaching him about the world.

Going to the gym together. Admiring each other. Going out for coffee in the mornings. Him driving you in his car wherever you want to go.

Him whispering the things he would do to you in your ear during pack meetings. His arm wrapped around your shoulder during those meetings. Checking you out constantly.

Holding hands most of the time. Him believing that you two would die together, hopelessly in love. Staying up all night talking about any thing you wanted, and him listening. Theo placing a strand of hair behind your ear when you ramble. Going out to the park to play sports. Letting you take his clothes and comfy baggy jumpers.

You being reminded of him when wearing his clothes. Smelling his cologne when hugging him. Laughing whenever he trips or makes a mistake. You telling him all about your make up and books and him listening, smiling at how adorable you are.

Dating Theo Raeken Would Include Dating Noah Foster Would Include I hope you all like it. But after you both get comfortable you would always be connected somehow when you were together. And everyone else would end up calling you that. Binge watching horror movies with him and dealing with him talking throughout the entire movie because it would be adorable.

You and him have ended up sleeping at his job more times than you can count because you would both fall asleep cuddling and watching movies there Noah and you would just love cuddling because you both knew how close you were to losing each other, and having each other in your arms would calm both of you down.

Noah would text you as soon as he released a podcast, so you would always end up being one of the first to listen to them You being a guest on his podcast a lot.

Audrey making fake vomiting noises whenever you two show a little bit of PDA which only makes you two make it more dramatic You two would always do your homework together. But he would always be really sweet and make sure that you were completely comfortable with it.

He probably would be really sweet and slow about it every time you guys slept together. He would just be so amazed that he got to be with you that he would be really sweet. But when the fights were really serious you guys would give each other the silent treatment, and make it really obvious so everyone would know that you were both mad at each other.

After those fights you would have a movie marathon and cuddle for hours. At first the murder board was the source of a lot of your fights because it always messed with you.


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