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  • 28.02.2019
  • by Kazirg

Lalique . Dr. Lori Ph.D. Antiques Appraiser

R. Lalique Opalescent Bacchantes Vase

Rene Lalique produced some of the most famous art glass pieces of the 20th Century. From perfume bottles and vases to drinking vessels and figural sculptures in glass, Lalique was synonymous with high quality artistically designed fine glass and crystal pieces of the Art Nouveau circa , Art Deco circa ss and Art Moderne ss movements. He made perfume bottles for Francois Coty, designed chandeliers on luxury cruise liners like the Normandie, produced glass plates for elite collectors, added his artistic touch to windows on New York's trendy Fifth Avenue like Tiffany glass windows , designed automobile mascots replacing the passe hood ornaments, decorated high profile train cars including the Orient Express, and ran a factory that made vases, clocks, decanters, boxes, bowls, goblets, etc. Lalique pieces featured women, mermaids, birds, flowers, insects, fish, snakes, vines and the list goes on. Lalique was a very busy designer!

Lalique pieces are clearly marked with the Lalique insignia or mark. As I have told audience members at my appraisal events worldwide who have thought they had an authentic Lalique piece yet didn't or those who thought they had a coveted Lalique piece from the period of Rene Lalique's lifetime that is an early s piece dating to before and didn't, you need to learn what the marks look like--both real and fake.

And there are a lot of fake marks out there. Fake Lalique marks are very commonly found. Some of the easiest fake marks that are trying to convince buyers and collectors that a piece of Lalique is older than it really is include the following words, phrases, or letters: R the registration mark was used only after and it is not an authentic Lalique mark used during Rene Lalique's lifetime, the word 'cristal' is not an authentic early Lalique mark as that word was not used by Lalique, and the phrase 'bottle made by' was not used on perfume bottles made by Lalique in the early years of production.

Avoid pieces with these marks if you want to collect authentic and valuable Rene Lalique glass. It goes without saying that condition is vital to the value of a piece of Lalique. The piece cannot be chipped, cracked, or damaged in any way if you want to command top dollar for it on the market.

Specific figural forms of Lalique glass are more desirable than others. For instance, Lalique car mascots, perfume bottles in the form of flowers with original stoppers, horse heads, figural animals and birds all all rare, quite collectible and ultra valuable. Collectors regularly pay thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for such Lalique art glass.

Get an online appraisal of your Rene Lalique piece from Dr.

Antique R Lalique Paperweight for Sale

Do you like to thrift shop for vintage items? Do you take the bargains you find at estate sales and auctions and flip them for profit? Discover three types of items including vintage signs and furniture that might look like bargains, but will be difficult to resell because their popularity is on the way out. Plus, Dr. Lori shares clues on which vintage and antiques items are trending up and can earn you more money when reselling.

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Lalique: Fakes, Imitations, Forged Marks

Lori Verderame. Send your Photos. What to Look For Lalique pieces are clearly marked with the Lalique insignia or mark. Upcoming Events View All. Sep Doctor and the Diva Show. Lori's Antiques Appraisal Comedy Show. Factory 12 Event Loft map.

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Lalique France signatures, Lalique signatures, Lalique Marks, Lalique Crystal Signatures, Lalique Crystal Registered Trademark Symbol. Photos of modern. The greatest confusion for new collectors is how the R is used in the signature. Many people believe that the use of the R means the piece must. - Explore geoffreygeorgew's board "R. Lalique signatures" on the foreground, is by his artist daughter *Suzanne Lalique, signed and dated

Sheraton Sioux Falls and Convention Center map. Oct Lalique Signatures page and see lots of these fake signatures. It's best to think of it this way: Signatures do not authenticate pieces, in fact it's the other way around.

Rene Lalique, being one of the most successful French glass makers of all time, Watch for a piece that was produced after with an "R" in the signature. Lalique's signatures and marks shown on this page are all authentic signatures and marks from actual R. Lalique items. As you can see, Lalique signed his. Tips to identify valuable Lalique glass pieces like vases, plates, and bottles, from the period of Rene Lalique's lifetime (that is an early s piece dating to.

Pieces authenticate the signatures they bear. Is it great to have a piece with a signature that you are certain is authentic and right for the piece to confirm what you already have concluded?

Dating lalique signatures

Of course it is. But you only consider the signature after examining the entire piece without regard to the signature. But many phony pieces with fake signatures sold for good money on a regular basis during that same year. So don't buy the signature, buy the piece. Something else to keep in mind while viewing this page is that the lighting, background, and the angle of the photo can change some aspects of how a signature looks.

Any reader having a photo of an authentic signature that is not shown here, or that is a variation of a signature that is shown here, please Email it to us for possible inclusion on this page.

His first experiments and designs using glass date from this era. Lalique already used enamel and glass, side-by-side with gold, opals, diamonds, pearls or. Rene Lalique () was one of the most successful artist/designers of all time. He was successful designing jewelry, wallpaper, textiles, and commercial. Ahead of the largest Rene Lalique vase ever to be offered at auction, . Unlike marks, staining added to an item at a later date does not seem.

We'd like to see a photo of the entire surface that the signature is on if it's on the base, the whole baseand a profile shot of the piece, in addition to a high quality photo of the mark. The goal is to assemble as complete a set of actual photos of authentic signatures as possible. This page was first added to the the website in July of

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