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  • 04.02.2019
  • by Taugal

The Serial (Number) Bowl Date Your Guitar or Bass Still Kickin Music

The Return of Ovation Guitars 2018 - Ovation Line Review & Overview

Question about Ovation Serial no's. Hey folks, I'm looking to buy an old Ovation that a friend has, but she stays pretty far away and has just sent me a serial no: Ovation guitar Can any info be gleamed from this? Find all posts by Aden. Check out this link to the Ovation fan club page. It has a lot of information about serial numbers and how to look them up. There also used to be a page on the ovation website that talked all about their numbering and what it means.

The action is wonderful It doesn't have the booming bass of a D, but it makes up for it in other ways. I don't care as much for the new ones made overseas, but the old Ovations were wonderful guitars. Good luck and let us know how it goes. I just looked at my '72 Balladeer, and there is a Pewter colored label straight inside the sound hole that says "Ovation" in big letters across the middle. On the upper right portion of that label is the model number The serial number is on a small, plain white label up closer to the neck.

Mine is a Balladeer with no electronics, and it has served me very well since I bought it from a friend in Playing music with my friends March, Find all posts by BigRed Just for minor elaboration on the model number. You have the model, the dash then the finish code the single digit.

I hope it's an old Balladeer My dad's is still his prime guitar I suppose I won't know till we can check it out - the lady doesn't seem too clued up, and she's giving me a real good price if it is a Balladeer All times are GMT The time now is AM.

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Dating ovation guitars

Thread Tools. Aden Guest. Join Date: May Posts: Question about Ovation Serial no's Hey folks, I'm looking to buy an old Ovation that a friend has, but she stays pretty far away and has just sent me a serial no: Ovation guitar Can any info be gleamed from this?

IPlay2 Charter Member. Find all posts by IPlay2. DenverSteve Formerly "PastorSteve". Find all posts by DenverSteve. Originally Posted by PastorSteve Ovation serial numbers vary depending on the series. Find all posts by patchmcg. Kerbie Moderator. There is known overlap between years, and looking at the date on the neck heel should be more accurate.

Note: US Vintage series starting in onward begins with a "V". You must remove neck to accurately date those.

Made in Korea Serials may or may not have letter prefix. Below are random tidbits that may help you date yours. You should find two stamped dates--one in the neck pocket and one of the butt of the neck. In Sept. Then in Feb. All the Tribute Models have the build year and month coded in the serial number. Gibson Back to top of page.

The FONs appear below followed by serial numbers. Celebrities are MIK - so the only way you can date is by the pre-amp, and then only within the. Originally the guitars were made in Connecticut, USA. Now also produced in Asia . Dating guitars by serial number. Model decoder. See this page on the website for an extensive Ovation database. Paul Reed Smith (PRS) To date a PRS guitar, look.

After that, a much more complex table from that may take you further. Note, this is one of the most convoluted Gibson periods, and your serial may indicate more than one possible year.

How Do I Date My Ovation Celebrity?

At that point, observing your model's features and comparing to other examples will be helpful. However, two design changes make it fairly easy to pinpoint a post Gibson. After you'll see a "volute" on the back of the neck where it meets the headstock. It's basically a little bump of extra wood to help prevent headstocks from snapping off the neck. Second, starting in"Made in USA" is stamped on the back of the headstock below the serial.

Basically the first and fifth digits of the serial will indicate the year. For example,means production year Note: the misplaced serial numbers, as well as some odd four-digit serial numbers, show up induring the transition to the date-coded system in mid-' Notes on early era: - serials will be written in pencil inside guitar body.

May be faded or illegible. In one thousand serial no. This known anomaly can be solved by observing attributes of the given year.

Range, Date, Comment. Second digit is type of guitar: Limited run of guitars, fancy version of Custom Legend with drum-and-flag decal and. The Ovation Guitar Company is a manufacturer of guitars. Ovation primarily manufactures steel-string acoustic guitars (both 6 and string versions) and. Second digit is type of guitar: 1 Acoustic roundbacks (also semi-hollowbody electrics). 2 Solidbody and semi-hollowbody electrics. 3 Ultra acoustics. 4 Solidbody.

Date-coded serial numbers are typically found stamped on the back or top of the headstock, and "Made in USA" is stamped next to the number starting in June Example 1: should be February 27 and the th instrument made that month. Example 2: would indicate a guitar made in November 11 of 8 that was the th made that month.

For example, would be March 38 and the 94th guitar made that month. The next digit is the month The next three digits are the model number, without the 6 at the beginning. The final numbers are the sequential order of the model made during the lifespan of the model not that year. Example: A serial number of tells us this guitar was made in during the month of August 8 and is a G modelthe th to be produced during the Revival Era.

Unfortunately, these guitars followed no clear numbering system and appeared on a sticker on the back of the headstock and were often lost. Some believe that the first digit may denote the year, but this pertains only to pre-Fender Korean-made guitars. The Fender-era 51xx guitars follow the normal Fender numbering scheme. Example: A serial number of JT tells us the guitar was made at the Japan Terada factory JT in 04 during the month of February 02 as the 1,th Gretsch guitar made at the factory that year.

Guitar of the Day: Adamas Melissa Etheridge Signature Model by Ovation - Norman's Rare Guitars

Below we outline a simple way to narrow down the date range of an acoustic Guild. The easy way to narrow down the period your Guild acoustic was produced is by the label, which is located inside the soundhole and should have both the model and serial number.

From to Guild used a label that showed a white guitar body on a black background. From tothe label is known as the "ghost label" due to its image of a ghost-like character wearing a bowtie and playing a guitar. From tothe "Oval G-Shield" label is oval, tan colored and says "Guarantee" in large letters.

Likewise, from tothe label is oval shaped, but has "Guild" printed in large script lettering at the top. It may also say "Guarantee" up tillbut the large "Guild" clearly separates it from the Oval G-Shield label.

Hagstrom Back to top of page. Not a lot is known about Hagstrom serial numbers.

Dating a guitar can be a difficult experience, but knowing the date can be the most important step in selling or trading your guitar. Maybe you. American made Ovation series are easy to date by year made but not usually much additional information. Cheaper foreign made guitars are. I got this Ovation guitar recently but have no information about it. and go here:

From different sources I've read that they are often six digits with the first three numbers indicating the production run and the last three the number in that run. The production run can narrow down the year produced but only if you have the mythical Hagstrom book that apparently Hagstrom does not allow to be reproduced.

Later Hagstrom instruments added the prefix "53" to their serial numbers, but the final six digits still have the same information. So serial number:indicates production run and the th instrument produced in that run. If the serial wasit would still indicate the same information. There is a gentleman on the Canadian Guitar Forum who seems to have the Hagstrom book and as of late was still answering posters questions about their vintage Hagstroms.

All this serial number information pertains to Hagstroms built in Sweden between and the early 80s. Re-issues after that time will be different and we've seen no info on their serials. Hamer Back to top of page The Hamerfanclub website is a great resource that includes info on all the models ever produced. The 4-digit numbers ran from to the early s and were reserved for early Standard models, basses and other custom instruments.

The first digit indicates the last digit of the year it was built, with the final numbers indicating sequentially the order of production. For example, serial number: 7 was the second guitar built in Serial 0 is a built guitar and the th built. Byserial numbers were again being impressed into the wood of the headstock. Serial numbering sequence by decade approximate : s: 7 - 9 s: 0 - 9 s: 0 - 9 0 - 4 Looking at the table above you'll note that in every decade the initial digit is going to repeat i.

If it lacks one, it was likely either refinished or stolen and altered. All serials used numbers, except for Johnny Ramone's white Sunburst, which had characters in place of numbers.

T he above information applies to USA made Hamers only. Later, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese serial numbers are different and are probably worthless for dating an instrument. Big thanks to the Hamerfanclub forum administrator "cmatthes" for help with this information.

The Serial (Number) Bowl: Date Your Guitar or Bass

For the San Dimas Charvels, began the numbered series in late 81'. If you have a Ft. ALL Jackson neck-thru guitars had a serial on the fretboard's last fret. Most of these will be 4 digit 's. You might see one letter like J or U and then the 4 digits also.

All San Dimas Jackson and Charvel bolt-on guitars will have a 4 digit serial on the neckplate. Ontario bolt-on Jacksons will have 4 or 6 digit serial '. All Jackson's that have the Professional logo on the headstock are Japanese made! Charvel Imports Year of manufacture, Charvel Model 1 - 4 A quick and dirty way of determining the year of manufacture for the bolt-on Model Series 1 - 4, is to look at the combination of trademark symbols used on both the headstock and the neckplate.

Furthermore, the presence or absense of a neckplate gasket will also help you find the year. The serial on these guitars can't be used directly to find the year.

Study the following table to determine the year. For example, C is built in the year of C would be When the Charvel Model 5 and 6 were introduced inthe serial number was found on the back of the headstock under the clear coat, in the form of a plastic decal.

Later on, around midthe factory abandoned the decal on the headstock and began stamping the serial number into the last, blind fret of the fingerboard. Charvel Basses The year of the Model series bass guitars 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B can be determined using the same method as for the guitars described above. The only neck-thru version of the basses were the Model 3B.

Kramer Back to top of page Kramer guitar owners seem to be some of the more dedicated fans out there. Much of the research online is centered around whether the Kramer in question was made in the USA, mostly because those are of much higher quality and worth some real money. When it comes to dating a Kramer, there is little in the way of good information. It's the best resource we've seen. Good luck. Martin Back to top of page One of the few manufacturers who kept a sequential series of numbers through nearly their entire lifetime, as far back asdating a Martin is simply a matter of finding where your serial falls in the sequence below.

Serials are usually found inside the body near the neck joint. Look through the sound hole toward the head of the guitar.

You may need to use a flashlight. Numbers to were used for a short run of Sigma-made Martin models from to so do not appear on Martin models. Martin Mandolins from before use a different sequence than guitars see Martin website.

See this page on the OvationTribute. So "08" indicates The only complication occurs with years that have the same final digit. Thus, "0" prefix can indicate or A "5" can indicateor You can narrow these down by the numbers that come after the prefix, which are sequential production numbers.

Lower numbers indicate earlier years.

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