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  • 07.01.2019
  • by Kajora

Men Share Their Abortion Stories: "We Both Knew We Weren't Ready"

Anti-abortion demonstration - exact date unknown - 1972

Her past, her sexual history and her past plays no role in deciding our future. Do you thibk abortions are bad? They are a crime? Well no! There are times, when even after taking a lot of precautions, one might get pregnant.

It was like an emotional earthquake. I could not get footing until the abortion was over and then I was like, Oh, I can stand again.

Dating someone abortion

The first time I supported someone through an abortion, the window of opportunity in North Carolina felt pretty narrow. It felt like we were lucky to be able to do that because the dominant culture was so conservative. To think of that opportunity being legislatively clipped for so many people is really shitty.

I have no faith that these are the actions everyday people would be taking. Do you feel like you know how to support women right now?

Or people who can get pregnant? Do you feel empowered to share your experience? I think it depends on the context. I feel like I can talk about my own feelings and how the possibility of abortion has really affected my life in a positive way.

You just have to defer in some ways. This is kind of a big question, but what are your feelings about that experience now almost two years on?

It was a lot bigger than I expected. My first abortion was so much easier and so much less painful and ours was not easy and it was painful.

Anti-abortion demonstration - exact date unknown - 1972

It was just so big, you know? If I was acting and I needed to bring tears to my eyes, I would think about that experience. I would think about you holding my hand.

That part. Like…every time I give that speech, the one you saw me perform? That shit choked me up too! Even hearing you talk about it, I was definitely tearing up in the audience.

Men have not been sharing their experiences with abortion at an Lock and I conceived the very first time we had sex, about a week after our first date. Of course, it's not a bad thing to support someone through an abortion. Let me preface this by saying I am not interested in getting into the abortion issue as that is very complex. My issue is dating people who were. She only told me and no one else, as she needed to talk to someone about the guilt she felt when she had it. She wants to date, accepting my.

Also, it honestly probably propelled our relationship in a way that was super alarming and very fast but probably helped us burn out when we were supposed to. It certainly prompted us to talk about the real shit, about what we wanted. I love that memory. It was very easy.

“Ask a Priest: May I Date Someone Who Had an Abortion?”

Yeah, just really grateful. I am not ever sad we did it. I was really bummed…I can say depressed!

Even after we broke up. I mourned. I forget about that. Have you? Would you date a girl who had an abortion before she met you? What is the best way to get rid of a week pregnancy? Would you abort a baby if it had Down syndrome?

Can a doctor find out that you have had an abortion in the past? Quora User. Related Questions Would you continue to date a woman who admitted to having had an abortion before? If you found out that your current girlfriend had an abortion 3 years before she met you, what would you do? Would anyone date a woman that's post abortive? Do any guys regret wanting a girl to have an abortion?

How do I tell my boyfriend I have had an abortion before? Would you consider dating a person that worked at an abortion clinic? Do women take into consideration how their partners feel when they decide to have an abortion?

It is one of the questions you never think to ask during premarital preparation – “ Gee, honey, did you ever have an abortion?” Just imagine the reaction of your. We exchanged numbers, and our first date was at a dog park — I have a Yorkie and he I have a friend who had an abortion before we met. Out of curiosity, why wouldn't you? What if she was a young teenager when she had the abortion? What if she was in a situation she didn't believe was good for.

The person who had an abortion may need days to recover. Avoid misinformation. Find fact-based resources such as Planned Parenthood and Scarleteen.

“Being a man in this situation is confusing: You feel guilty for being When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, I had this weird, crazy. You decided to have an abortion at a very difficult time in your life, Having an abortion can mean a lifetime of silence and . New comments are only accepted for 3 days from the date of publication. If he rejects her on the basis of her past mistakes, which I doubt very much, he cannot be much of a man. Yes. Her past, her sexual history and her past plays no role in deciding our future. Do you thibk abortions are bad? They are a crime? Well no!.

Take time to process your own feelings. Some people struggle to deal with abortion, while others are okay with it. You might feel relieved, sad, disappointed, awkward, or nothing in particular. If you're dealing with difficult emotions, take time to work through them.

Consider calling the Exhale hotline if you need someone to talk to. Help your partner with their own feelings, if they're struggling.

Some people view abortion as a simple medical procedure, others view it as the loss of an important life, and there are all sorts of possibilities in between. Take time to listen to and honor your partner's feelings, whatever they may be.

Ask "How are you feeling about this? If you don't feel able to emotionally support your partner right now, encourage them to reach out to family members or other close loved ones to talk.

How do I tell my boyfriend I once had an abortion?

Take measures to help prevent future abortions. Talk with your partner about contraceptives. Abortion is a difficult procedure that can be costly, so it's best to avoid conceiving an unwanted fetus in the first place. Research and discuss your options, and find what's best for the two of you. There are many options to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Method 2.

Ask your partner if they'd like to talk about what happened.

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