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Main -> Dating -> Can you date without a smart phone? . Her World Can you date without a smart phone?
  • 29.12.2018
  • by Kadal

Can you date without a smart phone? . Her World Can you date without a smart phone?

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In fact, I find the constant need to text or otherwise play with one's phone obnoxious. It would be inconvenient but I could manage, as long as he had internet access in some other way some of the time - like I did before cell phones. I really like to have online conversations when we can't be together or talk.

The lack of a cell phone wouldn't be an automatic deal-breaker, but if my hypothetical partner suggested that I "call someone else" in the event of an emergency because he didn't own or want a phone, that sure would be. I rarely talk on my cell phone and my husband is the same but sometimes I need to call him. Email doesn't cut it when, for example, your apartment has been broken into and you're freaking out, or there's water pouring out of every opening in the ceiling in your house and you need your SO to come home NOW.

I feel really bad, but honestly, no I wouldn't. Email and such is okay in day to day life I guess, however if there ever was an emergency, I would want to be able to get in direct contact.

My husband and I are thinking about switching back to a land line instead of cell phones. I dislike how ubiquitous they've become. And yet I'm attached to mine and have a hard time imagining being without it I simply wouldn't because I have sisters and nephews I care about.

And if they need, they better darn well be able to reach me. No, there are so many situations where I might want to call my SO. From emergencies down to 'can you pick up some milk on your way back home' deals.

I don't especially mind if he doesn't call or text me but I want my SO to be contactable when we're out.

My SO doesn't really use his phone for anything except answering calls and texts which is fine and his fairly basic phone fulfils those functions well. I feel like it would make it much harder to remain in contact with someone, especially in the early stages of a relationship where you don't live with one another. I mean, I don't even use mine that much, but I have one just in case someone needs me. If I'm busy when someone calls and I don't think it is important, I ignore it.

The inconvenience of having one seems far less significant than not having one at all.


I dunno. To each their own, but as someone who is incredibly busy and sometimes needs to get in contact with someone in the easiest way possible, it probably wouldn't work for me to date someone without a cellphone. I also don't like talking on the phone, so I like to coordinate dates and meeting up via text.

It would be annoying to have to email or call a home phone and then actually talk on the phone to do that. Thinking back to my last relationship that was 7 months long, I think we only talked on the phone for less than 10 minutes total.

We did all our arranging to hang out and catching up with each other via text messages. It wasn't a constant barrage of texting, but a few every day or two. I have. It was frustrating but not for that reason - I can get messages from e-mail and other apps on my phone which he could access from the internet and still reach me.

I like being able to communicate with my SO and know that he is available if an emergency was to arise. I won't go out with someone that I'm unable to get in touch with quickly, because it seems like it would become really inconvenient for me.

Also, I communicate with people primarily through texting, not calls. If I have to ask someone a question, I don't want to have to pick up the phone and call them.

So having a phone that makes and receives calls and texts is a requirement for me. I did and it was annoying. I am older he was the same age as me so I recall the pre-cell days and I am not not one of those always on my phone people either.

It was a piont of pride for him that he thought made him unique, I thought it was bullshit. The best reason to have a cellphone is for an emergency because everybody is not going to fork their phone over to you if one arises. No, I really like texting my SO through out the day. Plus, you never know when a problem will arise and no one will be around to use their phone. I'm not saying this applies to you, but people of our generation who actively refuse to get cellphones are generally a bit off their rocker.

For example, I know a 45 year old family member who has no cellphone and refuses to allow his wife or daughter to have cellphones for "security and privacy" reasons both are supposedly complacent with this arrangement and his wife is VERY odd as well. So yes, I'd see a guy my age 20's without a cellphone as a red flag because it probably signals something is kind of wrong with this guy, even if in your case you are a totally datable man.

My suggestion to you is to suck it up and get a dumb phone to avoid all future distress about what is a small issue. No, because I wouldnt be able to get ahold of him when I needed to. You talk about your own convenience there, imagining your own need to get ahold of people, but what is anyone supposed to do if they need to get about of you in a hurry?

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Also, relying on other people letting you use their phone is just not taking responsibility. No, I wouldnt date anyone without a cell phone. Damn she's onto my secret. Can't have that getting out so when you wake up tomorrow you'll be in the year If I was straight, sure. I don't have a phone myself. I don't like being tethered to it. I don't like going out to events, or places in nature, or movies or WHATEVER and seeing my friends or others paying more attention to their phone than their life around them.

And I hate the modern attitude that everybody must now be on call for work, even if they're not being paid to be on call, because cell phones exist and you are expected to have one on you at all times. Fuck that. I like my unplugged life. I like the fact that sometimes, people just can't get ahold of me.

I like the fact that when I'm not a zombie who spends more time looking down at their phone than the world around them. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

I have yet to hear about a friend who got asked out on a date after, say, Now I'm not saying that it's totally impossible to meet someone offline. You're more likely to meet someone when you mingle with new people on your team best advice: stop being the person who is always on her phone and who. I'm not going to lie -- life before cellphones was pretty bad. Especially when it came to dating. I lived the early years of my romantic life. I've spent the last year and a half without a cell phone. network of friends or a GPS guiding you to your destination, not to mention porn on-the-go. Across the room from me was a couple on a dinner date. Less than a century ago, if you wanted to talk to someone, you had to either travel directly to his.

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Violating any of these rules will result in moderator action. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Because I know people will ask, I just don't like talking on the phone and in the rare occasion that there is an emergency I just ask someone to use their phone EDIT: For clarity, I have a house phone and I check my email constantly.

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. What if someone needs to reach you in an emergency? Talking on the phone is one of the least used features of a modern phone. I don't like talking on the phone. That's not what my smartphone is for. Oh sure, it's easy to think you don't need one when you rely on the charity of others.

If I wasn't so broke I'd totally get a car. It's 4am please forgive me.

Their cell phones are with them; perhaps on the table, occasionally intruding partner interacts more with the cell phone than with the person sitting across the table. Cell phones, even when not being used, divide attention. While the cell phone has become the perfect tool for some in today's modern dating world, What's a person to do without knowing the proper cell phone etiquette for dating?! Texting lengthy thoughts about your feelings is a no-go. The real. In the age of no cell phones meant there was only a house phone. If you were dating someone who was still living at home, it was likely that the.

What aspects of the email experience make you not prefer it? I would not want to date someone I couldn't communicate with. This question makes me feel downright ancient! I like to be able to text, etc. Do they exist? Everyone has their needs. As long as I can contact you some other way, it's fine.

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Dating someone with no cell phone

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Ladies would you ever date a guy in and onward without a cellphone? I have a close friend who hasnt had a cell phone in sometime now.

He has no problem talking to women but as soon as they find out he has no cell phone they almost immediatly lose interest. Any reason why this is? EDIT: Forgot to mention some of the reasons he states; 1. He cant afford it.

And honestly, if someone doesn't have a phone now, then they're probably either not financially-secure or are needlessly contrarian, and.

While he does spend alot taking care of his mother who has health problems this still seems like weird considering burner phones are so cheap. He has a home phone 3. He finds texting impersonal 4. He feels he can just email if he needs to plan ahead with someone. I text a lot and don't generally use the web based versions of that type of talking.

Also, depending on reasons, it seems vaguely "off the grid" to not have any kind of cell phone. I'm not an off the grid type of person. I've no interest in playing phone tag, having trouble getting ahold of people.

Two Nokia phones (yes, the ones with no Whatsapp and no social Usually, when I'm dating someone, I tend to stalk their profile to find out While I don't advocate appearing unannounced at your date's door on a. Because I know people will ask, I just don't like talking on the phone and in the rare occasion that there is an emergency I just ask someone to use their phone I just don't see a reason to not have something that so easily makes you able to. I'm glued to my cellphone; my boyfriend doesn't even have a We met at an indoor badminton party I co-hosted, and I'm aware that's not how most love For years, my friends and I have formed a sort of dating task force.

I get annoyed enough as it is when my BF leaves his phone in another room so he doesn't answer. And honestly, if someone doesn't have a phone now, then they're probably either not financially-secure or are needlessly contrarian, and neither situation interests me. Flawless explanation! I mean, really, it's the social standard The only people that get a pass are older than 55, but otherwise, people I think even my grandmas have cell phones.

One still uses old cameras with film and refuses to touch a computer and even she has a cell phone. It is interesting how people who reject social norms just for the hell of it are often only fitting themselves into a different kind of mold. Yeah, unless he's really super awesome it would be a point against him. Especially in the beginning stages of dating, modern people have become accustomed to being able to communicate frequently with their partner; I like to be able to text him when I get to the date location to tell him I'm there, I like to be able to chat with him a bit throughout the day, I like to be able to text him a picture of a funny book in the store that reminded me of him.

This things help build bonds. TL;DR - Being unique isn't always a positive thing if that uniqueness makes you significantly less accessible than a huge majority of other compatible men I could date. Nope, because I assume he has some dumb ass reason for it, like every person without a cell phone that I know does.

Like what? For me, it's always the people that are doing it to make some loud statement about connectivity and cell phones at the table It's just not really feasible to not have a cell phone in I think that not being easily contactable would mean the relationship would die before it even got started. His argument when I said this was "People have had relationships for thousands of years without cell phones why can we do it now!?

Yeah people got by but we've adjusted as a society to certain forms of communication and the way we conducted our social interactions reflects this. Being significantly outside the norm is just a pain in the fucking arse. It's made communicating easier, even if people sometimes feel like we're tied to our phones all the time. Now we can text to tell someone that you didn't stand them up. Ask Jay: I'm experiencing first-date jitters. What does it mean when he has stopped initiating sex?

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