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  • 12.02.2019
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Шведский художественное стекло . eBay


Shown below are labels found on glassware from various countries. Home Glass Shop Encyclopaedia Contact. Glass Identification: Labels Shown below are labels found on glassware from various countries. Generic Italian glass paper label. Generic Murano glass foil label. Murano glass paper label for Alberto Toso. Carlo Moretti Murano glass foil label.

As glass became more and more accessible, glassworks were established all over Sweden. Due to the geography of Sweden, with large forests and an ample supply of sand and other raw-materials needed to make glass, glassworks were able to operate in most parts of the country. The oldest Swedish glassworks that are still operating today are Kosta founded in and Limmared founded in The newly founded glassworks had the benefit of being able to use the existing infrastructure that was left behind by the closed-down ironworks, as well as of the plentifully available cheap labour force.

A short history of Swedish glass and glassmaking. From the humble beginnings of Kosta and Orrefors to world wide fame. Results 1 - 48 of Lovely large Swedish glass vase, dating I would think from the s. Signed to underside. Original paper label. Stands at ins width. Florida has the Magic Kingdom, Will Perkins has the Wild Kingdom, but Sweden has the Glass Kingdom. There are no overgrown mice walking.

Indeed most of the laborers were poor and unskilled, and had no other means of subsistence than to work in the hard and difficult conditions of the glassworks, much like they previously did in the ironworks. An example of such a case would be Kosta, which was founded on an old ironworks site.

Difficult working conditions.

Dating swedish glass

As the glassworks grew, so did whole communities around the glassworks. The glassworks would provide housing for the workers and their families, but one should not expect too much from this: often it was just a single room for the whole family. Only highly skilled workmen would be able to benefit of the privilege of an extra room.

The glassworkers worked together in teams. These were quite small, just a couple of people, and each member of the team had his own title based on the job that he was doing and the type glass he was manufacturing. As was quite normal at the time, child labor was widespread.

The glassworkers had to work in harsh and difficult conditions for very little pay. Cruelty and beatings were common, and it was not until that the minimum working age was officially set at 12 by the Swedish government. As in so many other countries, laborers started to organize in trade unions and gained more influence.

Apr 12, Explore katjahultgren's board "Kingdom of crystal - Swedish glass Edward Hald (Swedish, Stockholm Date: Medium: Engraved flashed glass. For full details of numbering systems, together with illustrations of the early patterns and copies of the Orrefors catalogues, see 'Swedish Glass Factories. Things you should look out for when buying Swedish Glass. the start of the glassworks with implementing a systematic system of signatures and date marks.

This led to a slow but steady improvement of the glassworkers working and living conditions. Great looking with beautiful combination of colors. Circa - style of Seguso.

Glass Identification: Labels

Look at all pictures and read Zeller Glass Company blown glass large dimpled vessel with beautiful luminous green color and great sculptural form, circa A pair of luminous light blue and teal Murano Sommerso glass spherical candle holders by Flavio Poli, circa s these are beautiful. Look at all pictures and read condition report Appears to have been constructed View All from Seller.

Dating a Swede - 5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW

You May Also Like. Solid cobalt blue Italian glass vase with gradient hues. Handcrafted in the Cenedese workshop, Murano, Italy,c.

Results 1 - 25 of Get the best deal for swedish art glass from the largest online have the date marked on them with the last two numbers of the year. Alsterfors, Swedish glass paper label. Alsterfors, Swedish glass clear plastic label. Aseda, Bo borgstrom Swedish glass foil label. Aseda Swedish glass foil label. This website has good information on Swedish glass: http://www. They have a great section with all the different.

Engraved signature to bottom, Cenedese. After World War II Hand blown in Finland, this Sommerso style tall art glass vase has a heavy, clear cased glass outer layer and blue colored core.

New with no flaws found.

Monumental pair of Murano, vintage Italian art glass floor vases, measuring 21" tall each. They are made in a dark cobalt blue color, with white interior. Some only signed the art glass pieces and all the serially produced items were not signed.

This makes it a lot harder to determine the age and make of some pieces. Sometimes they only signed with the artist name, and not the name of the glassworks.

Value and Damages. However, if you are concerned about the value of your Swedish glass, then you should only purchase glass without any damages. Some scratches underneath the base are acceptable — they inevitably occur over the years as the piece is moved over different surfaces.

Whereas an experienced glass restorer might be able to eliminate smaller scratches, any other damages are impossible to repair. Glass disease.

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