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Main -> Dating -> QUIZ: Which iKON member are you in a 'Love Scenario' with? . SBS PopAsia
  • 11.02.2019
  • by Makree

QUIZ: Which iKON member are you in a 'Love Scenario' with? . SBS PopAsia

IKON - Blind Date... dates ? Edition!! - Kpop Dating Game

I: A pure and innocent girl who own slender look. Fit well in oversized cardigan and blue jeans with sneakers. Bobby: Stronger girl who seem careless of me. Like Wonder Woman. I like a girl who likes to wear red clothes and always does her best. Donghyuk: A girl whose height is cm, who is filled with Aegyo, cute charm.

Yunhyeong would love cute and hardworking girls. For some reason I think Donghyuk would be a tiny bit picky when it comes to dating. You could never beat his aegyo though, trust me. Originally posted by ygboys-ot I kinda think he loves cute and pretty girls tho. Art Museum with BTS. Photography with Yoongi and Jungkook. Preforming with BTS.

Birthday Party with BTS. Arcade with BTS. Shopping with BTS.


Summer Road Trip with. Moving in with BTS. In the Studio with BTS. Female BTS Outfits. I Need U Girl ver. Hanging Out with GOT7. Coffee Date with GOT7. First Date with Bambam.

Monsta X Ideal Type Outfits. Trip to the Movies with Monsta X. Office Power Couple with Seungcheol. Sleepover with Hip-Hop Unit. Cheer Up Concepts Outfits. Wanna One Inspired. Outfit Ship 1: Date with Mark.

Outfit Ship 2: Date with Jin. Outfit Ship 4: In the Studio with Yoongi.

Outfit Ship 5: Airport with Jungkook. Outfit Ship 6: Road Trip with Jimin. Outfit Ship 7: Dance Practice with Jimin. Outfit Ship 8: Dance Practice with Suga. Thank you for your time, have a nice day!

Without any further ado, here we go! Keep reading.

Mino, Bobby, One - Reactions to falling in love with you. Bobby iKON - He wants you back. Yunhyeong iKON - Cute boyfriend text. Originally posted by s-tttop. Idk if you saw but b. I said recently in an interview he's fond of mixed girls which only makes me think even more he's about the swirl life lol.

iKON, B.I, Yang Hyun Suk. Former iKON member B.I to be called in for police questioning next week. 4 hours ago 11 10, misc. Watch idols.

Sorry just thought I'd share. I and Bobby! I like a girl who likes to wear red and does her best. Red is is probably his favorite color or a color that suits him well!

She must be hardworking and head-strong! I: A pure innocent girl who owns a slender look. Very; you don't even need caffeine to stay perky.

ikon ideal type

Eh, you have a median level most of the time. Not very since you're always up late working. It depends on the day. On weekends you have energy; on weekdays, you don't. You're stressed out. What do you want you boyfriend to do to help you out? Bring over board games to play with you while snacking. Call you and text you lot and try to make you laugh. Take you out to do something fun. Take you out to dinner. Send you funny videos and memes to make you laugh. Come over and keep you company.

Bring over food and watch a movie with you. What do you two listen two while you're driving places? Perky pop music.

It’s been a beautiful summer thus far, especially because iKON has made a comeback. With their song, “Love Scenario” finally getting out of our heads, the timing is perfect. Curious to see which member of the group would be most attracted to you? binahearts is a Soompi writer who. you guys seem to like when i make iKON reactions and i do enjoy As a boyfriend, he would be that tsundere type and he'd be that guy that. Find out who is your boyfriend from iKON! | Kpopmap.

A hip-hop playlist with the bass thumping. Random stuff; you put your iPod on shuffle. How often would you want him to call you? Every couple of days. Every day.

Once or twice a week. What would you two do if you had a day off together? Go to a museum or historical place. Spend it chilling, eating carry-out food, and watching TV. Wander around Seoul, shopping and eating street food. Mess around with some sports and walk along the Han River.

Which iKON member is your perfect love match? Who are you meant to be with? Jay, DK, Song, Ju-ne or Chan? Take our quiz and find out!. Ever wondered which iKon member you should date?. Play Ikon quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. There's a Ikon quiz for everyone.

Make no plans and do whatever comes to mind. Record a cover together. Go see something natural, like the woods or the ocean.

iKON is boyfriend material!! Jinhwan •a caring bf but subtle •”how was your day?” “did you eat?. What About iKON? Test your knowledge on this music quiz to see how you do and compare Who Is The Rumored Boyfriend of AOA's Jimin. Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is In iKON With A Cute Short Story At The End!.

How does he confess to you? Romantically, over a candlelit dinner. Shyly, with a small bouquet of flowers. Accidentally; he doesn't mean to let it slip but does. Proudly, with a couple shirt prepared he knew you'd say yes. Confidently, with a gift.

Ikon dating quiz

Long-distance; he does it through text. Embarrassed and totally spur-of-the-moment. How does he support you? By talking things out with you whenever you need someone to talk to. By helping you see the humor in tough situations, and keeping you lighthearted in hard times.

By giving you helpful life advice whenever you're in a quandary. By checking in on you a lot to see how you're doing. Calculating Results Facebook Comments.


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