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  • 30.12.2018
  • by Shaktinos

Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara dating rumours slammed by Agency

Despite dating denials, insiders claim Nara is planning to move to a new suite 5 mins away from Lee

The rumours blew up following a report by Newsis on Aug 1 that claimed the two had met while Kwon was still a member of K-pop girl group Hello Venus and developed a romantic relationship. Lee, also the founder of the agency, reportedly invested considerable time and effort into Kwon's career. The pair had allegedly been spotted out on dates, and Kwon was often seen at Lee's cafe 89 Mansion in Seoul. Whyyyyy Lee Jong Suk?! But they can relax for now. A-Man Project, which represents both Lee and Kwon, was quick to shut down the rumours , saying: "The report released today about them dating is false. They only have a close senior-junior relationship.

Lee Jong Suk, 29, had enlisted in the military in March and is expected to be relieved of his duties on January Lee Jong Suk has starred in a long list of popular k-dramas. Morning Picker.

Entertainment Top Trending. Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara are dating? Rumor or Truth.

Lee Jong Suk and former Hello Venus member Nara are bellasoulshop.coming to an exclusive report by NewsIs, the two met while Nara was still a. Rumours of South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk dating former girl group member Kwon Nara have been shut down by their management agency. Actor Lee Jong-suk and singer Kwon Nara got into false dating rumors. According to an exclusive report by Newsis, the duo met when Nara.

Revealed Here! By Sukruta Dontukurti.

Lee Jong Suk & Kwon Nara are dating in real life ?

August 1, pm EDT. Modified date: August 1, pm EDT.

The rumors of Lee Jong Suk, the Korean actor, dating Kwon Nara have been doing the rounds lately. The rumors took the world with a storm. n August 1st, a Korean source (Newsis) announced in an exclusive report that the popular actor Lee Jong Suk and ex girl group member, Kwon. The two are said to have begun dating recently. Lee Jong Suk was pretty set on taking on Kwon Nara through his agency. He put in the time.

Sukruta Dontukurti. September 15, pm EDT. We have grown up watching Pokemon. After the denial of dating rumors, Jong Suk was further accused of another controversy.

The news that Kwon Nara and Lee Jong Suk are dating has shaken the world. It is noticeable that this news has been going around lately. A few hours after Newsis's exclusive report, a source from A-MAN Project denied the dating rumors between Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara. According to an exclusive report by Newsis Korean actor Lee Jong Suk is dating former Hello Venus member Kwon Nara. According to the.

A further report claims that Jong Suk had been engaged in profit-seeking activities for the agency while serving the military. His agency released an official statement denying all the controversies and rumors.

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They clarified that Jong Suk has resigned from the post and was no longer involved with the agency. They also stated that he does not have any romantic relationship with Nara. Amidst all the rumors, the fans have been giving mixed emotions regarding this. Though the denial, the rumors are still there about both the celebrities.

It is still unclear what the truth is. Union Journalism.

Kwon nara dating

Entertainment World. By Ananya Singh. August 5, pm EDT.

Modified date: August 5, pm EDT. Credits: Soompi. Ananya Singh.


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