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Main -> Dating -> Girls: would you rather date a lawyer or a doctor? - GirlsAskGuys
  • 23.02.2019
  • by Nagore

Girls: would you rather date a lawyer or a doctor? - GirlsAskGuys

Dating a lawyer- Dating Series- Total Indian Drama

Need Help? United States. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Date people who are not professionals, etc? How do you even attract them if you're a simpleton?

Academic 7. Entrepreneur 8. Graphic designer 9.

Women On The Prowl: How A Man Will Date According To His Profession

Environmental Scientist Human Rights Lawyer 2. Journalist 3.

Website designer 4. Photographer 5. Marketing 6.

Most doctors/lawyers I know marry people on the same level, or are at least professionally accomplished. Of course, you can't generalize and. I am a corporate lawyer and my husband is a dentist. It's a very interesting combination and yes, we do get along very well (touch wood!!). We have friends who say, “I could never date a lawyer” or “how do you . If a doctor is still single by the time he's out of med-school, make it.

Advertising 7. Events manager 8.

Creative 9. PR Surgeon 2.

If they don't get the ambitious future lawyer/doctor/harvard MBA, they . Quote: if you're just dating a doctor or med student, GET OUT NOW.

Solicitor 3. Company director 4.

Why would I wan't my wife suing other doctors like myself? I used to date only doctor or lawyer chicks, but it is just too much of a pain in the. I would date a doctor, a lawyer, an artist, a musician, a bellasoulshop.comlly anything . I'd learn new things from them either way, and I am very open to different. The toughest part of dating a doctor would be how they're always 45 mins late for dates because the 7 dates they had before yours went long.

Journalist 5. Management consultant 7. Designer 8. TV director Journalist 2. TV director 3. Human resources 4. Property 6.

Lawyer dating a doctor

Banking 8. Advertising 9. Doctor The survey suggests that modern women are looking for a mate who is in a creative or caring field rather than a high-powered banker. And although earning power may be important when choosing a mate, job satisfaction, authority, plus concern with the human condition rate highly as turn-ons with both men and women. Mary and her team interviewed single women ages and single men ages for this year's annual report. Mary and her team at Drawing Down The Moon always do in-depth in person interviews with their clients.

To be accepted for matchmaking, applicants must be educated, whether that be at University, college - or even the School of Life.

Mary says they have many clients who may have side-stepped formal education but who are successful in the creative world. And they don't accept people they can't match.

The team ask clients about their background, relationship history and more, and especially about the type of person they'd like to meet. The question for the survey was 'What is the most likely profession your future partner might be working in?

The descriptions below are the team's intuitive take and expert analysis based on 30 years of feedback after clients have been on a date with someone who works in the professions listed. You can easily spot an analyst or stockbroker outside the office investment bankers are still at the office working because they are the only tools that think a full suit is a good look at a dive bar.

What is the return on my venture? As an expert salesman, the real estate guy will champion his positive qualities and hide his flaws that is, until you finally realize his fancy briefcase filled with useless memos and black Amex are all a front. While he caters to work, he expects you to cater to him.

When you ask a lawyer where he went to school, be prepared for two answers — the first being the crappy undergrad education he mutters under his breath; the second being the name-brand law school he proudly attended.

After dealing with liars and cheaters as his clients, he wants a woman who is straight-forward and understands both sides of situation.

A Lawyer dating doctor can have several perks. Most of the high-profile lawyers look to date and marry someone who comes from a respectful. With the sad state of the dating world and the economy these days, you may Dentists: It's like dating a doctor without the crazy hours and the annoying beeper . I dated a lawyer before the guy I am dating now: the pros – he had money. Women want to date doctors but men lust after human rights lawyers and journalists! So why are these professions the top dating turn-ons?.

The entrepreneur is definitely a cool, innovative guy — just ask him. He posts inspirational quotes from start-up guys like Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs on his Facebook and is constantly spamming your inbox with his latest business idea. He enjoys dating a woman who will challenge him and maintains her own independence. The larger his brand grows, the more scandalous his love life is because he actually has very little time for love, but all the time in the world for sex.

Aside from the obvious like how he knows his way around your bodythe doctor has a quirky sense of humor that has been cultivated from eight-plus years of classes with science geeks.

Married to a Doctor Q&A - Stan's Advice

He gets as excited over a dinner date as he does over a new stethoscope. The musician and the artist and even sometimes the actor are very much alike — the only difference being their mode of talent. If possible, these guys are even more intelligent than the doctors due to their innate aptitude and lifelong achievement of high markings. They are very by-the-books type of guys, but what they lack in creativity, they make up for in their ability to solve any problem.

Due to their busy schedules and brainiac tendencies, engineers are not the most social of the bunch. The teacher is the guy who no one listened to in high school, and therefore feels the need to now command a classroom full of kids.


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