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  • 09.01.2019
  • by Maurg

Mosin Nagant M91/30 No Date on Barrel Shank

How to Date your Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifle

Please bear with me! You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Ads listed in discussion areas are prohibited. Any one else ever see this? Never saw one with just the date scrubbed off. However, if it was stamped, it was not stamped very well at all.

Some stocks are solid wood and others are laminated. M38 Carbine Almost the same as a M44 except no bayonet. The stock may or may not have a cut out in it for a folded bayonet. Russia at one point only made one stock to fit both the M38 and M Mostly in solid wood stocks, but have been placed in laminated M44 stocks also. They cut them down to carbine length.

So, What do you have? If it is not above don't worry.

Russian/Soviet Mosins Finnish Mosins Eastern European & Chinese Mosins Russian M91 rifles are 51 1/2" long, dated , and have the following. Hey guys, I have a mosin nagant that i picked up a couole years back. Its in great condition (prob an arsenal rework at some point) with. This a Russian M91, the original design of the Mosin Nagant. It was Below is a picture of the less common stepped barrel found on dated rifles. Start over.

That just means it is a less common rifle and that is always good! Take some photos and post them in the forums! We love photos! Common or not!

Mosin dating

It could easily also be a M38 or M44 carbine, as the marks are pretty much the same OK, Now what model do you own? They cut them down to carbine length So, What do you have?

Their use in Afghanistan continued on well into the s and the early 21st century by Northern Alliance forces. They were used by insurgent forces in the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.

Mosin—Nagant rifles have even been seen in the present conflict of the Syrian Civil Warin the hands of rebels. Mosin—Nagant rifles and carbines have also been used by the members of the National Bolivarian Militia of Venezuela in recent times.

Unboxing M39 Mosin Nagant

Considering sniper rifles as part of a national army's weapons, the Mosin—Nagant is the longest continuously serving rifle in history, at more than years. However, the Mosin—Nagant is not the longest continuously serving firearm used in combat issued by a government, as the Brown Bess musket was in use from through about within the British Empire.

The Finnish cartridge 7.

However, the older version of the Finnish military cartridge was loaded with the S-type bullet that had nominal diameter of. In the Finnish Army fielded a new standard service cartridge intended for both machine guns and rifles. This new cartridge was loaded with a new bullet designed in — the D, which had a nominal diameter of. Handloaded cartridges for Finnish rifles should however use a 0.

Mosin—Nagants have been exported from Finland since the s as its military modernized and decommissioned the rifles. Most of these have ended up as inexpensive surplus for Western nations. In Russia the Mosin—Nagant action has been used to produce a limited number of commercial rifles, the most famous are the Vostok brand target rifles exported in Europe in the s and s chambered in the standard 7. Rifles in 6. Rifles from this program are valuable collectibles.

Many of these American-made Mosin—Nagants were rechambered by wholesalers to the ubiquitous American.

The first two photos below will be a match to most of the "refurbished" Mosin Nagant rifles being sold today. Of coarse the serial numbers and date will be. I recently bought a Mosin-Nagant M44 from Aim that I really like. It was made in , so it's of post-war manufacture. I'm thinking I'd like to get.

Regardless of the conversion, a qualified gunsmith should examine the rifle before firing, and owners should use caution before firing commercial ammunition. With the fall of the Iron Curtaina large quantity of Mosin—Nagants have found their way onto markets outside of Russia as collectibles and hunting rifles.

There is serious collector interest in the Mosin—Nagant family of rifles, and they are popular with hobby shooters and hunters.

The notched rear tangent iron sight is adjustable for elevation, and is calibrated in hundreds of meters Arshins on earlier models. The front sight is a post that is not adjustable for elevation. Sight adjustment for windage was made by the armory before issue by drifting the sight left or right in its dovetail. The limited sight adjustment leaves some hunters with the desire to add a scope, leading two companies to make adjustable sights for the Russian version of this rifle, Mojo and Smith-Sights.


They are capable of taking any game on the North American continent when correct ammunition is used. The typical Finnish M39 model, which the Finns fitted with their own superior barrels, typically display accuracy averaging 2—3 inch 5—7.

The Mosin Nagant is one of the most widely-produced rifles in modern human history. This rifle These rifles were manufactured from to an unknown date. The 3-line rifle M colloquially known in the West as Mosin–Nagant and in Russia as .. In assembling M39 rifles, Finnish armorers re-used octagonal receivers that dated back as far as Finnish rifles are characterized by Russian. 3 days ago Mosin Nagants are the best value in shooting, the best scope for They can be found on historic battlefields dating back to World War I all the.

In addition, several American companies manufacture aftermarket rifle stocks that come inletted so a Mosin can be dropped directly into the stock without additional modification, for shooters who would prefer their ex-military rifles look more like civilian-made hunting rifles.

Along with aftermarket stocks, there have also been a growing number of aftermarket parts, and add-ons designed for the multiple variants of the Mosin Nagant battle rifle. Other, more contentious modifications are version specific muzzle brakes, which are designed to prevent the barrel from rising and consequently ruining the sight picture of the shooteras well as lessening the recoil felt while shooting.

Other companies are experimenting with detachable, and semi-permanent magazine extensions which would increase the magazine capability from five rounds to ten rounds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Mosin disambiguation. Five-shot, bolt-action military rifle. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Mosin—Nagant series of rifles. Main article: Karabinek wz. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Hungarian Revolution Elite Osprey Publishing.

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Archived from the original on 10 October Retrieved 17 October Archived from the original on 18 August Archived from the original on 15 March Archived from the original on 13 June Retrieved 19 October Archived from the original on 22 April Hungarian Mosin Nagant Rifles. Archived from the original on 11 October Rumania Military. Globe front sight. Tula Soviet Union. Izhevsk Soviet Union. Short rear sight leaf. Narrow front sight base. Izhevsk M Tula M Side folding bayonet.

Long rear sight leaf with higher numbers milled off. Wide front sight base. Tikkakoski barrel Finland. VKT barrel Finland. Early Civil Guard Logo. SIG barrel mark on right side of chamber. Bohler-Stahl barrel mark on bottom, hidden by stock. P-Series marking.

Mosin Nagant Models and Types: The Full Breakdown [2019]

The unmarked barrel to the left is thought to be a "P" without any of the typical "P" or "S" marks. Closed nose cap may not have "popsicle sticks". Tikkakoski Finland. VKT Finland.


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