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  • 29.01.2019
  • by Moran

7 Reasons I'm Still Totally Dateable Even Though I'm A Phish Phan

hits different, huh?

Commenting the date of a show, and adding! This response includes the shows setlist, links to listen to the show, and a link to phish. Phish Tour Announcement Infographic. Phish 'Just Jams' - Just jams, composed sections cut out. Phish Sets - All available show videos on YouTube. This is a Phish group, not a political group. Even if your post has Phish content, if it is political, it will be removed.

I feel like this will be either very odd or really hit home with some people. I'm just a solo Phish fan (M, late 20's) looking for a companion.

By the time they reunited inwe were living together, and his secret was laid bare. Dreamcatcher saleswomen! Men in gorilla suits!

As an open fan of one the most obsessively followed yet widely despised But what I didn't get was why women, apparently, can't stand Phish. My name is Michelle, and my husband is a Phish fan. an article about Phish— found out on their second date that he was into Phish when “he. Users Interested In phish. Meet Singles? Scranton Pennsylvania. Dating Online. Looking for the boy next door with an edge! White plains New York.

My priorities shifted. I became less willing to sign off on his out-of-town Phishing trips when they meant taking care of my daughter solo.

And whether or not I wade back into the Phish universe chances are, I probably willI know a vast network of Phish wives have my back. We both genuinely love University of Virginia basketball; the day the new schedule was announced was a holiday we could both get behind. All rights reserved.

Welcome Back Phans Teaser

Most Shared. Photo: Getty Images.

Recently debuted Phish dating website “” celebrated its first of men at Phish shows is steadily increasing and showing no focus on their Pete ' PhanArt' Mason Relieved Of Duties As CEO Of The Phunion. Phish will forever live in the shadow of the Dead; as a Phish phan for 20 .. was their shakiest year to date — continuous song flubs. But, hey, that's the nature of being a fan of Phish: dedication. your significant other failing to notice something about you, date a fan of Phish.

Facebook Pinterest. My name is Michelle, and my husband is a Phish fan.

There is now a dating site for phans by phans; the new site has definitely made a splash in the lot scene. Pictured here are Sage and Greg.

Mar. 19, The online phish dating scene is becoming much more intuitive and Plenty of Phish is the ultimate testament to this. But there are many "lifestyle" dating sites. Yeah, they narrow your dating pool, but they give you at least one area of guaranteed compatibility. Phish will hit the road after Thanksgiving for a 7-date Fall Tour beginning November 29 with two nights in Providence, RI and concluding with a three-night run in.

It was so romantic. Facebook Twitter. PoP matches users using a highly effective algorithm based on the things that matter most.

Some sample questions are:. As one would imagine, the male to female ratio on the site is similar to the ratio of a Phish show: male to female. For this reason, users sometimes find themselves matched with a bottle of Lubriderm and a portopotti or a tent and a sock.


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