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  • 28.01.2019
  • by Tautaxe

Two and a Half, a naruto fanfic . FanFiction

Orgullo Naranja - Naruto X Sakura // Parte 25 - FanFic

Author's Note: Screw my effed up life. Now I'm just bursting with ideas and I have another exam the following week, too. Anyway, I might as well just post this seeing as how I already wasted my precious study time. Disclaimer: Naruto and all related characters rightfully belong to Masashi Kishimoto. The tips mentioned in this story are based on 'How to Date a Med Student' by Fox News iMag and can be seen on this site: www dot yourtango dot com slash slash tips-dating-med-student.

He just needed a little push to explode. And, on that day, finding it wouldn't be a problem. After his eyes crossed the many, tiny heads that were in front of him, Sasuke spotted his girlfriend. She had that sweet and innocent smile of hers planted on her lips, as she welcomed another man in her provisory room. He could see as her head bowed slightly in respect, and as her loosened, pink locks fell on her soft and chubby cheeks.

Two and a half minutes, that was how long their first date lasted, or so Sakura said. So, here's a new SasuSaku one-shot just for you guys. Sakura Hanuro has had a crush on Uchiha Sasuke for quite a while. When finally he asked Sakura out one day! It was her dream come true, but on the day of. Hi! So this is the first chapter of Date Night. I hope you like it! And, by the way, I sadly don't own Naruto. Sakura heard her doorbell ring, but.

He saw her acting all girly, and seeing her acting so politely was really funny for him. It showed him a side of hers that she never really showed him when they were alone or with the rest of their friends.

If people looked at her like that, perhaps, they would actually believe that the most brute girl of Konoha is actually an angel. Such thought made him laugh, and slowly, shake his head in denial. An angel would have never survived all she had. An angel wouldn't have been able to love the devil inside of him. That's why he thanked the gods for a girl so strong and indelicate as her. A girl so unique in all possible ways. A girl so indecipherable to all the others, yet an open book for him to read and leave his own marks.

The Uchiha knows her like no one else ever will, and for that, at that brief moment she was out of that room, Sasuke knew her eyes would look for him in the middle of that crowd.

And he was right, of course he was. In a matter of seconds her green eyes met his, and shyly, she waved her hand and motioned a kiss with her lips. The boy smirked even more proudly at such thing, and if not for being already close to the beginning of the line, he would have gone towards her and kissed her lips for real. He couldn't wait until that thing was over so he could finally leave that line and meet her. Barely did he know that they would be facing each other a lot sooner than he had expected.

As soon as their eyes broke their connection and the girl made her way inside that room, the satisfaction on that boy's expression was replaced by an angry one. His eyes became sharp as a glare, his teeth were clenched and there were many wrinkles on his forehead. By the way he looked, the boy was about to kill a person, but not just any person, no.

As her boyfriend, Sasuke is the only one allowed to do such thing. That man was already going to get beaten up really badly for that, yet, when a cocky smirk appeared on that stranger's face and he impolitely scratched his pants over that delicate area, the Uchiha knew he was going to die in the most merciless way he kmew. He would trap him in a genjutsu and make him suffer until he begged Sasuke to kill him.

And when the Uchiha finally got tired, he would kill that man in front of all the other perverts who couldn't control their hormones. It would serve as an example to them. It would teach them never to touch, look or even think about the pinkette. She is his and nothing will ever change that.

Karin has no idea of this relationship simply because the girl Sasuke's been dating has been on vacation with her family for the past week. At 18 years old, Sasuke and Sakura had been dating for weeks now, and Sasuke thinks it's time for the next step. What does he SasuSaku. In which Sasuke learns that dating Sakura isn't all rainbows and . Just know that it's all gonna be about SasuSaku, naturally. ;) Send me a.

Making a fist with his hand, the raven haired boy walked out of the line and went towards the room where she was found. The first- and only- kid who dared to tell him to go back to line, had the privilege to see those red eyes of his and survive to tell the story of the time he wet himself. Sasuke had no time to waste with those kids. The one who deserved his anger was inside that room with his innocent girlfriend.

He better not have tried anything funny with her or else he didn't know what he was going to do. Glaring a couple more times at his jounin superiors, Sasuke finally reached the door. Firstly, he knocked strongly, almost breaking the door and scaring the hell out of the pinkette. He saw how she jumped back through a small window and how she started to breath quickly after she saw him on the other side. By the way he had knocked, she imagined that there was something on fire outside, but barely she knew that the only thing on fire was his head when he finally saw that man shirtless near her.

It was clear that he was trying to impress her with his well defined muscles. After seeing such thing, Sasuke rushed in, sharingan activated in his eyes and a punch already charged in his hand. If not for Sakura holding back the Uchiha, a battle would have started in that room.

The Uchiha had no control over his actions anymore. If just staring wasn't enough, the jounin confirmed and made sure to compliment the pinkette's lower cheeks. Even Sakura wanted to kill him after that, but as the professional she is, and the only one who was still able to think clearly, she was the chosen one to put an end to that mess.

The girl screamed so loud that the walls around them started to shake. Her voice was louder than the cry of one thousand birds that was coming from Sasuke's wrapped hand, making his own eyes look at her in surprise. The male jounin, with his eyes widened, took a step back in fear and held his shirt tightly on his hands.

The Uchiha, still being held by the girl, finally started to calm himself to a non deadly level, for he knew that he had to, at least, seem calmer so he wouldn't get in trouble with the girl.

Even if escaping her strong embrace without hurting her was impossible, Sasuke had to wait for an opening. And that opening would only come if she felt like he wouldn't commit a murderer in that room. Without thinking twice, the man left the room with his bones shaking, without knowing who would be worst to face in a battle. All he knew was that he would certainly die if he stayed any longer, so, in order to keep his head untouched, he left almost screaming and scaring the rest of the men who were waiting in line.

All of them wandering what size of the shot he had received. Once the noise got lower, the Haruno girl sighed in relief and rubbed her head on the boy's back. After so many check ups made and still many to come, finding comfort on his warmth was the only thing that she could think of.

It felt so good and smelled so masculine. If only she could stay there forever But no. She still had work to do and she still needed to deal with that boy, after all, she wouldn't let him get out of there as if nothing had happened.

You were going to kill a man just because he looked at my butt! I know you can get angry but taking his life would be too much! Just stand there and wait for him to try to do something worse to you? She pinched his belly from behind, releasing his shirt.

As if any of those jounin would be physically stronger than her. She could break a bone with a single touch. There was nothing for the Uchiha to be worried about. But in practice, things were a lot more complicated because, no matter how much he tried, something inside of him just pushed him to do something stupid if any men approached Sakura in a suspicious manner.

Sakura Uzumaki Naruto's younger sister is finally dating Sasuke and they are finding that the sex, the love, and the relationship are great. NARUHINA ND SASUSAKU ARE SO HAPPENING. GET READY! Omg I know its late but did you guys see the way Naruto just held Hinata's. Let's follow Sasuke and Sakura on their first date, shall we? This story continues to follow them through their dates and the development of their.

That feeling was stronger than him and it could, in fact, drive him to commit a crime. Perhaps he did need a psychiatry help for that jealousy of his was starting to get out of control. Fortunately, she would always be there to calm him down and prevent him from going to jail. Sakura is surely a crucial person in his life. There was a moment of silence before a laughter exploded from her lips.

That boy really knew how to make a joke. The natural way he spoke was, certainly, the best part of it. There was no way Sakura would give up on her job just because of his jealousy.

All that hard work and her improvement wouldn't simply be thrown away, not even if he was the one asking her to do so. There was no way in hell she would ever do it, so, every time someone said such things to her, her mind would interpret such words as mere jokes.

Now come on I still have all these men and the women too Go back to your line and later we'll do something together. I'm starting to lose my patience If you want me to examine you, I can do it But you can't stay here. You can even stay planted outside the door but not inside the room! A mischievous smirk played on his lips as he hid his hand in his pocket, and finally walked out of the room.

It was clear that he had something in his mind and Sakura wasn't liking that suspense at all.

The avenger's next move was unpredictable, but it certainly promised to be shocking. He is an Uchiha, after all. Stopping in front of the door, with the girl by his right side, the raven haired boy glared at every single one of the men who were waiting to be examined.

Sasuke could feel all of them trembling in fear as if he was going to attack them all with his powerful eyes. And in fact, that was exactly what he was going to do if any of them crossed the line he had mentally drawn between what was allowed and what was not, inside the check up room. There's no reason to be jealous,' Sakura thought, but she felt herself beginning to have doubts. She looked around at the other girls. She kept thinking that all through dinner and when they started walking home too.

She felt Sasuke grab her hand again but she wasn't really paying attention. She was too lost in thought. She would have walked right past her apartment if it hadn't been for Sasuke pulling on her hand, making her come to a stop.

She put it in the lock and opened her door. She turned back to him to tell him that she had a good time but was cut of by Sasuke. He glared at her. He could tell she was lying.

She was like an open book to him.

She dropped the phony smile and looked down at her feet, embarrassed. Plus all those dumb girls at the restaurant kept checking you out and," She hadn't meant to say that last part out loud.

She felt her whole face go hot with a blush. Why did you choose me over all the other girls? Sasuke dropped his smirk and his face got really serious. Sakura watched him go. She was a little miffed that he hadn't given her more of an answer, but mostly, she was happy with it. She walked into her apartment and into her bedroom. She picked up her phone and plopped down on the bed, entering Ino's phone number.

She had promised to call her after she got home from her date to tell her all the juicy details. Story Story Writer Forum Community. So this is the first chapter of Date Night. I hope you like it! And, by the way, I sadly don't own Naruto.

SasuSaku Post-War, Canon-Verse/ It's a busy day for her, and the fact Apparently, the recent rumors about her dating a genin didn't seem to.

Sakura heard her doorbell ring, but before she went to go get it, she took one last look in in the mirror. She was dressed in a short blue jean skirt and a red tee-shirt.

She had spent all yesterday with Ino, raiding her closet, trying to find the perfect outfit. She smoothed out her shirt one more time, and finally satisfied, she went to get the door. She opened it and there stood Sasuke. He was dressed in a black sweater and blue jeans. Sakura felt her heart flutter just looking at him. He slowly stripped off her clothing, leaving her in her lacy bra and panties as he simply took of his boxers.

The young Uchiha expertly unhooked her bra, moving in the bathtub so he was in front of her as he pushed her back against the wall.

sasusaku fanfic-the hunt

Her hair was already starting to wave because it had hit the water, and she was against the wall, naked except for a simple pair of panties. Sakura opened her eyes, her face flushed when she had gotten adjusted to the now hot water.

Sakura pushed her body under; only her mischievously twinkling emerald green eyes were twinkling above the bath water. She pushed herself up so her full face was showing, and she smiled at him.

Sasuke grasped her upper arms, pulling her upwards as he leaned in and kissed her. Sakura smiled wider in the kiss, the sudden thought of them having sex in the bathtub exciting her. Sasuke pulled back, trailing butterfly kisses down her jaw line to her long slender neck.

Sakura moaned, tugging on his spiky raven hair, knowing that he liked it when she did that. He sucked on a part on her neck, and she bent her neck to the side giving him more access.

He released his grip on her upper forearm, moving to one of her breasts and giving it a tight squeeze, making Sakura gasp in pleasure. He ran his thumb over her hardened bud, and Sakura moaned, arching her back against the tiled wall. Sasuke rose her higher, her chest wet from the bath water as he placed his hot mouth on her right breast, his other hand massaging and kneading the other mound. His teeth scraped against her tender nipple, and his mouth encircled around it.

Sakura panted, feeling ecstasy overtake her whole body. He was always good with his mouth and hands. Sasuke grinned. He lifted her higher, so that her waist up was above the water, her legs still wet. Her face was flushed from the pleasure that had overtaken her body, and just as Sasuke liked, her hair was waved out in heavenly pastel pink waves. A tongue job will make her insane, he thought to himself, positioning his face so that he was right at her clit.

Sakura bit her plump lip, making noises when Sasuke took a long, agonizing lick against her folds. He lifted up one of Sakura's legs and placed it over his shoulder, and Sakura bit her lip again, moving her arms so they were in front of her chest.

He licked her again, picking up pace when she began making louder moans. When more juices spilled out from her luscious body, he greedily lapped them up. When he was satisfied, he let go of his release on her, and Sakura sunk back in the water, her cheeks deeply red.

Sakura gasped when she felt his erection against her clit, nodding helplessly. He always managed to do that to her, get her head so dizzy that she couldn't think straight, simply because it was clouded with heavy lust. He knew what she wanted, for him to penetrate her as he'd done before, but he wasn't done teasing her. Bastard… Inner Sakura muttered. Teasing us like this. Sakura moved her hands, pressing them against Sasuke's well-toned chest.

His torso up was above water, and trailed down with chaste kisses, stopping at his waist. Sasuke grunted from her action. Sakura smiled to herself, moving upward as she leaned over, whispering in his ear, "It takes two to do the tango. Sakura gave him a sexy smile, her hands moving slowly down from his chest, reaching underwater. She smiled when she felt his hard shaft, pressing it against her palm. Sasuke groaned from the contact. She gave his cock a tight squeeze, and Sasuke groaned louder.

She massaged his manhood, moving her fingers expertly around it, pressing quick kisses against Sasuke's neck and chest. Cum ejaculated from his shaft, and Sakura laughed shortly. She lifted her hands and brought it to her mouth, sucking on each of her fingers as she looked deeply into Sasuke's dark onyx orbs. He shifted their positions in the bathtub, and Sakura smiled when Sasuke grinned at her. Just when Sakura was about to retort, he plunged into her, earning a shriek.

She began to moan repeatedly as Sasuke rocked back and forth, his pale skin glistening as his muscles ripped against his skin. Sakura shrieked when he unexpectedly picked up the face incredibly. Sakura let out an ear-splitting scream when she came, and Sasuke followed a few seconds later, placing his hands against the tiled wall of his bathroom to prevent himself as both him and Sakura caught their breath.

The sound of panting filled the room, mixing with the scent of sex and sweat. Sasuke chuckled, giving her a quick, chaste kiss on her forehead. Sakura took a deep breath, releasing it when she reached over, picking up a shampoo bottle as she started to wash her hair with strawberry scented shampoo. Sasuke watched her flow her fingers through her wavy pastel pink hair, smirking at her when she turned and smiled at him, rubbing some of Sasuke's own shampoo that she had applied in her hand a few moments later on his dark raven hair.

His usual spiky hair was flat since it was wet, and the long raven strands hung in front of his dark onyx orbs, and Sakura brushed them away with her hand as she washed out her hair.

Sasuke washed his own shampoo out of his hair, moving so he was behind Sakura, pressing her back against his chest.

Sasusaku dating fanfiction

Sakura reached for the shower gel, opening it and sighed from the scent. Did you buy this? Sakura leaned her head back on Sasuke, taking a deep breath of air before exhaling it, saying, "It looks edible to me. What do you think? At that, Sasuke smirked. Sakura leaned back on the crook of Sasuke's neck, a reflex from the intimate action as a warm sensation overtook her body.


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