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  • 31.08.2019
  • by Mikataxe

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa

Spotify Connect Alexa Skill

While other voice assistants limit the use of Spotify in an effort to promote their own streaming music services, Spotify users will find Alexa quite welcoming. Follow the prompts to link your account. Only one Spotify account can be paired per Amazon account, and thus per Alexa-enabled device. Set Spotify as your preferred music service. For her to default to Spotify, follow these steps:.

With Spotify streaming on your Alexa-enabled speaker, you can control play from the Alexa app. On mobile devices, you'll see an animated sound icon at the bottom of the screen; on the Web alexa. Within this section, you can pause and play, jump forward and backward, and view your queue and history. Of course, you have full access to Spotify within the Spotify apps on mobile and desktop devices as well as the Web at open.

Alexa supports Spotify for Multi-Room Musicwhich allows you to synchronize Echo speakers except the Echo Tap in group Multi-Room Music is expected to support third-party Alexa-enabled speakers is soon.

Users of the Spotify apps and Web player are likely familiar with Spotify Connect, where you can choose among various connected speaker sources.

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Not only can you use Spotify to play music with your Alexa smart speaker, Echo devices also support Spotify Connect, letting you stream tunes manually. Note, too, that third-party Alexa-powered speakers may well be Spotify-compatible too - and also work with Spotify Connect - so there are other options beyond the Echo.

Alexa offers full control of playback and your music library, an Alexa EQ feature to fine-tune audio, with tons of commands for seamless control of your music. But how does it all work?

Open the Alexa app. Scroll down and tap the More Music Streaming Services tile. Choose Spotify. Log in to your Spotify Premium account with your credentials.

Link your accounts. You need a Spotify Premium account in order to use those features.

Hook up spotify to alexa

Interestingly, Google Home lets you use Spotify Free as a service, so maybe Amazon will follow suit at some point. It's great that Amazon has been open enough to let you use Spotify as your Echo's default audio provider instead of its own service.

Amazon Echo - Connect to Spotify

You can ask Alexa to play certain songs, artists, genres, playlists and more from Spotify, and even have it lull you to sleep at night.

But first you'll have to connect Spotify and Alexa. Here's how.

Jump to Connect Spotify Account to Alexa - Spotify Premium account; Alexa speaker capable of A new screen "Connect Alexa to your Spotify. Spotify on Alexa. Set up your Alexa device using the Amazon Alexa App. Go to Settings, then Music & Media and link your Spotify account. Tap Choose default music services and select Spotify. Spotify streaming services subscribers are allowed to connect Spotify account to the Amazon Echo devices and tell Alexa to play anything on Spotify. And the.

While all of Amazon's Echo devices, as well as some third-party speakers such as the Sonos Oneare capable of playing Spotify, not all Alexa-enabled speakers have this feature. First, you'll need to link your Spotify account to Alexaand set it as your default music service.

How to Play Spotify on Alexa

In the Alexa app, open the left-hand menu the three horizontal bars in the upper leftand select Settings. The next screen will give you the option to log in using your Facebook credentials or your Spotify account.

Aug 21, - The Amazon Echo and Alexa play nicely with a host of music services, and that includes the biggest - Spotify. By default, Alexa will turn to. Feb 15, - Answer: To link the Alexa to Spotify, just download the Alexa app, open it, and Connect their Spotify account to the Alexa app (see above). Jun 24, - With a Spotify Premium account, you can unlock the full potential of Alexa’s music capabilities. But to play Spotify with Alexa, you’ll need to connect them. And if you have a Sonos speaker, Spotify and Alexa can do even more.

Press Okay on the next screen. You'll be prompted to grant Alexa Spotify permissions, and agree to terms and conditions.

Connect your Spotify account. Open the Alexa App on your mobile device or at In the navigation menu, choose Music, Video, & Books. Feb 28, - When you want to use your voice to control what music you're listening to, here's how to connect Spotify and Alexa. Dec 14, - So you just unwrapped an Amazon Alexa, Echo, or Echo Dot—maybe someone who really gets you gifted one, or perhaps the holidays.

A screen should appear that says your Spotify account has been linked successfully.


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