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Main -> Hook -> How to Install a Power Supply: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
  • 07.09.2019
  • by Moogukinos

How to Install a Power Supply: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

connecting power supply to a motherboard

This wikiHow teaches you how to install a power supply for a Windows desktop computer. The power supply is what facilitates the flow of power from an electrical source to the other components of the computer. Keep in mind that if your computer came pre-assembled, you don't need to install the power supply, though you may eventually need to replace it. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Categories: Internal Components. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more

Connect 2 power supply units to 1 motherboard on a GPU Mining Rig

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(How to correctly position the power supply); Mainboard Connection: Connect the power supply end of the 24/20 Pin convertible connector to. I recenter bought a corsair vs and the power supply comes with a of cables and I'm completely lost my motherboard is the Asus HPro. Attach the power supply to the motherboard. Find the main power cable on the power supply (usually the one with the largest plug) and attach it.

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Power supply hook up motherboard

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GhettoBurger Reputable. Nov 4, 25 0 4, 0. I recenter bought a corsair vs and the power supply comes with a of cables and I'm completely lost my motherboard is the Asus HPro Gamer. As for my case it's the elite mid tower. Dec 23, 2, 1 14, Look at the bottom of your box, it should have pictures of the cables like this:.

Jun 20, 0 11, For connecting your motherboard, there should be a pin on the right side of the board near the RAM slots and there should be an 8-pin on the top left of the board.

I figured out that much but there are a LOT more cables check the link. S I wanted to reply and I down voted your comment by accident sorry. Nov 7, 44,4, Oct 9, 41,8, What is your question?

You have a modular power supply. You need connect only the power leads that your motherboard or other components need. All are keyed to fit only one way.

If replacing an existing motherboard in a computer with a new motherboard, you need to first remove the existing motherboard. The steps on this page can be referred to for removing the motherboard, followed in reverse order.

Before installing a computer motherboard, make sure the case supports the form factor of your motherboard. Before installing the computer motherboard, make sure all the jumpers or dip switches are correct.

The jumpers and dip switches can be changed when the motherboard is installed, but it is easier to verify them while the motherboard is outside of the case.

Today, motherboards have the jumpers set as auto, allowing either the BIOS or the software to set up the proper settings for the CPU and memory and other settings. If the motherboard supports this feature, make sure the jumpers are set to auto. If you want to adjust the settings manually for your peripherals, make sure you are using acceptable settings.

Although you may be able to overclock a system, it is recommended you use auto or the real values of the system first to make sure the system works before tampering with its settings. After checking the jumpers, if pegs or standoffs are not in the chassisinsert these attachments now. These are required to prevent the motherboard from shorting out and must be inserted before installing the motherboard.

If improperly connected, it can damage the motherboard. Today, ATX and other motherboard form factors have a keyed power supply connector. The Gigabyte P55A-UD4P motherboard is ready to be connected to the power supply. There are three connections to be made. There is the 8-pin power. So I've got my motherboard and power supply and graphics card all screwed down into my case. Now I'm left with a lot of cables left over that obviously need to .

When installing the pegs or standoffs make sure to insert them into the proper holes. Many cases support different motherboard form factors, and if not placed in the proper holes, it may cause damage to the motherboard.

The holes on the case have a small indication of what the holes are for; for example, a hole may have the words ATX listed next to it to indicate the hole is for an ATX motherboard. As the standoff is being installed, make sure they are installed firmly into the case to help prevent issues such as the pegs coming loose when unscrewing the screw from the peg.

As the motherboard is being installed, align the holes in the motherboards with the pegs or standoffs. Once aligned, begin placing screws into the motherboard that should go into the peg or standoff inserted earlier. When screwing in the screw you do not want the screw to be too tight.

How to connect power supply cables to motherboard ?

If tightened too much, it can cause the motherboard to crack. However, the screw should be in enough to hold the motherboard in place. Installing a CPU. Installing memory.

Installing a power supply.


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