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  • 17.09.2019
  • by Nalar
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Dove Island 2011 "Let's Talk Hookup" Annual Trip - 1

I am in a great mood and here's why. It all starts at the bait receivers. I lifted up the lid for the bait and I saw great bait and alot of them in the box. Then we netted it and it still looked great and after it was in our tanks it still looked great! It was schooled up and hanging low in the tank looking healthy. The best part is we got three boxes of it and for the first time for a while, with the mackerel myself and the crew caught this morning, we have a full load of bait on board.

We'll be there first thing.

Trip Report

I'll let you know. The weather today got interesting.

For more information about these trips, call the numbers listed on each individual trip, or you can call the Let's Talk HookUp office at All these. Our Let's Talk Hookup/Davis Boats trip to Whalers Cove Lodge in Angoon, By Pete Gray The first Let's Talk Hookup/Cass Tours Loreto Rumble at the La. Aug. Let me explain to you readers why I had such a great day today. I am in a great mood and here's why. It all starts at the bait receivers. I lifted up the lid.

It stayed pretty much windless through out the day so it remained similar to a lake, but around in the AM it started dumping rain on us. And I mean dumping. Everyone on board scrambled for there rain gear. I got to try out my new Aftco raincoat and it worked great.

During the down pour the lightning that was around got pretty darn close so I had everyone go indoors to wait it out. It didn't take long to pass and we continued fishing and catching.

Brandon Hayward New Seabass Idea

After that it stayed dry the rest of the day. The boat got a nice fresh water rinse. But sure enough, those darn bluefins were laughing at us.

We saw plenty of them but they didn't give two you know whats about us. Our buddy Brian on the Spirit Of Adventure called us and told us he was seeing the pound grade around where he was so we took a little ride down there.

It wasn't really biting that well until we got there. Again our timing is on.

Travel & Trips

For the next few hours it was game on. It actually took a while to get them to bite but during the best of it I couldn't get the balloon rigs out fast enough.

They were snapping!! We ended up with a couple rounds of the pounders with one going around 90 pounds and we also got a handful of pound yellowfin there as well. After it dried up we went looking for another.

We found several schools but none that would hang around and bite our baits. Around we bumped into another school that stuck and we picked up 21 more of those beauts. Many times after we were limited out with the morning yellowtail fishing we would return to the harbor and either off load our catch for immediate processing or grab an additional pounds of ice, and head back out for bass!

The Fish processing was what you would expect at home from a top processor. Very clean, trimmed, no blood lines, ready for the grill. All vacuum packed and labeled in 3 mil bags. Our lodge host Richard was very easy to approach and always provided all the info about what to expect about the days to come. All in all it was a truly perfect turn key operation.

Trip Report. Catch Capt. Art Taylor on “Let's Talk Hookup” This Saturday, May 6. DID YOU MISS Let's Talk Hookup am-Captain Art Taylor from the Searcher . We had our Let's Talk Hook-up trip aboard the Legend this week. Captain Shaun Trowbridge took the anglers off Punta Colonet in Baja. Ron Lane from Fast Lane Kayaks just returned from hosting our Lets Talk Hookup trip to Cedros Kayak Fishing. He said Jeff has done amazing upgrades and.

I highly recommend trying this trip out for your self. I so encourage you to jump on with us next year, or grab any available spot.

Sound up!!! Cedros Sportfishing day 3 Started out again with amazing yellowtail fishing.

Check out this area of bait filmed by Nick fishing with Capt. We literally saw bait balls like this every day!

We caught and released over 30 yellowtail today by am, at that point we dropped off the couple that we kept for processing and headed up north for the great Calico bass fishing. Sometimes 30 or more at a time all trying to eat your bait! This trip was perfect from start to finish. The service is amazing here and you really owe it to yourself to try it out.

Lets Talk HookUp Radio Show | Four years ago, the Sportfishing Association The trip to Mazatlan, where the remote broadcast was originally. Let's Talk Hook-up Radio Show; 65 videos; 5, views; Last updated on Jun 17, . Rock Cod Rick's Journeyman Puerto Vallarta Trip The Katmai Experience By Pete Gray Every trip to Katmai Lodge brings Let's Talk Hookup AM Radio on Katmai Lodge Alaska.

Standby for the full report Sat. Look at the quality! Incredible fishing for Surfaceiron yellowtail. Limits by am and the quality was off the hook with big fish for the day going to This place delivers. Your chance to qualify to win a trip on the 4 day fly down and back trip to Mazatlan on the Royal Star. Including a round trip ticket on Alaska Airlines. Danny is considered by many to be the "guru" of surface iron fishing. He will likely have good tips on picking the right iron, and how to catch fish on it.

Of course lots of long range and local live reports to go along with all the information, plus your phone calls. You can also listen to our archives from previous shows on our archives page. This weekend on Let's Talk Hook Up.

Lets talk hookup trips

Get Ready for Winter What a difference a week makes. We understand what fisherman need to be successful in the pursuit of target species across the United States. Never again will you need to search countless resorces to find accurate information on the fishing grounds.

Now you can vew the latest catch reports, conditions, trip schedules and book your trip all in one website. Established in SportfishingReport.

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