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  • 12.10.2019
  • by Mikashakar

Top 10 Best High-End Matchmaker Agencies & Wealthy Dating Websites

Are Professional Matchmakers Worth The Price?

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. What is Luxy? Luxy is the best luxury millionaire matchmaker dating App for the wealthy, rich, successful, beautiful and elite singles who like all things Luxury. Was reported by the mainstream media!

Berkeley's clients are wealthy professionals — she counts millionaires, billionaires, and even celebrities on her books — who are looking for love but don't have time to find it themselves.

Her job, she explained, involves physically jumping on a plane to find the perfect matches for her clients in some cases. Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash.

Nov 27, - Searching for a high-end matchmaking service or reviews on wealthy dating websites? This is ultimate list of best luxury matchmaker services.

The more tailored you want it — the more we charge. A lot of people need to be hand held and we'll look after them from start to finish. Molloy has been matchmaking for Berkeley International for 15 years. It's headquartered in London's prestigious Berkeley Square in Mayfair, but now operates in 13 locations across Europe — from Copenhagen to Cannes — as well as New York and even Melbourne.

Business, Molloy said, is booming thanks to a combination of digital dating fatigue and global uncertainty — a trend she calls the "lipstick effect. Many of her clients are tired of "anonymous" dating apps, and are after a personal touch, she says, and her team will often be on call before, during, and after a date.

Many of Berkeley's well-heeled clients travel frequently for work, and are just as willing to travel to find love. She added that the company's "Nylon" — New York to London — service is where the company sees the most success.

One of her clients even entertains his dates over dinner on his own private jet. You don't ever get off the plane, it just touches down to land and then they fly back.

Molloy said that these days her clients are less concerned about age because "we're dying later so age is less of a thing. Woman are having kids much later so they're easier to match, too, and we get lots of women coming to us in their 40s who have already had their eggs frozen.

Responsible Parent and 4. Considerate Roommatewho also makes your heart skip a beat every now and then. Hardcore romantics believe that love knows no bounds and these traits can be found in anyone. And over half of Generation Z and Millenials believe that interracial marriage is a positive thing for society. But when it comes to socio-economic class?

Like who to marry. It can be consciously acquired learning Art History or passively inherited through time knowing how to dress for an interview.

But those with cultural capital usually use it to elevate their status and possess more power in society. Finding someone with similar levels of cultural capital is a tricky thing.

Rich matchmaking

Elite matchmakers. Exclusive memberships to tony social clubs. Luxury suites at the U.

May 4, - How do rich people find the right person to marry? When money is no object, these are the best elite matchmaking services - it's love, luxury. Feb 16, - Before he passed away, my husband told me that he wanted me to try Selective Search, an elite matchmaking service used by a lot of wealthy. What is Luxy? Luxy is the best luxury millionaire matchmaker dating App for the wealthy, rich, successful, beautiful and elite singles who like all things Luxury.

S Open. Thus, the continued presence of elite matchmaking services. What are best elite matchmaking services? And how do they work?

Join the Luxy Dating Site for free now! Meet rich, successful and attractive people in this millionaire community. Luxy is the best Luxury Dating App & Site for  ?Support · ?FAQ · ?Luxy Blog · ?Luxy | Dating for High-End. Apr 11, - Business Insider met Mairead Molloy, global director of matchmaking agency Berkeley International, to get a sneak peek inside the jet-set world of elite dating. One of her clients even entertains his dinner dates on his own private plane. To get a sneak peek into the jet-set world. Sep 3, - Adler, founder and president of Chicago-based matchmaking firm Selective Search, has been helping find love for the wealthy (and busy).

In Part 1 of this series, we profile the matchmakers and exclusive dating apps that cater to those who enjoy the rarefied air of power and privilege. In Part 2, we will explore a more DIY solution more suited to those who have an inclination to network on their own.

Matchmakers might seem old-fashioned in our day and age of swiping left but the wealthy have always relied on their services.

Their clients are the business world elite: tech executives, media moguls, and the philanthropists of the world.

Most luminaries are accustomed to bespoke luxury services to tailor to their extraordinary lifestyles and obligations. Outsourcing their love lives to a professional who has a vast network of thousands of high caliber individuals is just another of the many luxury services that they can afford.

If someone has to spend that much money to find a date, there must be something wrong with them.

Luxury Love: The Best Elite Matchmaking Services

Not so! Lack of time is the biggest motivatornot some weird and embarrassing affliction. Back then most guys couldn't handle that work was my first priority. But when I met my husband, who worked in the oil industry, on a golf course, I was smitten. He was exactly what I wanted in a partner: fun, funny, and not intimidated by my career.

What It's Like To Be A Professional Matchmaker In New York City

We dated for more than two years before getting married and were together a total of five years when he died of brain cancer in Before he passed away, my husband told me that he wanted me to try Selective Search, an elite matchmaking service used by a lot of wealthy men and women, to find someone else after he died. Before we met, he'd dated women via Selective Search and really liked it. But after he passed away, I needed time to get my head together before meeting new men. After about two years, I decided that I'd like to start dating again.

I realized, hey I'm young, I could still meet someone. To test the waters, I started dating again by going on a lot of blind dates set up by friends.

Jul 3, - A BILLIONAIRE matchmaker has revealed where to find rich single men this summer. Anna Bey, founder of the School of Affluence, has. Feb 12, - Where do high-power executives turn to find love? While the majority of them aren't making appearances on Millionaire Matchmaker, you can. Millionaire matchmaker for women who want to date affluent single men.

I also tried online dating, but I wasn't comfortable with it because the profiles felt misleading. The quality wasn't there. One guy I went out with said, "I don't like when other guys look at you. Another time, I went out with this guy who seemed great, but when we went back to my place, he said, "I couldn't provide you with this kind of life. Those dates mostly made me feel insecure about myself.

The Best Elite and Millionaire Dating Site in the USA

No fairy godmother was going to come knock on my door with a dress and a prince. So I contacted Selective Searchand they set me up with my agent, Jessica.

She came over to my place to interview me and get a feel for what I look like in real life, my demeanor, and how I am in my own home. It felt very private and personal.

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